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So, you like the outdoors…marshmallows by the fireplace and the wide open skies.

But you don’t like it enough to sacrifice the comfort of sleeping well above the pesky crawlers that are all around you when camping.

If you’re this type of camper, I’ve got you covered in this guide – my choice of the best high rise camping air mattresses that will keep you well above the ground.

So, here’s what I’ll do in this guide:

  1. Right away I’ll give you my choice of the best high rise camping air mattresses – 5 of them
  2. Then I’ll get into what was so good about them to get them to the list – I’ll craft digest reviews pointing out the main strengths and weaknesses

Top 5 Best High Rise Camping Air Mattresses:

Overall Rating
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SoundAsleep Dream Series
Air Mattress with
ComfortCoil Technology
SimplySleeper SS-FL89Q Flocked Top
Insta Raised Bed
with Never Flat Pump
Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress With Never Flat Pump
"AirBedz Lite" Full Size PVC
Truck Bed Air Mattress with
DC Corded Pump
AirBedz Lite Full Size
Insta-Bed Queen Raised
Sure Grip Bottom
with Built-In Pump
Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Review

Digest Review of SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology

Sound_Asleep_Dream_Series_2015It’s been a long time since a new arrival has stirred the waters of the market in the way this mattress did.

It seems that it hardly has any flaws, apart from the fact that it often goes out of stock. It looks like the company making the bed didn’t expect the kind of demand explosion that happened.

And I like the fact that somebody new shook the market and awoke the giants like Coleman, Insta and Serta to the possibility that somebody might take a nice bite out of their market share.

It keeps them on the edges of their seats and that means fewer corners cut and better products for us.

See customer opinion on

Way to go SoundAsleep! But for God’s sake solve the availability issue, it’s frustrating. Anyway, let’s see what is so good about this air mattress:

The basic facts:

  • Constructed with 40 air coils, this is innovative design at it’s best, and it makes all the difference in terms of comfort and stability
  • Quickly inflates and deflates (internal pump) at the push of a button – inflation and deflation time is under 4 minutes
  • The constructions of the chambers is dual which adds to the durability, no domino effect if one of the chamber gives in
  • It’s double high and queen size – which means it’s about the size of a regular mattress
  • Flocked top to avoid slipping of the sheets or just make for a luxurious sleeping experience if you are not using any sheets
  • Flocked bottom to avoid moving or tipping of the mattress
  • Carry bag and 1-year warranty included

What the users said – the PROs:

  • extreme comfort and quality, more than I expected at the price point…
  • just as advertised…
  • I’ve seen zero leaks in over 4 months of everyday use, we only add air once every few days for like 20 secs…
  • something of this quality would cost 2 or 3 times as much if you get it at Target, Bed Bath, Sears…
  • outstanding customer support…personal and friendly, that’s why I like to take my business to small companies…
  • queen size sheets are a perfect fit…
  • I like how the sides are raised a bit so that I don’t have to chase my pillow during the night anymore…

The CONs as per the users:

  • color choices would be nice…
  • started a slow leak after only 2 months, I am sending this back…
  • mine came with a hole…

My digest resume and a final rating

My Overall Quality Rating of this mattress is 96 / 100.


The one point I deducted was for design, and that’s because you can’t choose colors, you are stuck with the blue beige combination.

When I think about it, I’ve never given a 100 / 100 rating and probably never will, but this mattress got closest.

About the negatives – folks, here is the thing, this is an air mattress and no matter how good it gets, you will always see reports of leaks.

That’s why it’s important to have a system when rating a mattress. It’s all about statistics.

I don’t want to waste your time explaining my system when I award rating in each of the categories, but I’ll just say that it’s based on a long and boring process of going through each single review and counting the positives and negatives in each of the categories I am rating and then using the results to rate the mattresses.

Bottom line – this is the best air mattresses on the market today (if you disregard luxury models).

Digest review of SimplySleeper-SS-FL89Q

SimplySleeper SS-FL89Q Flocked TopOne of the industry classics, this bed has been holding it’s ground for years among the best rated high rise air mattresses.

And the best part is that it’s been doing so in the company of far more expensive inflatables.

Check out what other people had to say on Amazon review page – here.

Let us take a moment here and see what’s so good about it that kept it up there among the top choices:

The fact sheet:

  • innovative internal design minimizes the stretching of the PVC and air leakage
  • internal electric pump (120 V) easily inflates and deflates the bed in around 3 minutes
  • the top and sides made from a thick and durable PVC, flocked and waterproof, which makes it especially convenient for camping
  • no sliding or tipping (sure grip bottom)

The PROs – the positive user reviews:

  • I only add air once every 5 or 6 days of every night use…
  • very sturdy edges, just as firm as the middle of the bed…
  • very gentle to the skin and comfy even without bed sheets…
  • perfect for camping, waterproof and easy to use…
  • very good value for money, I’ve been using it for 6 months now, and I see no real difference between this and my old Coleman that was twice as expensive…
  • I took my time and researched for weeks before going with this bed for my trailer camping. No regrets so far…

The CONS – the negative user reviews:

  • I was looking forward to getting this bed only to get a defective one…
  • I expected it to hold air better for that price…
  • it spreads a plastic odor for days…

My review resume:

Back when I wrote the full review of this air mattress it scored a solid 88/ 100.



What makes it a very good choice when it comes to camping is the fact that it is flocked and it will not slip or tip over and the materials used for the flocking are waterproof.

Granted, this mattress is a choice for car of trailer campers but still, being completely waterproof is a great plus for a camping bed because once water gets into an air mattress, you might as well give up on it.


Because, chances are that mold will develop inside before you manage to dry it out.

Digest review of Insta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat PumpOne of my favorites of all time.

I’ve personally owned this mattress for years and just the things that this baby survived on my family camping trips deserved it a place on this list.

I’ve talked about this mattress on the website many times over the years.

Looked it from different angles and rated it using several approaches and rating criteria and it got on top every time.

That’s why it’s featured in so many of the TOP 5 guides and this guide on TOP 5 best camping air mattresses is not an exception.

Visit Amazon for more info

Let’s take a closer look one more time:

The specifications:

  • two pumps, fast main pump gets it inflated and deflated in no time and the secondary small pump keeps it Never Flat by adding air when it detects a pressure drop
  • Simple customizable firmness preset selection
  • thick PVC used fro the top and the bottom, flocked

The positive reviews of the end users:

  • inflates easily and stays inflated even after days of use…
  • best air mattress I’ve ever owned…and this is my 4th…
  • I was worried that the small pump would be noisy when left in the ON mode, but none of that…very pleased…
  • just as high and comfortable as a conventional mattress…
  • great support for my injured back…
  • very pleased with the customer support…
  • better than what I expected for the price…
  • perfect camping sidekick, ideal dimensions for my tent…sleeps just as well as my high-end conventional bed…
  • I am loving the small pump…especially for camping, no chance of waking up on the ground because your mattress lost air…
  • The pump is fast and quiet…

The CONs:

  • it spreads a rubbery smell for days, I would recommend setting it up at least a day or two before use…
  • it seem to slowly leak somewhere, and I can’t find it…
  • if you are thinking about getting this Insta be aware that it’s not a light bed… probably not the best solution if your plan is to set it up every night and store it every morning…

My review resume:

One thing to be aware of (as one of the customer reviews mentions) is that if you are planning a camping trip that would call for the mattress to be set up and down daily, you can probably find a lighter solution that will be easier to store.

Having said that, once set up this baby is hard to beat in terms of reliability and comfort.


High-quality materials used, thick PVC flocked with a waterproof finish, this bed is one of the best choice if you are “better-safe-than-sorry” kind of person.

I know I am and that’s why I’m such a fan of this Insta. A rating of 87/100 points from me.

Digest review of “AirBedz Lite” Full Size

AirBedz Lite Full SizeAir Bedz had camping as a primary use in mind when designing this Lite model.

It’s not full high rise like the previous items on this list, but it’s not low rise either.

It’s somewhere in-between, and this height might just be perfect for some campers.

See more pictures and customer opinion on Amazon. com by following the link below:

Link >>>

It stands in a category of its own. I know camping, and I know the range of circumstances you might find yourself in, so I thought I included something a bit different and add some spice to the list.

Let’s see the specs of this camping air mattress:

  • portable rechargeable pump with a 16 inches charger cord
  • car plug cord included
  • flocked top
  • 12 ” high
  • carry bag included

Taking a moment to take a look at some of the user reviews:

The PROs:

  • reliable, quality camping bed…
  • light and easy to set and store…
  • just perfect for my truck tent…
  • Works just as advertised. I had it for just a couple of months, but so far so good…

The Cons:

  • it lost some air within a few nights of use…
  • the green is really intense…

My review resume:

The Lite is pretty new to the market, and it still needs to pass the test of time, but I decided to look into it after hearing some really cool things about the materials, the pump and the overall quality from an experienced fellow camper friend.

I did my research, and it seems that this mattress is here to stay.

Over the years, I learned a thing or two about spotting an instant winner and unless something really odd happens, like some dumb outsourcing mistake by the company, this camping mattress seems like one. Menta_rating_Insta_Raised_updated Nice 86 / 100 score in the Overall Quality Rating.

Digest review of Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom with Built-In Pump

Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom with Built-In PumpWhat makes a real difference in this air bed is the construction of the inner chambers.

Insta calls it Secure Air and what it does is limit the movement of the air within the chambers thus allowing for a stable sleeping experience.

None of the flimsiness of a low-quality air mattress with this Insta.

Result – sleeping experience equal to that of a conventional mattress.

And if camping is what you have in mind, the dark green is as good a choice as any when it comes to color.

See more pictures on Amazon

Let’s dig a bit deeper:

What the company is saying:

  • SecureAir chambers for unparalleled stability and comfort
  • stable and sturdy edges
  • independent internal chambers for a prolonged life of your mattress
  • luxurious flocked top
  • just as high as a regular mattress
  • powerful internal pump inflates and deflates the bed in no time
  • Full 1-year warranty

What the end users are saying – the PROs:

  • no-nonsense product this one…
  • one level above any air mattress I owned so far, and I went through half a dozen…
  • heavy duty bed, just right for a frequent camper…
  • holds air very well, I think that we only added air twice on our 3 weeks camping trip to the Rockies…
  • just the right height to make getting on and off easy…
  • sturdy and yet very comfortable…
  • you can see that it’s a quality product out of the box…

The CONs:

  • I prefer my old EZ to this one, I have the feeling like the chambers in the middle don’t fill to the same firmness as the ones on the sides…
  • it arrived with a huge hole, I’m sending it back…

My review resume:

This is an air bed and no matter how well the product is designed or made there will always be reports of leaks.

Over time, I’ve learned that that the secret (if you can call it that) to rating the quality of an air mattress is in statistics.

Yes, this means that when I originally wrote the full review for this mattress I had to count through 1000s of reviews and make notes about what people are saying to be able to come up with a reliable Overall Quality Rating.


The one point that I originally deducted for design was because there’s no choice of colors.

But here, we are looking at camping air mattresses, and that hardly seems relevant.

I can safely say that the reports of flaws with this air mattress are in the domain of statistical errors in all the categories that count. Rating of 89/100 well deserved.

Final thoughts:

The idea behind this website is to take the time and do the research, so you don’t have to and then use my experience to interpret the data I found in the research.

My experience with air mattresses stems from a camping background and if I am confident with anything it’s rating air mattresses for camping use.

What you see on this page is fruit of weeks of research and filtering through 100s of products to come down to TOP 5 choices.

What does this mean for you?

It simply means that you can hardly go wrong with any of the products on this list. I stand behind my words when I say this.

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  1. Reply Laurie Apr 16,2015 2:41 am

    I don’t see anything about how much weight these mattresses will hold, like a queen should hold two people but how much (approx.) can these 2 people weigh? Thank you!

    • Reply James Menta Jun 22,2015 1:59 pm

      Hi Laurie,

      A lot of these companies don’t like to talk about specific numbers when it comes to that but my experience tells me that for example, the bed I deem to be the best on the market today – The SoundAsleep (I own one in queen size) holds up to 350-400 lbs without any problems. It’s featured as top rated in most of the charts and comparisons.

  2. Reply Leah Mar 29,2015 1:39 am

    I have the Serta Never Flat and want to take it camping this summer, however mine is just an AC plug. How did you inflate yours while camping? Did you only camp with places that have electricity, or can you recommend an appropriate adapter / power pack?

    • Reply James Menta Apr 8,2015 12:21 pm

      Hey Leah,

      I might not be the best example here because I have all the “toys”. If you have the space, a power pack is probably the most convenient solution.

      Thanks for the question

  3. Reply Marc Elser Jan 4,2015 6:39 pm


    Did you also test Intex Mattresses and they simply did not make in on the list? Or did you leave them aside for any reason?

    Kind regards,


    • Reply James Menta Jan 12,2015 7:27 pm

      Hi Marc,

      I don’t personally test all the mattresses but I do go through the rating system of the best ones. One reason I might exclude a mattress is if I have doubts about their recent outsourcing practices and that’s what happened with Intex.

      I have rated their models and one of them made it to the final 10 but I have my doubts about a decline in quality. Even if some bed has a good rating you have to consider time as a factor because some of those reviews might have been written years ago.


  4. Reply Liz Prendergast Oct 27,2014 12:49 pm

    when you review camping airbeds, can you include some information on ones that do not require electricity to pump them up. Mostly the camping we do is without mod cons like electricity. It took me a while going through the technical specifications of various matresses to work out which ones were truly camping matresses.
    thanks Liz

    • Reply James Menta Nov 14,2014 8:01 pm

      Thanks for the suggestion, Liz. Some of the camping beds I talk about here are battery operated, so they don’t really require electricity.

      But it’s a good suggestion and I can see how it can be useful having a separate section of beds that are inflated manually. Your suggestion goes straight to my list of website improvement ideas.

      Kind regards,


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