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What I am trying to do at this website is provide information on air beds and mattresses in a way that would simplify your decision.

Over the years, I’ve received emails from people telling me that they prefer one brand of air beds over all others and would never change it. They told me that it would help if they had concise information about the best products coming from the particular company they are loyal to all on one page.

That’s the reason why I decided to write a series of guides that do just that. So, for a moment here, we will forget the other brands and focus on Coleman.

The Coleman Company actually started at the beginning of the 20th century with a lamplight that revolutionized the industry. They introduced a new kind of lamps that, as oppose to the kerosene fueled ones,  that were the standard at the time, produced a much brighter and reliable lighting.

W.C. Coleman, the owner of the company, went on to expand to a vide variety of equipment for outdoor fun, but today they are most recognizable by their reputation of making high-quality air beds and air mattresses.

What I personally like most about Coleman is their timely support and the fact that they stand behind their guarantees and will not try to hustle over the phone when you try to return or exchange an item. A big + there.

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Coleman Air Bed
Coleman Air Bed Queen
Coleman Double
High Quickbed
Coleman Double-High Quickbed
Coleman Quickbed
with Pump Combo
Coleman Quickbed with Pump Combo
Coleman Premium
Pillowtop QuickBed
with Built-In Pump
Coleman Premium Pillowtop QuickBed with Built-In Pump
Lucid Mattress
by LinenSpa
LinenSpa Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Cloud9 3 Inch 100%
Visco Elastic
Memory Foam
Mattress Topper
Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
ChiliCloud Two Sided
Gel Coconut Memory
Foam Cooling Pillow
ChiliCloud Two Sided Gel Coconut Memory Foam Cooling Pillow
Sleep Innovations
Contour Memory
Foam Pillow
Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

So, here we go, reviews of the couple of their best product:

Coleman Air Bed Queen review

Coleman Air Bed Queen

  • a bit higher then the other beds to avoid that feeling of sleeping on the floor you might get with other air beds
  • Soft finish made of high-end suede provides a feeling of luxury
  • Integrated pump and Double Lock Valve makes sure your bed stays inflated
  • A carry bag is included for easier storage
  • see more reviews on

When it comes to Airbeds, Coleman sets many of the standards. They are known for not cutting corners to save an extra buck, which earned them respect with so many clients. This provided them with a  very solid fan base which just keeps growing.

The first thing you will notice if you take a look at Coleman Air Bed Queen is the quality of the materials and the height.

The height, the sturdy construction and the quality valves make it one those beds that will make you forget that it is an air bed you are sleeping on.

It’s hard finding an air bed of this quality with a price point set so low.

The reality is not so simple. I know how the industry works and I know that every brand has a quality budget bed that is brought to market to spread the brand presence. I am confident when I say that they made piece with a much smaller profit margin with this one just to be able to spread the word about how good and reasonably priced their products are.

This is the kind of opportunity to take advantage of. No doubt about it.

In my book, this is a solid 8.6 star (out of 10).


Coleman Double-High Quickbed review

Coleman Double-High Quickbed

  • Three layers of elevation to provide that extra comfort a regular bed offers
  • Soft luxurious feeling
  • Patented Coil system to provide extra support
  • Again, Double lock system makes sure you don’t have problems with air leakages
  • Specially designed Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system
  • interested in more reviews? See them on Amazon – here



Instead of just me blabbering here, let us take a look at what the actual users of Coleman Double-High Quickbed are saying:

  • Top quality and functioned great…
  • Very comfortable and inflates quickly…
  • Extremely durable and I would recommend it to anyone…
  • I am surprised at how well the bed is made and how similar the feeling is to a regular mattress…
  • The best I have ever had…
  • Almost zero air leakage…

Again, a great product with a reasonable price. You can choose between twin and queen size, which further sweetens the deal.


Coleman Quickbed with Pump Combo review

Coleman Quickbed with Pump Combo

  • One of the best 4D pumps for fast inflation and deflation
  • Again, the famous Coil support system for extra sturdiness and comfort
  • Nice and soft finish
  • Double lock Valves to avoid any potential air leakage issues
  • Practical Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system
  • more pictures and information on Amazon

Now, this is a different breed of air beds. It is low so if you want a bed that will give you the feeling of a real bed, this one is probably not for you. It’s more for the outdoorsy people and their camping needs or just an extra bed that would come in handy when you have guests around.

Let’s see what the users are saying:

  • Great comfort for trips and more then enough space for two grown-ups…
  • Buying an air mattress made me nervous, because I hear people talking about holes and leakages and waking up on the floor…none of that with this baby after a year of frequent use…
  • The pump is great and makes the set-up a breeze…
  • Wonderful camping gear addition for average and even small tents…just right…
  • Tested it at home, worked great. Took it camping, same thing. Have it for 6 months now, no issues with it. Great product.
  • Worth every penny…

With Coleman, I often read people saying that they got the air bed as a temporary solution and ended up making it their permanent bed.

This is not the bed that is likely to become your main bed.

But that’s fine, because it wasn’t meant to do that. It is very clear that this is a bed for camping or as an extra bed for your guests.


Coleman Premium Pillowtop QuickBed with Built-In Pump – Queen

Coleman Premium Pillowtop QuickBed with Built-In Pump

I looked at this bed for a couple of times, read the reviews and I had the feeling that it was a good product but overpriced. Now, that I saw that they are offering a special deal on it, I had no dilemma about adding it to this list.

  • Designed with three layers to feel as a home mattress
  • Pillowtop (removable) for the added comfort
  • Double lock valve for fast inflation and deflation and a fast built-in pump
  • Zippered bag included for easy storage
  • Visit for more information

What the users are saying about the bed:

  • I love it when I get something that works just as advertised…
  • Great materials and a luxury feeling to it…this is now my permanent bed…
  • Holds air great…
  • The most comfortable air bed I ever had…


Final thoughts:

You might find products that are better rated, but what I tried to do here is have in mind the value/price ratio. I took my time and filtered carefully, so I am confident that whichever of these you choose, you will not regret it.


Recommended products that would complement your Coleman bed experience:

Best air mattress topper

Now, no matter how good an air mattress is, it is still an AIR mattress. This sentence sounds kind of dumb, I know, bet let me elaborate for a second.

The issue that I am talking about is the cold air circulating in the bed. It is a common issue for some people and it can ruin the experience of sleeping on an air bed.

There’s a quick and easy fix for this – mattress toppers.

So let us look at the top 2 mattress toppers for your Coleman airbed:

LinenSpa Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress TopperChoice 1: 2.5″ Lucid Mattress Topper by LinenSpa

  • The memory foam on this topper is 2.5 ” thick and is gel infused and  it is second to none when it comes to distributing heat
  • Increased air flow by a special ventilation system
  • Super-soft bamboo cover, removable for cleaning convenience
  • No lasting body impression because of the open-cell technology
  • 3-year warranty
  • Different sizes offered
  • See this topper in Amazon store, here

Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress TopperChoice 2: 3.3 Cloud9 3 Inch 100% Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • Protects against allergens and fluids
  • Formula of the foam will make you feel like you are floating on a cloud
  • Made in the USA, absolutely no toxic ingredients
  • get more on this topper on Amazon – here


Choice 1: Best pillows to go with your Coleman Air bed

ChiliCloud Two Sided Gel Coconut Memory Foam Cooling PillowChiliCloud Two Sided Gel Coconut Memory Foam Cooling Pillow

Now, this is what I call luxury sleeping, let us a look at this gem among pillows:

  • This is a pillow that will make waking up in your own sweat a thing of the past
  • The breathable open-cell memory foam will maximize the cooling and provide optimal support for your head
  • The cover is removable and machine washable made from  completely natural Tencel fiber
  • See more customer opinion on Amazon – here

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam PillowChoice 2: Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

  • 25% Polyester / 75% Cotton
  • Designed to allow the neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax thus relieving neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Designed for perfect spinal alignment
  • Memory foam keeps the shape for all-night support
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • This link goes to Amazon to see more reviews


Coleman fans, if I helped a little with your choice every second spent compiling this info is well spent.

Take care and sleep tight.


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