Italian 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Striped Bed Sheet Set

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On August 15, 2014
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It’s made of Egyptian cotton. It’s the most luxurious option there is, the softest and most comfortable sheets you can find. Ask anyone who knows anything about bedding in general, and he will tell you that Egyptian cotton is the way to go.
It’s easy to maintain and it doesn’t wrinkle after you wash it. It’s every housewife’s dream.
It’ll keep you cool in those scorching summer times. Yeah, the best cotton in the world would do that.

I know that searching the internet for best bed sheets can be a pain, especially if you’re not just randomly picking the first ones that catch your eye. If you’re with me thus far, I have some good news for you. I can help.

What you really need at his point is a professional, unbiased review of some bed sheets to put things into perspective. And it would be that much better if it came from a man who stands to gain nothing whether you buy them or not, am I right?

Now why would you trust, or even listen to what I say in these bed sheet reviews?

Well, first of all I spent years researching this particular topic, gathering user experiences, writing reviews, blogging and learning about the industry in general. I know all there is and all that you’ll ever need to make the right choice.

Second I’m not in the business of selling but writing and helping people get the best there is for their hard earned cash. So you know I’ll say it as it is, even if it’s totally opposite of what company’s claiming about its product.

So if you’re here for some honest, down to earth bed sheets review, feel free to continue reading.

For starters let me give you a little rundown on how I make my reviews.

  • First we’ll see what manufacturer has to say about its product.
  • But we don’t stop until we get the whole story…after looking at the fact sheet we listen to what actual owners and users have to say about it. And we list out some pros but also the cons, so we can see the product for what it really is, not what the company is claiming it to be.
  • In the end, I’ll give a little verdict of my own to sum it all up.

So let’s delay no further and read some company specifications:

ITALIAN 1500 Thread Count STRIPED 4PC QUEEN Sheet Set

Ok, there we have it, but let’s see how the company’s story holds up against the words of the actual users of this sheet set.

See what people whop got it are saying on Amazon >>

First we go with the key points in the user reviews.


  • They are so soft and have a great feel to them
  • They wash up so great and no wrinkles after washing
  • I just bought 3 sets. The price is certainly more than reasonable for this kind of quality
  • These sheets simply look great. My bed never looked so glamorous before. They are also very soft and comfortable, and I’m thinking of ordering more
  • I bought these sheets for my guest bed. After my daughter had visited from college, she said she never felt so comfortable. She was blown away how smooth and soft they were. I bought another set and sleep on them ever since
  • Very smooth and comfortable set of sheets. I’ve been using them for a while and just bought 3 sets for an upcoming wedding shower. I just hope the couple enjoys them as much as I do
  • Great product! Everything I read in the reviews was true. They are easy to use and wash, they don’t wrinkle after washing, and they look beautiful
  • The pockets on the bottom are quite deep, so it never comes off my mattress
  • We had a very tight budget when we bought these sheets. After we got them we were just thrown back with the quality, and for that kind of money… Why would we pay more?
  • These are by far the best bed sheets we’ve ever had! I just can’t believe how soft they are to the touch, and they wash so well. We’re definitely ordering more, and at such a price, we can afford it too

The customers sure did have one or two nice things to say about this set. But I promised the whole story if my memory serves me, and that includes mentioning some not so good things about it too. So without further ado let’s get to it.


  • When I opened the packaging and took the sheets out, I saw a couple of stains on them. I immediately shipped them back and am now waiting for a replacement to arrive
  • I don’t like how this set looks. It’s just too shiny for my taste. It’s ok comfort wise, and the quality is good
  • The color on my screen is somewhat different than the actual color, I don’t know if it’s my screen or what…

My review resume

Let me just say, after all we’ve heard here there is no doubt in my mind that this is one hell of a product. I’m not at all surprised at the overwhelmingly positive user reviews.

Let’s take a look at the Overall Quality Rating.


It look like this set is the real deal.

Hope I helped. Thank you for reading and enjoy your new glamorous set of sheets.

Nighty night.

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