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All in all, this is one prime example of high-quality yet budget-friendly bedding. This set is made of Egyptian cotton that is by far the best option there is. They fit perfectly on the bed, wash really nicely and Egyptian cotton means no wrinkles after washing too. They are soft and comfortable, and cotton promises that cool feeling even in those hot summer days. The colors are just amazing and whatever your bedroom looks like I’m sure you’ll find a color that goes well with it. Customer service is not sleeping on the job so even if something goes wrong you can count on their support.

If you are reading these lines, I’d bet you’re in need of some proper bedding. Money doesn’t grow on trees too, so I’ll assume you don’t want to burn through your hard earned cash buying just anything. You’ll want the best bed sheets your budget can handle, am I right?

If you just started Googling around for best options then let me tell you, you’re in a bit of a pickle of a jar of a situation. Good news is, I can help you handle this mess.

So if honest reviews of different bed sheets are the thing you’re after today, you’ve come to the right place. You can let poor old Google catch its breath a bit and just keep on reading.

Why should you keep on scrolling down?

Firstly, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to bed sheets and bedding in general. I’ve been writing reviews and blogs about it for some considerable time now. I’ve done my homework too, so I know exactly what makes the industry tick. I’ve always been mindful that the one thing that truly matters is the customer reviews and experiences, so I got that covered too.

Quick check of what you can expect to see:

Let’s get our feet wet by giving you a little rundown of my system here:

  • We begin by hearing out the company itself. We read some product specification so we can dissect it later and see if it holds water.
  • We do that by listing out some of the user’s experience with the product. I’ll give you not just the good, but also, the bad things owners had to say about it. Only then we’ll see this set of sheets for what it truly is.
  • Then I’ll give a verdict of my own based on everything we just heard.
  • And in the end I’ll give you a summary of the sort, so you can read the whole article again without you know, actually reading it again.

If this works for you then let’s get cracking.

What does the company say about its product?

ELAINE KAREN 1500 Thread CountLet’s read some specification to see what we are talking about:

  • 100 percent Egyptian cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Set includes fitted sheet, flat sheet and two queen pillowcases
  • Deep pockets for a perfect fit (up to 15 inch mattress)

>>See what people who bought this sheet set are saying on Amazon >>

Ok, now that we got that out of the way time for some shredding, from users with love.

PROs, as the users see it

Let’s see some of the good experiences the customers had with this set:

  • This set was really inexpensive, but it feels great! They are so much softer than most of my more costly sheets and hold up really well. We’ve washed them regularly, and they look the same as they did a few months ago.
  • Very light and comfortable. They are not binding at all and just flow with you while sleeping. The edges and seems are very well made, and the washing is a piece of cake.
  • Awesome! Great price and surprising quality. I will definitely order more.
  • Hands down the best bed sheets I have ever purchased. After a lot of washing, they still look brand new. I just love the color and the way it goes with the rest of my bedroom. The stripes aren’t bold but faint, exactly what I wanted. When the time comes, I’ll definitely buy more.
  • Arrived on schedule. This set really took me by surprise with its luxury and comfort. Definitely would recommend this to a friend.
  • Everything I was hoping for and more. They fit on my bed perfectly, they’re so soft and not heavy at all. Well worth my money, so I’m planning on buying an extra set real soon.
  • I’m not fancy, I don’t know anything about Egyptian cotton or thread count, I just want to feel comfortable. And these sheets fit my bill. Great deal for my money. Enough said.

Visit Amazon to read many more user reviews of these sheets:

Click here to

Ok, users are very supportive of the product, that can’t be a bad thing, right?

CONs, let’s hear the whole story

Well that’s all nice and dandy but we do have one more step to go through:

  • These sheets are too light for me, I like my bedding a bit heavier.
  • I was in a hurry when I ordered, so I didn’t quite read everything right. These are not the sheets I wanted!
  • They sent me the wrong color! I returned them immediately and now I’m waiting for the right colored one to arrive. The customer service was ok and forthcoming though.

So there we have it, now the story is complete.

Review resume and an Overall Quality Rating

I’ll just say it right of the bat, these are some great quality sheets for this kind of money. It’s always awesome when you can find a good product that doesn’t tear a big hole in your pocket, and this is one of them. Nothing for me to add except go for it, you won’t regret it.

Menta_rating_Elaine Karen_1500

I certainly hope I snapped you out of this shopping nightmare ad pointed you in the right direction. Thanks for reading and until we meet again enjoy you new, luxurious bedding.

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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