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On August 10, 2014
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We’re talking about brushed microfiber, known for its cool, soft and overall very comfortable touch. It also adds a dose of elegance to your bed as it looks beautiful. According to the users, these sheets fit like a charm with no corners sticking out. One less headache that’s for sure.
It’s easy to maintain, machine washable and dryable. And no wrinkling once you get it out of the washer. No wrinkles means no ironing (thank you Captain Obvious :).

You probably got here by looking for the best bed sheets that would still be within your budget.

Shopping for bedding can be such a drag I know, especially if you’re not into buying the first thing that pops out of your Google search or a store window. I’m here to help too, so it’s not all that bad after all.

So the way I see it, you’re up for some heavy internet research after which just cross your fingers and hope you got the best your money can buy. Or you can approach it from a professional’s angle and hear what the guy who writes reviews on bed sheets for years has to say about it.

If you pick what’s behind door number two then please, feel free to continue scrolling down.

Why should I continue reading?

Excellent question!

Well, as I said, I’ve been writing reviews about best bed sheets and the worst for years now. That includes researching, contacting the actual owners to gather their experiences and all in all getting to know what this industry is all about.

Most important thing for you however is the fact that I stand to gain nothing if you buy the sheets I’m reviewing. So whether you buy them or not, financially I won’t move a dollar. That’s how you know that you’re reading unbiased, down to earth review aimed to help you rather than sell you stuff.

I’m not here to waste your time but save it, so if we’re on the same page this far let’s just keep on going.

Here’s how this review is going to work:

Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series 4pc Bed Sheet Set

  • First we read some company specification about their product. We know we’ll get all rainbows and unicorns here that’s why we move on to step number 2
  • We give voice to the users themselves. We show the pros but also all the cons, so it paints us a pretty little picture about this product. This is how we’ll see if the company’s story holds water or it’s just some inflated marketing gibberish.
  • And finally to top all that I’ll give a verdict of my own considering all the facts we just heard
  • Then I’ll make a little summary in the very end just to tie everything in a nice pink bow

See the price and ratings of the set on >>

Time is money, and we’re here to save you some, so let’s dig into this…

Company specification

  • 4 piece set. Flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases
  • Deep pockets. Fitted sheet fully elasticized with guaranteed secure fit for 16” mattress depth
  • Brushed microfiber with lustrous, cool feel. Very soft and silky touch
  • Easy care, fade-resistant, wrinkle-free.
  • Machine washable/dryable
  • Brand well known for its high-quality products

Well, that’s a mouthful of unicorns isn’t it? That’s why I add a second step to the process.

PROs, as in “Users matter”

Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series 4pc Bed Sheet Set review

Let’s hear it:

  • Very soft and it’s a nice quality product too. Love how the color is the same as on my computer screen
  • This was just a great buy, hands down. Somehow they keep appearing clean even though I sleep with my dog every night
  • Beautiful sheets! The color didn’t fade even after a couple of washings, and they wash very well, no wrinkles whatsoever
  • Holy soft!! I just got them yesterday and already recommended them to 2 other friends. I washed them Immediately and so far no pilling
  • This is our 3rd set. It fits our mattress perfectly and doesn’t shrink at all. Very happy with this buy
  • My husband has some skin issues, but these sheets fit him perfectly. Finally!
  • Great value for my money! Very soft fabric, it just feels so good on the skin. If the price doesn’t change I’m buying another set…
  • These are just the best bed sheets we’ve ever owned! Everything I read in the reviews was true and more…

Ok, that’s certainly encouraging, but we have one more side of this medallion to inspect.

It’s always a good idea to read more about what owners of these sheets are saying, to do that, visit Amazon page:

Click here for more customer reviews >>

The CONs:

Time for some not-so-pretty experiences:

  • I don’t like the material, it’s soft but something is off for me
  • When I got the fitted one out of the packaging, it had a line going straight through the middle. I shipped it back immediately, and I’m waiting for its replacement to arrive. The customer service wasn’t sleeping on the job though
  • I think they sent me the wrong color. I don’t think it’s my monitor

Review Resume

Well finally, a little ME time. All that I can really say here is this is one set of bed sheets worthy of the name. It’s just luxury on wheels and what’s most important for me personally the positive user reviews highly outweigh the negative. My personal opinion, just go for it and don’t look back. This is the one story where you actually get what you paid for.


The Overall Quality Rating of 19 / 20 speaks volumes. This set seems to be worth every dime.

Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series 4pc Best Bed Sheet Set

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6 thoughts on “Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series Bed Sheet Set

  1. Reply Mitzie Jun 7,2015 8:31 pm

    These sheets are fabulous. I picked a set up one day at a gift shop that I was visiting with a friend of mine from out of town. Didn’t even have sheets on my radar. Just walked by them and ran my fingers over the display. Whoa, back up and try this again. They were incredibly soft. Yummy colors were offered, but I got them in white. I have since ordered another set and think they will make a wonderful house warming gift. Can’t wait!!

    • Reply James Menta Jun 22,2015 12:21 pm

      Hi Mitzie,

      Just talking to my wife and she could not agree more. These Clara Clark sheets are probably right there in top 3 bed sheets out there. We got them for Christmas because our family was flying in and we got more than a few comments on them.

      My best

  2. Reply Lisa Nov 22,2014 5:24 pm

    Purchased the 1800 premier Clara Clark sheets on ebay. At the age of 43 yrs have been through a high volume of sheets between home and lake cabin, these by far are the best. They are very soft and do not wear like other sheets we have used prior.

  3. Reply christine Nov 10,2014 3:07 am

    I love these sheets. I have several queen sets and with the holidays coming everyone is getting a set.

    • Reply James Menta Nov 14,2014 7:24 pm

      Sounds like you and my wife would have a lot to talk about, she can’t stop talking about her Clara Clarks. If you do the math of quality/thread count vs. price these really are a great deal…

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