Best silk sheets – TOP 4 Choices of the year (based on statistical modeling)

I can almost see that sparkle in your eyes. You’re looking to add a dash of oriental luxury to your bedroom, don’t you? And silk is the obvious way to go here – but how do you make a sense of it an and choose the best silk sheets?

Who am I and how can I help?

My names is James Menta and I’ve been running this blog on bedding, air mattresses, pillows – basically, all things sleeping. Over these years I’ve been developing statistical models on rating bedding products. They rely on going through every consumer review I can find and using my experience to interpret them and come up with an Overall Quality Rating.

I update these ratings every two months to make sure that the choices presented here are relevant at any given time.

Enough about me…here is what you can expect to see in this guide on the best silk sheets.

  1. We’ll start strong and I’ll present you with the winners – these are the best silk sheets on the market at any given moment
  2. We’ll dig deeper in the digest reviews of all of these products – these will include the basic specs, the main PROS and CONS as reported by the users
  3. We’ll get into some reference talk about silk sheets – their advantages and flaws
PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Empress Charmeuse Silk Contrast SheetEmpress Charmeuse Silk Contrast Sheet Set48 / 50ratings
Silk Charmeuse Sheet Set Queen ChampagneSilk Charmeuse Sheet Set Queen Champagne48 / 50ratings
Mulberry Silk Charmeuse King Fitted Sheet in Undye WhiteMulberry Silk Charmeuse King Fitted Sheet in Undye White46 / 50ratings
Black 4 Pcs Luxurious Mulberry Silk Seamless Queen Sheet SetsBlack 4 Pcs Luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk Seamless Queen Sheet Sets48 / 50ratings

Let us get to the digest reviews of each of the products presented:

Empress Charmeuse Silk Contrast Sheet Set

Empress Charmeuse Silk Contrast SheetBy Empress Silk

First let’s hear out the company so it can give us some dissecting material:

  • 100% silk charmeuse, very luxurious
  • 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted, 2 pillowcases

Well, I guess you don’t need to say much about your product other than “100% silk, charmeuse” do you?

But let’s see what users have to say. Here are some of the PROs:

  • These sheets feel wonderful, like a wing of a butterfly touching my skin
  • I just got this set, and I must say, money well spent! I know it’s a bit expensive but for this kind of luxury it’s totally worth it
  • Just the softest sheets ever, we love them
  • These are the best bed sheets that have ever entered my bedroom, so comfortable I don’t want to get up in the morning
  • So cool during these scorching summer days it’s unbelievable
  • These are just amazing! My husband and I just love them. They’re so comfy, and we never wake up all sweaty during the summer
  • All the reviews were true. This is a real touch of luxury for our bedroom. They’re super comfortable and that luster
  • Well, this certainly looks like a mouthful.

But we’re after the whole story so time for some not so pretty user experiences:

  • It’s just too pricey. Very soft and comfortable but a lot of money…
  • You need to hand wash these?! Sure it’s only for a couple of times before they becomes machine washable but still…

Resume and Overall Quality Rating

This is one of the best silk sheets out there, and I stand firmly behind the statement, because the numbers and consumers have spoken.

Overall Quality Rating of 48 out of 50.


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Silk Charmeuse Sheet Set Queen Champagne

Silk Charmeuse Sheet Set Queen ChampagneBy Feeling Pampered

Let’s start with the company specification:

  • 19 momme charmeuse silk luxurious set
  • The most lustrous and smoothest of all the silk
  • Seamless
  • Glamorous champagne color

Ok, very nice but we won’t know everything until we take a peek at some of the user experiences.

So let’s hear some of the PROs:

  • I’ve tried everything and after buying these silk sheets I highly doubt I’ll go back to cotton or something else ever again
  • My hubby and I love these sheets. They made a world of difference for us when it comes to comfort, and they feel so luxurious
  • I can definitely feel the difference in the momme weight. This is the real deal
  • I’m buying more of these for sure
  • They are so comfortable and soft to the touch. They also keep us really cool during the hot days
  • Once you try these one out, you’ll be there to stay

The CONs:

  • I really wish a bit of variety when it comes to colors
  • Ouch, that really pushed my budget to the limit. Now that I got them I see they’re great, but they really burned a hole through my pockets

Resume and Overall Quality rating

One of the finest pieces of silk bedding out there no, question about it.

Overall Quality Rating – 48 / 50.


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Mulberry Silk Charmeuse King Fitted Sheet in Undye White

Mulberry Silk Charmeuse King Fitted Sheet in Undye WhiteBy Feeling Pampered

As always let’s see what the manufacturer has in store for us first:

  • 19 momme, 100% mulberry silk, luxurious in undye white
  • 1 fitted sheet only. King sized
  • Seamless
  • For up to 17 inches deep mattresses

Some of the most relevant PROs reported by the users:

  • Fabulous quality. It’s very thin and breathable
  • It’s just heaven, keeps me cool and feels so luxurious to the touch
  • Such an easy care, I wash it in cold water, just hang it outside, and it’s perfectly dry after 30 min
  • It’s the 2nd sheet I bought from this supplier ad let me just say it out loud, these are the best silk sheets ever. At least that I’ve tried. And once you go silk the cotton ones are history trust me
  • One of the best bed sheets for me. I can’t believe how smooth and soft they are. And they go perfectly with the rest of my bedroom

The CONs:

  • The color just looked differently on my computer. I know my both is like really, not in his prime, but I don’t think it’s that
  • The one I got had a big stain on it. I returned it immediately, and I’m sitting now, waiting for a replacement. The customer service was really friendly though

Review Resume

Although still in the top 4 choices, these sheets seem somewhat inferior to the previous two entries on the list.

One thing that caught my eye is the white color which the company says is undye, and I’ve seen some users reports about the color appearing different on the screen compared to what they’ve received.

This made me unsure about the undye claim, so two points deducted there.

Bottom line – Overall Quality Rating of 46 out 50.


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Black 4 Pcs Luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk Seamless Queen Sheet Sets

Black 4 Pcs Luxurious Mulberry Silk Seamless Queen Sheet SetsBy Feeling pampered

Sheet specifications:

  • 100% silk, luxurious 4 pcs sheet set
  • 19 momme charmeuse
  • The most lustrous and smoothest of all silk
  • 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat and 2 queen size pillowcases
  • Jet black color. Luscious, elegant and modern
  • Seamless and hemstitched

The most relevant PROs:

  • The color is just to die for
  • Very comfortable and smooth when it touches my skin. I thought a lot about buying these, and now that I have them I’m glad I didn’t back out
  • These are sooo silky and soft! Size is correct, and the hems are done very well
  • Wonderful sheets. I’m no expert, but I think they are very well made and seem to breathe better than my old Egyptian cotton set
  • The sheet on top practically floats over the bottom one, it’s an amazing feeling
  • These are the best silk sheets I ever had
  • Unsurpassed comfort and quality! I’m buying them for all of my friends now whenever I have the chance
  • Best bed sheets! And the color matches my bedroom so well

Ok, fair enough, but what about the CONs:

  • There was a little mix up when they sent me the sheets, but I must say the customer support was up to the task, and it was all resolved in the end

Overall Quality Rating and review resume

The name of this and the previous entry would suggest that these are the same sheets in different sizes. But what made the difference was the point deducted for the dye dilemma in the King fitted sheets.

Overall Quality rating for this black piece of luxury is 48 / 50.


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Final Thoughts and reference info on silk bedding

Benefits of silk bedding

Silk is hypoallergenic, so it will prevent all those pesky dust mites and other critters from nesting inside your bed. This is true because the gaps between silk threads are very small, preventing anything from getting in between. It is perfect for people with breathing issues, asthma or other similar conditions. Silk is also mold resistant.

It’s good for your skin in more ways than one. It contains natural proteins and amino acids so it has anti-aging properties. This is all documented by research by the way. It delays wrinkling of the skin, and it’s very good for your hair, since its fraction level is very low. It doesn’t tug on your skin or hair like some other fibers, letting them just glide over its surface. It’s also known for its relaxing effects on our central nervous system, helping in calming us down.

Silk is very absorbent, so you’ll never wake up all sweaty and generally a mess ever again. It’s absorbent all right, but not as much as, let’s say cotton. This is a good this since it’ll absorb just some sweat and skin products, leaving your skin well moisturized during the night. And you know the mantra of every cosmetician, moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.

Silk is a natural temperature regulator, maintaining the perfect temperature of your body while you sleep. This makes silk a great choice for all the parts of the year since it will keep you warm at winter and cool in summer. This thanks to its breathability as a material.

Ok, so now that we definitely know how beneficial silk really is, let’s go over some of the advantages it has over other types of bedding.

The advantages of silk sheets

Silk is probably one of the softest and most comfortable fabrics there are. You don’t say it has a very cottony or polyestery fell to it don’t you? You say it’s very silky to the touch, and we all know what that means.

Silk is highly durable material. It’s said that the fabric of silk is stronger than the fabric of steel of the same diameter. That’s pretty strong in my book. But all the silk is not equal also. Cultivated silk is much stronger than the wild one, for example, since the silkworms in captivity are being subjected to strict quality diet. It also doesn’t require frequent laundering since no dust mites or other pesky factors can’t go near it.

Silk is a very safe material since it can’t catch fire. It makes it a wonderful choice for your bedding. That’s why it’s the most-recommended bedding material for children and babies.

Silk bedding is also very easy to take care for. Yes, they require hand washing for the first couple of times, but after that they are machine washable. And drying it is a piece of cake since silk dries incredibly fast.

Time for some real answers to our question here, what are the best silk sheets. So let’s get to it.

Thread count and weight

Let’s untangle this thread count thing (no pun intended) once and for all.

What is thread count? It’s just a number of woven threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer your sheets will feel, and they’ll be more expensive to match. So the best the best silk sheets for you or anybody for that matter are the ones with high thread count. You shouldn’t go under 400, just over it. However, there are a couple of things you should be mindful of. Thread count is calculated by the number of vertical threads (warp) and horizontal ones (weft). Often the manufacturers use additional threads called picks and weave them into the weft, thus increasing the thread count artificially. I say artificially because it doesn’t add to the longevity of the sheet whatsoever. They also sometimes use special weaving techniques allowing them to double the thread count by weaving two threads together, so be careful about that.

When we’re talking about weight, we actually talk about something called “momme weight”. Now what the hell is that?

It’s a way, developed by the Japanese for measuring thing. It’s standard for measuring silk weight as well as pearls for example. If you’re after some good silk sheets take the ones with the momme weight between 12 and 19. If you take ones between 16 and 19, you bought yourself some excellent quality silk sheets. If you go under 12, you’ll get not so durable sheets, prone to tearing and damage.

If the momme weight of the silk fabric is higher it will be heavier, meaning more silk threads were used during the weaving process. That’s a bingo for us.

So now when a seller tries to get you to buy his sheets with a momme weight of 8, you’ll now it to be quite inferior product.

Different types of silk. Which one should you choose?

First we must differentiate between cultivated and wild silk. Cultivated silk is the one of the highest quality since we get it from silkworms that are raised in captivity, eating only the best. We get wild silk from silkworm growing in the wild, eating whatever type of plant they can find. Wild one is OK for many applications, but not for bedding since it’s not as durable.

Mulberry silk – it’s the highest quality silk there is. It is harvested from bombyx mori moth, fed exclusively with mulberry leaves. It’s uniform in color, rounder, finer and more uniform when it comes to size than wild silk. It has a momme weight of 22, and it’s what you want if your budget agrees.

Tussah silk – it’s a wild silk, typically from China or India. The Indian one usually has a bit more luster to it.

Habotai silk – Called also china silk. It’s widely spread, lower quality and less durable then Mulberry silk, but very affordable.

There are hundreds of silk types. I just pointed out a few more common ones. If your budget can handle it, definitely go for Mulberry silk, you won’t regret it.

Now, as I promised let’s take a quick look over some of my personal picks just to get your imagination going.

Firstly we’ll go over the protocol real quick. In the beginning, we listen to what the company has to say about its product. But we don’t stop there since it’s just the first half of the story. We list out some pros and cons directly from the owners and thus our dissection is complete. In the end, I’ll give a little verdict based on all that and we move on. Simple enough, right?

Well, that’s all folks! I hope my help was or will be of some value.

Enjoy your luxury nights!


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