Best Queen Bed Sheets – Complete Guide

Having a good queen size bed just isn’t enough these days is it? What’s the use of a perfect bed if you don’t have the perfect luxurious sheets to compliment it?

What you’ll see me presenting here are the best sheets in queen size – based on the Menta Statistical Model (MSM).

How are sheets rated?

The idea behind the model is to do all the research instead of you. So here’s how it all works:

  • I collect every single review I can find
  • I use each them to rate products in 5 different categories (you’ll see those further below)
  • I look at the average ratings and report here
  • I rinse and repeat the process every two months to ensure fresh and relevant data are presented here at any given moment

Without ado, let us present the winners in the category of best bed sheets in queen size.


PictureModelMy Overall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Queen ivory Egyptian cotton blend sheetsQueen ivory, Egyptian cotton blend sheets4.9 / 5ratings
Ultra microfiber queen bed sheetsUltra microfiber queen bed sheets4.7 / 5ratings
4pcs Egyptian quality bed sheet set4pcs Egyptian quality bed sheet set4.7 / 5ratings
Egyptian cotton sheet setEgyptian cotton sheet set4.9 / 5ratings

Queen ivory, Egyptian cotton blend sheets

By Royal Hotel

Queen ivory Egyptian cotton blend sheetsLet’s start with the company specification:

OK, you know what’s coming next, here are the PROs from the users:

  • It fits my bed perfectly ad it’s so comfortable…
  • Color is beautiful, and they feel really elegant…
  • Came out of the washer/dryer very smooth with no wrinkles! No more ironing for me…
  • They are very soft and nice looking. Especially when you consider how low the price is…
  • Very budget friendly but meeting the same standards as some more expensive sets I’ve had. One very happy customer here…
  • We love these sheets. The color is great, they’re soft and silky to the touch, and the fitted sheet has very deep pockets…

Now for the final CONs, also from the users:

  • A bit on the heavy side for my taste…
  • I ordered ivory but got the gold, they did replace it and kudos for that, but still not a great experience…

An overall Quality Rating of 49 / 50 based on customer reviews. Looks like a home run by Royal Hotel.

You can read many more customer reviews on Amazon:

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Ultra microfiber queen bed sheets

By Amadora

Ultra microfiber queen bed sheetsWe know the drill, the company said this:

  • 50% better breathing than cotton
  • Doesn’t ball up, wrinkle or shrink
  • 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted and 2 pillowcases
  • Flexible microfiber for all mattress types
  • Super soft

Bold words, let’s see how they hold up, here are the PROs fro consumer reviews:

  • These are just amazing! Best bed sheets we could’ve possibly gotten for that kind of money…
  • The material is so breathable, the reviews were really true after all…
  • They’re so soft and comfortable I just don’t want to get up…
  • Great set, I had my doubts before but once I got them, I had to admit to my dear wife I was terribly wrong. Writing this is a part of my punishment too.
  • High quality queen bed sheets. Well made, durable and just a dream against my skin.

Let us see some CONs:

  • I don’t like the color, it looked darker on my computer…
  • Too soft for me, I like my sheets a bit courser.

Review Resume

A solid score of 47 / 50 from the customer reviews.

When it’s all said and done this is one set proud of its name.

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4pcs Egyptian quality bed sheet set

By Elegant Comfort

4pcs Egyptian quality bed sheet setLike we said, first we go with the company:

  • 1 flat, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases (standard)
  • For mattresses 14” to 16” of depth
  • Microfiber soft as Egyptian cotton
  • Easy care, machine washable and no ironing
  • High quality and a breathable weave

Nice, but let’s hear out the owners, here are some of the PROs:

  • This set is just a dream come true…
  • So soft and elegant it really shines on my bed
  • I’m so glad we got this set, it’s a breath of fresh air in our bedroom and it’s so comfortable.
  • These are the best queen bed sheets we’ve ever owned! They wash perfectly, feel great and no wrinkles.
  • I just love the way it looks on my bed. They are made very well, no loose threads or anything…


  • The flat sheet had a big tear down the middle when i got this set. I’ve requested a replacement and now am waiting for it…
  • it released some dye and changed color in the first washing…

Review resume

Good product, great price, solid score of 47/50 in the Overall Quality Rating.

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Egyptian cotton sheet set

By Pinzon

Egyptian cotton sheet setThe company specs:

  • Fitted sheet, flat sheet, 2 pillow cases
  • 400 thread count, luxuriously soft, 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Sateen weave
  • Machine washable

And the PROs:

  • Egyptian cotton really makes all the difference in the world
  • Sheets are so soft I can’t put it into words, they’re shiny and look amazing in my bedroom
  • These queen bed sheets are top of the line, well made and sewn, comfortable and soft, I would’ve given them 6 stars if I could
  • So breathable and no wrinkles after washing
  • I never woke up all sweaty since I got this set


  • These sheets came to me heavily starched and were scratchy because of that. I soaked them and after that they are pretty soft
  • Too thin for me, I like my sheets heavier

My review resume

Close to perfect score based on customer reviews. Overall Quality 49/50.

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So, here are our winners in all their strength and weaknesses.

The rating method and some general info on choosing bed sheets.

Nice bed without a proper queen bed sheets is like pees without a pod. It’s what adds that special dose of style, luxury and comfort to our favorite household pet.

So if you stumbled upon my article searching for some makeup advice or technique, I will prove myself to be utterly useless since all I know about makeup is that it exists. But if you just so happen to be here for some knowledge about quality bedding, however, I‘m your guy.

Why would you listen to me?

Because whatever you do, you need all the information you can muster up. Knowledge really is power. And instead of googling endlessly wouldn’t it be so much better if you just had it all nicely gathered in one place?

But I can do better than that, I’ll squeeze all there is to know about queen bed sheets into just one ultimate guide.

I’ve been writing about bedding for a long time now, and I picked up a few things along the way. Oh, and I got to now the industry like the back of my palm too, just thought I should mention it, but the reviews and rating you see here rely a little on my experience and heavily on what the customers are saying about a product.

All kidding aside I do know what you need right now, and I’m here to help. Let’s make sure the internet sets you up with some good shopping tools this time around.

If you’re with me on this, feel free to continue reading.

What is a queen size anyway? And let’s throw in some sheet types while we’re at it…

Well, queen size is a term used to determine bed sheets of certain dimensions, along other ones, such as king, California king, twin and so on…

Before we get to the measurements themselves, we’ll need to know a little bit about bed sheets types. Oh yes, There’s more than one.

Don’t worry, nothing too complicated here, I’ll just point out the difference between flat and fitted sheets. Flat or top sheets are your everyday sheets you know well. They are just put over your mattress or blanket during the winter to make your bed surface more welcoming. Fitted sheets, however, have some sort of gripping add-on in order to fit tightly on your mattress. Usually they have elastic bands to hold them firmly in place.

The importance of this difference lies in the fact that dimensions matter much more when it comes to fitted bed sheets than the flat ones, simply because they need to pull snugly over your mattress and provide a certain resistance when you try to pull them off. If you get a fitted sheet in the wrong size, you can be sure it won’t stay in place too.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s see some actual measurements. Queen size mattress measures 60 x 80 inches. It is important to measure your mattress exactly looking for any possible variation.

So the fitted queen bed sheets are the same size as the mattress itself, meaning 60 x 80.

Flat sheets are a different story as they will require a bit of math, especially if you like tucking the both sides of it under the mattress. Queen size sheets of the flat variety usually measure 90 x 102 inches. Now to calculate the size of the sheet you’ll need we’ll introduce a new variable. The depth of your mattress. Ok, let’s do it, the width of your mattress is 80 inches, the width of the flat sheet is 102. So if we do this 102 – 80 = 22. We have two sides of the bed so 22 / 2 = 11. And this simple operation gives us the drop of the sheet. It’s how much your sheet will hang over each side of the mattress. So in this example if your mattress was let’s say 17 inches deep this sheet would have left 6 inches on each side without a cover.

Hope I didn’t bore you into oblivion with all this, but now you have a way of calculating exactly the size your mattress requires. I personally think it was worth it.

Open your eyes for these things

When you’re buying the new set of sheets, you’ll want to pay close attention to thread count and the weave.

Let’s answer that burning question first, what is thread count? It’s just a number of threads, as the name states, which are woven into the fabric per square inch. We have as you may guess the vertical – warp and horizontal threads – weft. By multiplying them, we get our thread count.

If the thread count is higher the price will be higher too, so keep that on your mind.

There are also several artificial ways of making the thread count higher. For example, manufacturers do weave additional threads into the horizontal ones, upping the thread count with no qualitative change whatsoever. Sometimes they weave the 2 threads together, making the thread count double all of a sudden. So be careful about all of that.

Now let’s talk about the weave real quick

It dictates the final finish and overall feel of the sheets. It’s just a fancy way of calling fabric interlacing with different techniques.

Longevity, but also the price also falls down to the weave. Look as the weave goes from plain to more intricate and complex and the price shooting through the roof. You should check your budget if you’re going for some of the more luxuriously woven sheets out there.

“All those different materials” headache

Hold the phone, this is a big one. Some would probably say this is the most important thing to be mindful of when buying queen bed sheets, or any sheets for that matter.

So let’s waste no time and start lining them up.

Cotton – It’s a 100% breathable and soft natural fiber.

Egyptian cottonKing of the hill! Very high quality, luxurious and soft long staple cotton.

MicroCotton – This cotton is one of the best and high-performing fabrics in the world.

Pima cotton – Extremely strong fiber, known as very shiny and soft. There is a trademark name for materials made out of pima cotton, it’s called Supima.

Silk – One of the softest fabrics out there, comfortable, good for the skin and overall heavenly. The best type is so-called mulberry silk.

Tencel – Man-made fiber, product of the new age. It manages moisture unbelievably well and inhibits the growth of any bacteria.

Jersey – Like napping in your T-shirt. It’s a blend of cotton and synthetic materials, very stretchy, smooth and comfortable.

Modal – Soft, silky and drapes really well.

Cotton/polyester blend – Very easy to take care of.

Microfiber – Wrinkle resistant, ultra soft. This man-made fiber is on everyone’s radar right now.

Now that’s a lot of different options to pick from. Sky is the limit or, more realistically your budget and personal preferences. If your budget can handle it go for some of the premium choices such as Egyptian cotton or mulberry silk, trust me you won’t regret it.

Finish (but not the end)

We look into the finish to find out if the sheets were chemically treated after the production or not.

Handful of manufacturers do indeed offer pure-finish sheets. This means they weren’t chemically treated, or all the chemicals used have been removed. They will wrinkle a bit more but if you have some allergies or chemical sensitivity, this is a way to go.

On the other hand we have a lot of different queen bed sheets treated with chlorine, silicon and formaldehyde to prevent wrinkling, shrinking and losing of the shape. The manufacturers also treat some with alkali for the production of sheen.

Final thoughts

Was that a journey of your bedroom’s lifetime or what?

Well, that’s our final stop folks. I hope I helped a bit with this shopping conundrum of yours. You have all the information you need, now just hit the stores and good luck.

Sleep tight, choose wisely and don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you have any dilemmas,


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