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On November 3, 2013
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This might just be the ultimate air mattress, the only mattress that you could ever need for your guest house or for a comfortable outdoor experience.

Let us cut straight to the point…Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump review – is this the ultimate air mattress?

Dig in and look at some pros and cons and see if this is the best air mattress for your needs.


  • No sagging air bed issues with patented and never flat air pump technology.
  • Getting in and out of the bed is simple with the raised height benefit.
  • Secondary air pump keeps the air mattress pressure automatically at the desired setting.
  • Primary pump gets bed inflated and deflated fast as well as turns off automatically when completed.
  • The air mattress is perfect addition to your household for guests and visitors who are staying for night in total comfort.
  • Quiet secondary pump keeps your firmness by setting for the comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.


  • Suggested only for the home use (Not camping till mains power is accessible) needs 120V AC power.

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Should you buy Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump?

YES, you should. That is, if you judge by what people are saying about it.

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

I suggest this comfortable raised air mattress as it is perfect for accommodating family and guests will need the bed that isn’t just simple to setup but importantly gives the comfortable and uninterrupted sleep at night. Very little difference to your regular mattress.

Your guests will love it and it will definitely be something to talk about over coffee, toast and juice.

Control Air Pressure

Insta Bed Raised Best Air Mattress is made with the Never Flat technology that allows your bed to resist sagging and air loss.

The technology uses the quiet pump that gives constant pressure of air.

Users may pick the preferred comfort level: medium, firm, and plush.

When the bed is completely inflated, pump can monitor the air pressure in order to engage while more of air is required to maintain desired comfort level.


  •  The automatic shutoff feature, which keeps the air pump from getting worn out just by shutting down when bed is inflated
  • Air pump for the inflation & deflation
  • Sensor tracks pressure & engages air pump to maintain the continuous comfort level
  • This bed has got dial settings for medium, firm, and plush levels
  • Vertical and horizontal reinforcements allow this bed to keep the shape
  • 21 circular coils at Twin Bed & 35 circular coils at Queen Bed
  • Comes with the carry bag
  • Flocked top will keep your bedding in place
  • you can get more info on Amazon and check out what customers share about it – here.

The no 1 reason to choose it

Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress with the Never Flat technology will make getting in and out of the bed simple and just may be the comfortable bed you have ever slept at.

This is one best air mattress that can maintain the pressure throughout night, with Never Flat™ technology it eliminates loss of pressure and sagging, which is very common in the air beds.

The Never Flat Pump technology is the auto engaging and whisper quiet air pump that maintains the constant pressure throughout night for the undisturbed and continuous night’s rest, which is never flat.

You have an option of selecting the desired comfort level from Plush, Medium to Firm–and let powerful Primary Air Pump inflate this bed.

When inflated, Secondary Pump senses and monitors when it has to silently engage to maintain the selected comfort level at night.

Powerful and integrated primary air pump allows the effortless inflation as well as deflation of air bed.

Automatic shutoff feature also turns this Primary Pump once bed is complete inflated or deflated, letting you to put on the pump as well as walk away without even worrying about air pump being burned out. It has clear settings for medium, plush, and firm that allow for the preferred personal air mattress comfort levels.

With air pressure technology it constantly adjusts and monitors to match the selected mattress comfort level.

The pump silently feature, as essential, engages at night creating the consistently relaxed feel.

Customer Reviews I picked up

“Very comfortable at night and simple to inflate or deflate and the mattress has a lot of “more than” kept my expectations. The mattress inflated very quick and deflated just as quickly.

Says Linda

“It was the comfortable bed and better than other mattresses and above other mattresses available.”

Says Fan

“It maintains whatever firmness is placed; I never hear secondary pump.”

Says Robert

After sales service is being reported as very good.



Suppose you are searching for the luxurious and care free king or queen sized of raised air mattress then Insta Bed Raised Mattress with the Never Flat Pump technology gives everything that you will need.

Happy Shopping.

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8 thoughts on “Is this the ultimate air mattress?

  1. Reply Humbert Mar 26,2015 6:52 am

    Hi James,

    just a doubt:
    you are choosing this one as the ultimate air mattress but in the charts the top one is the soundasleep, can you tell me which one should I go for of these 2?

    • Reply James Menta Apr 8,2015 12:29 pm

      Hey Humbert,

      This used to be my favorite air bed, one that “follows” me on the trails. But this post was initially written long ago the SoundAsleep hit the market. I have tested both sizes of SoundAsleep and I have to say now that if I had to choose I’d go with SoundAsleep.

      Not that there is anything wrong with the Insta, the SoundAsleep just blew my mind in the tests…

  2. Reply Jim Dec 7,2014 3:02 am

    I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress for over two years with poor results until I purchased an Inst-Bed Twin about a year ago. I love it, but began developing leaks at seams after about 8 months. Small leaks are very difficult to find, but the never flat pump keeps the mattress inflated until the leak becomes large enough to be found. Repairs are simple then. By far the best air mattress I’ve ever owned.

  3. Reply Mike Feb 1,2014 12:47 pm

    This really is one of the best mattresses that I have tried. I have a big family and so guest all the time, it is great because my house is full of joy all of the time, the thing is that when it comes to accommodating all guests we need mattresses, and let me tell you that this type of air beds are a life saver. After reading your review I bought it and it actually is one of the greatest. my guests sleeping over were impressed by how comfortable it actually is. I also own the aerobed adventure and the Serta Ez bed.

    • Reply James Feb 1,2014 12:55 pm

      Mike, I know my mattresses 🙂 …. after spending so much time around them trying and testing, I know when I see quality… glad you liked my review of it.

      here is the review for the aerobed adventure.

      cheers, mate

  4. Reply James Jan 26,2014 12:35 pm

    Guys, feel free to post here your honest opinion on this mattress.
    If you actually tried one and have any kind of opinion on it, post it here so the others will see it.
    Remember we are trying to build here the ultimate resource in helping people make the right choice when buying an air mattress, so every impression counts.
    Looking forward for your comments.

  5. Reply Danny Jan 10,2014 12:29 pm

    I actually bought one of these last month and let me tell you that I am very happy with it. It is exactly like you described it. The thing I like most is that it is so easy to set up. thanks mate for the review, it really helped me make a smart choice.

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