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Five months on the very top of the best rated air beds list says it all. As I mention in the reviews it often goes out of stock and it's not easy to find it available these days. If you do find it available (I provided the links) and if you're in luck to find in a moment when it's discounted, you can't go wrong with this bed.

It features flocked waterproof top with a heavenly silky smooth feel to it which makes in second to none in comfort, especially having the price tag in mind.

The SoundAsleep Dream in twin size has been THE TOP RATED air mattress in it’s own size category and overall rating for 5 consecutive months.

The only downside is that The SoundAsleep is small company and cannot meet the demands of the market so this air bed goes out of stock very often and is often stays that way for prolonged periods.

And if you find it discounted as it often is, it’s a steal for this kind of quality. When I say discounted I mean anything under $110 or $100 (it’s regular price being $149.95)

I rarely do this, in fact this is the first time for me to make such a daring statement, but, having in mind the success of it’s older brother in queen size, this is the best air mattress ever to hit the market. Yes, I said it, I was in love with the Insta raised, but this is my new favorite.

But forget about me – not one model was voted best of the month Overall 7 times in a row. And what’s more relevant than the votes and reviews of the people that actually own the bed?

SoundAsleep Dream Series is a wonderful line, and the product we’re about to review is by far the winner in terms of both quality and the current price. But as you know the reviews on the website are crafted over years to remain completely objective and remove any bias, so if it seems that I’m praising the bed too much give a quick read to our reviews based on statistical factors in 10 different categories.

My review of this air mattress inside and out

Here’s what I have in store for you today:

  • We’ll kick things off by learning the basics about this air mattress. Manufacturer’s specification will come in rather handy for that
  • Then we’ll put all that info to the test by pairing it up with some good and not so good user experiences
  • Finally, I’ll give you my own piece of mind and personal opinion

Now that we know what’s to come, let’s waste no time.

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The manufacturer’s specification

SoundAsleep dream series_twinThis is the section where we’ll get introduced to the product, check out all of its features, and hear directly from the manufacturer why we should buy it.

Let’s hear it:

  • Additional durability and support provided by a leading design in the industry. ComfortCoil Technology features 21 internal coils of air, which will keep your bed firm and flat and you SoundAsleep
  • 1-click pump is internal, patented, and makes for one very quick inflation/deflation action. Full inflation takes just under 3 minutes with quick and easy topping off. It’s designed for use in-home, and it’s a perfect choice for your relatives or other house-guests
  • Dimensions of fully inflated bed are as follows: 73” x 38” x 18”. It also features a bottom with “sure grip” technology, so you can forget about any unwanted sliding
  • The top is waterproof, flocked, and extra thick, which makes for one super comfortable experience. Durability, on the other hand, is guaranteed by the multi layer material that’s highly puncture-resistant. The deal also includes a carry bag for easy transport
  • 1-year warranty is very consumer-friendly. You can contact the manufacturer anytime via email or phone for support

These are some big shoes to fill in real-life. Let’s see if this air bed is up to the task in our next two sections.

Pleasant customer experiences

best twin air mattressLet’s list out some of the PROs or, simply put, the things customers liked about this product:

  • I had pretty moderate expectations when I bought it, but after a few months of using it, I have a great amount of newly found respect for this air bed. It’s top of the line in both ease of use and comfort. Just the best air mattress I could’ve gotten
  • This is one ultra comfortable air mattress. It’s also quite deep, so I never feel like I’m sleeping o the floor. Raised edges are a great addition since I never had that well-known feeling like I’m about to fall off the bed at any given moment
  • We are very tight on space in our apartment and this air mattress came as the perfect solution. It inflates in a couple of minutes and deflates in a second once we want some extra space
  • I can’t tell the difference between this air mattress and a regular bed. Especially with some bedding on it
  • Finally, an air mattress that doesn’t leak air!! It needed a little topping off while it reached its full size and since then, nothing. We sleep on it for about a month now, and it never leaked any air once.
  • It’s very comfortable and durable too. I should know since my kids use it as a bouncy castle when they think I’m not looking
  • The customer service was fantastic! I just got so tired of hold music and automated call centers. These guys made me feel human again, so my 5-star grade goes out to them too
  • I have a tiny apartment, so my space is very limited. This mattress is great since it’s super easy to set up and store away. It’s also extremely comfortable, well made, sturdy and comes at a more than reasonable price
  • This mattress is just what the doctor ordered for my aching back. I used to wake up every single morning with pain in my neck and back, and sore muscles to match. This air bed is very comfortable, and it just aligns my spine perfectly. Big recommendation to everyone who has similar problems, it’s a lifesaver

This is one of the few best rated twin air mattress on Amazon:

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Not so good things users had to share with us

Let’s complete the story by taking a look at some of the CONs too:

  • It’s a great product, but it had some sharp plastic out of the box odor. I had to air it out for a whole day
  • It tends to be a bit chilly sleeping on this mattress if the room temperature is low. I solved this with an extra blanket

Conclusion and Overall Rating

It’s not by accident that I picked this particular air mattress as our best twin size.


Overall Quality Rating of 49/50 is not something I take lightly. And the only deducted point is for design just because it doesn’t have any color choices. Other than that, it’s close to perfect.

It’s super comfortable, well made, durable, easy to set up and take away, doesn’t leak air whatsoever, puncture-resistant, waterproof, should I go on, it could take a while. And once we calculate in the discount, we have a winning formula and a great addition to your household. It’s makes for a wonderful present too.


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