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Every year in the first days of December as companies start to come up with Holiday discounts, I pour myself a nice cup of hot chocolate and spent a day or two searching the internet for the best deals in air mattresses and choose one to recommend as the biggest saver.

This year we are in luck because the best deal I found is also the best air mattress to hit the market in maybe a decade – The SoundAsleep Dream Series – the only air mattress on the market with full 5 stars from thousands of users. Yes, THE ONLY ONE.

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If you’re curious to know what brought it the title of best rated air mattress, just continue reading.

How I run my blog and write air mattress reviews

I read all the reviews I can find online. Plus, I’m in continuous contact with the customers, gathering their impressions over different products. That enables me to create a statistic system, where I turn this information into product grades, thus selecting the winners.

So, here is exactly what I do for each review:

  • find every bit of information and every review I can find
  • I rate the mattress in 10 different categories for each applicable review
  • I find average rating and come up with the Overall Quality Rating
  • repeat the process with any new reviews every two months, to keep the information fresh

What can you expect to see in this review?

  • I usually begin by showing what the company has to say about their product. So, we’ll start with manufacturer’s specification.
  • Customer experiences are next in line, good and bad. They can make validate what company is saying or reveal potential false advertising
  • Finally, I provide the Overall Quality Rating and say a word or two about my own impressions

SoundAsleep air mattress, as presented by the manufacturer

Sound_Asleep_Dream_SeriesLet’s list out the promises that the producers of this air mattress have in store for us:

  • One of a kind comfort coil technology, featuring additional support and longevity. Leading design in the industry, including 40 internal coils of air will keep your bed firm and flat, and you will remain SoundAsleep
  • Built-in pump included. 1-click and patented, it optimizes the process of inflation and deflation, making it quick and easy. Your mattress will get to its full firmness and inflation in just less than 4 min, and you can top it off in the same fashion
  • The design of this mattress dictates strictly using it in-home, making it a perfect spare bed for your relatives, friends or any other overnight guests
  • Bottom of the bed with a sure grip technology ensures against any unwanted sliding
  • Flocked top, waterproof and extra thick, guarantees an additional level of longevity and comfort. Multilayer material is also resistant to punctures
  • Easy transport carry bag included
  • Queen size airbed, fully inflated measures: 78 x 58 x 19 inches. Double height raised air mattress with dual chamber design
  • 1 year guarantee, plus always available support via email or phone

That definitely sounds like specification worthy of some best rated air mattresses. But we don’t stop here. We still have to test these claims to see if they are indeed genuine. There’s no better way to do it than putting this air bed to the test in real life. Well, the customers have done that already for us and were kind enough to provide us with feedback.

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What customers liked about this SoundAsleep air mattress?

We’ll start off with some positive experiences the owners and users of this product had to share with us:

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology

  • This was a huge buy for me. The mattress really exceeded all of my expectations when it comes to comfort. The top is so soft and nice to the touch. I like the height of it also. It made me feel like I’m sleeping on an actual bed and not some mattress on my room’s floor. It remains quite firm throughout the night, whether I sleep on it alone or with my wife
  • I can’t comprehend how this firm can afford to sell this kind of product at such a low price. I mean I saw mattresses going for twice as much regularly, and I was just stupefied when I saw this price tag. Needless to say I got it, and pronto
  • I measured this air bed when I got it, and the dimensions given by the manufacturer are correct. There’s an extra layer of some kind of micro fibery material on top of the bed, adding to the overall feel of comfort
  • When I compare it with some other models I’ve used in the past, this air pump is extremely user-friendly. I’ve timed how much it took it to inflate the mattress to its full firmness, and came up with 4 minutes exactly. I’ve done this 4 times, and every time the results were the same. It’s very simple to use, you just turn it clockwise or counterclockwise, and it will inflate or deflate, as simple as that
  • I was only afraid of air leakage when I got it. Once I inflated it I felt how comfortable and soft the top is, and whatever technique was used to make it this supportive, it is amazing. So, I can say that my biggest fears never actually came true. It held air very nicely throughout the night, and there was no need for refill in the morning
  • This air bed looks even sleeker in person than on those online photos. After using it for 2 weeks, I find it to be much more comfortable than my 3 previous air mattresses. It looks more durable too. The price was very gentle to my limited budget, and I must say, it was a great buy
  • I just love this air bed! It’s so easy to set up when we need it, and just as effortless to put away. Just deflate with a turn of a switch, and off it goes into its storage bag. It’s very comfortable and cozy, yet firm. I’m very happy with this purchase, and I must mention that it arrived before it should, so extra points there
  • I am a very big dude. I always had problems with air beds deflating and simply falling flat under me. This Soundasleep air mattress is a godsend. It manages my weight without a hitch, and it’s the same when I wake up as it was when I went to sleep. If you’re a big guy like me, and want your air bed to stay firm all night long, this is your safest bet
  • This air mattress feels like a real bed 100%. I like how tall it is, so I’m not feeling like I’m crawling on the floor. The sides of the bed are also pretty firm, so you can sit on it comfortably, without them bowing out. I’ve used it every night since I bought it, and had had zero problems with air leaking out. It comes with the pump that’s built-in and very easy to operate. This is my first air bed ever, and now I’m really glad I finally took the plunge and bought it. I highly recommend it
  • I’ve been around air mattresses for a long time, so I kept my expectations at a moderate level with this one. But I have to say, it earned my respect with its performance. It’s tall enough for easy getting in or out of, easy to inflate/deflate, the built-in pump works very efficiently and quietly, has just right level of firmness and to top all that, its hellishly comfortable. The customer service is always available and, I must say very responsive to all of my questions. I’m very satisfied with an overall quality of the bed, as it really feels well made. Great deal at a great price
  • I ordered mine online, once I’ve read a ton of reviews. It really looks like a ton of people got this mattress, so I decided to give it a shot. All I can say is, all of the positive reviews I’ve read were absolutely on the money! This is a great mattress from SoundAsleep, and I, for one am really glad I added it to my bedroom. And it even arrived sooner than it was meant to, kudos for quick service too
  • I like how it has enough weight to prevent tipping up of the side I’m not on. It’s also great that it grips the floor nicely, so it doesn’t move when I’m turning around. It has a nice material over the outer edge that stops my pillow from ever falling over the side. It’s super comfortable, and overall, I approve this mattress
  • I just got mine a few days ago, and I’m already in love with it. It’s comfortable and super compact when you deflate it for storage. It seems well made, and of some quality materials. The top is very soft, and I like how it supports my body completely when I’m laying on it. The inflation process is a matter of minutes, and it holds air like crazy, as far as I’ve seen so far. Just a perfect choice if you’re using it constantly for sleeping, as I do

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The few things customers didn’t like about it

  • I got this mattress, unpacked it, and felt a strange smell of plastic emanating from it. I know these things are made from PVC, and I was afraid it will smell like that for a long time. It didn’t luckily, I just aired it out and 24 hours later the smell was completely gone
  • I don’t like the fact that my old queen size fitted sheet doesn’t fit this air mattress. I’ve solved this problem by using my topper, and fitting the sheet on it. It worked for me, as I prefer using memory foam toppers anyway
  • This air bed started making some squeaking the first night we tried sleeping on it. They didn’t bother me that much, as you could barely hear them, but my husband said he couldn’t sleep, so he had to go sleep on the couch. I guess the mattress just required a little breaking in period since the sounds are completely gone by now
  • This SoundAsleep air mattress is very comfortable, without a doubt. But it’s just not firm enough for me. The support is adequate too, but I just miss that firmer feel to it. It’s just a matter of personal preference, and what you got used to I guess…
  • When we first got it, we turned on the pump, and it started inflating the mattress. After it was fully inflated it started deflating immediately. I figured it had to be a faulty pump. I called the customer support and asked for a replacement right away. They’ve said they only know this to be an issue when one leaves the motor running for far too long, and overheat it. Since I knew that wasn’t the case here I’ve requested a new one to be shipped immediately. I must say, the customer support folks were really not sleeping on the job, and we got a replacement sent right away. It should be here in 2 days. And they didn’t even request for me to send the faulty one back. Except that little mishap, the mattress is great

So, we have the manufacturer’s specification and the experiences of the customers behind us. We’ve heard what the company promised us their product would deliver, and filtered it through some actual real life usage stories. What’s left is for me to state my own opinion and see if this air mattress really deserves to be at the top of best rated air mattresses.

My own opinion on the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress

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Yes, one of the few 49s I’ve ever given in the Menta Overall Quality Rating.

I’d like to point out one thing here – it’s not the same thing deducting one point for durability or something crucial like that and deducting it for design.

The one point deducted for design here is simply because of the absence of color choices.

When I say, “my opinion” I don’t mean just the information from this review. It’s formed over much larger pool of info and much more communication with the customers. I’ve read literally thousands of reviews, wherever they could be found, and contacted personally a large number of people actually owning and using this air bed.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology reviewI’ve implemented this mattress into my systematic grading table for similar products, and then compared the overall grades. It still came out on top, so the title “best rated air mattress” is well deserved. Now let’s see what makes it so.

It incorporates the new level of technology for air mattresses. I’m talking about the new comfort coils. 40 air pockets promise a firm mattress and a good body support. Aligning your spine correctly gains even more on the importance if you’re suffering from back pain, stiff muscles in the morning, neck pain and other maladies of such sort.

One of the common issues with anything inflatable is the pump. I always advise people in my guides to search for mattresses with a pump already built in. It just saves you time and money. It so happens that this one does include a built-in pump that, if we are to believe the customers does its task without any hindrance. It fully inflates the mattress in just a couple of minutes and keeps silent while doing so. I have witnessed too many air mattresses inflations that sounded like an old vacuum cleaner. This pump is easy to operate also. Just a turn of the switch will do the job for you.

Top layer is waterproof and puncture resistant. Nothing terrible will happen if you spill your favorite beverage all over this air bed. And if you are a lover of cats for instance, you will be very pleased with the surface that’s resistant to all sorts of piercing damage.

It even features a sure grip material on the bottom, so it will certainly stay in place during the night. Storage bag is also included as is a 1 year guarantee.

We could hear from the experiences of the customers how this SoundAsleep air mattress is very comfortable, well made, and of high quality materials. The top layer is soft, and it adds a touch of smoothness to the overall feel. It possesses enough weight, so it won’t tip over, and the top layer has a line of material preventing pillow from falling over the side of the bed.

Most importantly, it doesn’t leak air. Granted, like any product made of PVC it will need to be inflated and deflated a couple of times, just enough for the rubber to stretch and get to its optimal size. Sometimes people confuse this for leaking air. Actually it’s just stretching of the material.

There were some cons mentioned also, so we’ll discuss them too. Most of these can not really be considered flaws of the mattress. Yes, it’s made of PVC and it will smell like plastic when you first get it out of the box. Easily solved with a bit of airing out. You will occasionally hear some squeaking noises until you break it in, then they’ll be gone completely. Every air mattress in the world “suffers” from these issues, so I consider them to be expected when buying one. They’re hardly much of a long-term problem anyway. Other cons are just a matter of personal preference and some production mishap. This is where the customer service showed it’s up to the task, and didn’t let the customer down.

All things considered, I must say this air mattress deserves the throne, as it is really top of the line at this moment.

I hope I did this exquisite product justice within my review, and invite you to give it a try, it’s well worth it.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology review

Farewell until we meet again.


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2 thoughts on “SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen – best Holiday Deal of the season

  1. Reply PJ Beare Apr 5,2015 8:18 pm


    The SoundAsleep Dream series has a problem. It does not contain the silent stay inflated pump. I had one of these in 2013 with the silent stay inflated pump and it was a dream. Never heard the stay inflated pump running, by it stayed at the chosen inflation hardness for 4-months and then died. Used for another month inflating every night then gave up after waking up with my head in the sky and my butt on the floor.

    In 2015 I purchased a second SoundAsleeep Dream air mattress. This one did not have the silent stay inflated pump. Stated “topping off” every third day. After two months I was “topping off” every night and waking up with my head in the sky and my butt on the floor. The air mattress appears to be leaking through the pump. Will collect on the one year warranty.

    • Reply James Menta Apr 8,2015 12:01 pm

      Hej Pj,

      yes, the silent pump that keeps running through the night was “the thing” and for many such as yourself still is. I believe there are two of those airbeds on my updated list of the top rated beds.

      Anyway, your issues with the SoundAsleep are not common and that should not be happening and you should collect on the warranty. It’s a good bed and what you described is pretty rare and unacceptable.

      Take care

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