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On March 28, 2014
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This is a great air bed. I rated it 5 stars based on all of the positive customer reviews I found all over the internet. It's made from a new type op polyester that's very durable and puncture and stretch resistant. It offers premium comfort and also inflates and deflates ultra fast. A solid choice if you go for it.

I started with a very simple idea, to do what I like, maybe help a few people by sharing what I’ve learned in my life and maybe make some money along the way.

I can tell you now honestly that after a while I have been offered to write paid reviews that will make particular products look good. I will not mention names and companies but that will never ever happen on my website.

Getting back to why we are here, to give the raised bed coming to us from SimplySleeper a nice long look, research everything that could be researched instead of you, find and contact the people who have been using it and give my final verdict on the product. When I say ‘final verdict” I mean tell you what is the maximum you should pay for this bed and provide you with the best offers out there.

Enough about that, let us get into what the company is saying about this bed.

What SimplySleeper is saying about their product:

SimplySleeper Raised Air Bed

  • This product is made of new kind of polyester that the company named DurmothaneTM and they are saying that it is of highest quality and super durable. of course they will say that but we will be the judge and the jury on that later on when we talk to people who are using it. We’ll see if it is living up to the bombastic name
  • The pump is very well built in and easy to use
  • It supports 400lb
  • Dimensions of the inflated bed are 74″ x 39″ x 19″
  • Only 10 pound in weight
  • Puncture resistant
  • Stretch resistant
  • Inflates and deflates in under 2 mins

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Ok, we see that they have really bragged here about their product that almost seems to good to be true, so let us put it to a real test and see what the people sleeping on it are saying, both the PROs and CONs.

The PROs – the good reviews:

SimplySleeper Raised Air Bed

  • I bought it because of the good reviews and the no-matter-what one year warranty…the way things are now, I don’t think I will be using the warranty…
  • Perfect solution for guests or just adding a bed in a spot where a regular one cannot fit…
  • Amazingly easy to inflate and deflate and holds air very well
  • The bag that comes with it is great, easy to use and high quality
  • I never expected this kind of comfort from an air bed…TIP: queen fitted sheet on top is a great addition to offer that luxurious feel of a great quality bed…
  • We have a high end regular mattress that cost us $2000 and my husband swears that he finds this bed more comfortable
  • No air leakage at all…
  • Perfect height even for my friends in advanced age and with back problems
  • Material is great and soft…TIP: a foam top will avoid the bed feeling cold in the winter since the air tends to ‘suck’ the warmth from your body and it might get chilly…
  • I had a couple of air beds before this one, but nothing that comes close to this in terms of quality. I used to have the same issue with my old ones, air leakage and borders collapsing when you try to sit on it. Not with this one – the air leakage is minimum and the bed is sturdy enough so the borders do not collapse at all when you sit on it…
  • I cannot believe I got this kind of high quality product for the price I paid…it makes me nervous now to think of how much I paid for my regular mattress when this baby was out there all along…
  • Simply the best of the air beds I had…no leaks any more and no hassle of waking up feeling like you are on the floor with a twisted spine…
  • For the years I have been using air mattresses I can say that this one cannot be beat…simple cannot be beat
  • See what customers had to say about it

Ok, this bed sounds really good so far but let us take a look at the CONs among the reviews we dug up:

  • The first one I ordered came defective and it leaked air…I am waiting for the replacement
  • I had this bed for a month now and it is loosing air and I am inflating it every few days…
  • I kind of get the feeling that it is loosing firmness after a few consecutive night of sleeping on it…
  • The sleeping surface is too hard for me…

The resume

SimplySleeper Raised Air BedOver the years I have been reviewing air mattresses I think I can say that I have developed a ‘nose’ for what are the red lights are to warn you that what you have in front of you is not a good air bed. I am looking for these red lights among the negative reviews I have seen and I am honestly finding none. All of the negative reviews contain complaints that can either be due to simply getting a flawed product or just a personal preference.

So, if you are opting in for this bed have in mind that it is a sturdy one that will be very similar in the ‘feel’ it provides to a regular mattress.

An honest 5 stars from me which complies with the 4.5 starts from hundreds of people.

Great buy if you get it, say, under $150.

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2 thoughts on “SimplySleeper Raised Air Bed review

  1. Reply Tom Deakins May 24,2014 11:48 pm

    I agree that Simplysleeper beds are nicely designed and made. Very high quality materials. I’ve had mine for 3 months now. Bought from Walmart. However, it has started leaking now. A slow leak. I emailed SimplyGlobo about their 1 year warranty.

    They have refused to warranty the bed because it was not bought directly from them. Walmart does not handle warranty claims. Warranty claims are the responsibility of the manufacturer, not the retailers.

    Their response is below:

    Dear Tom,

    Thank you for contacting us.
    Just let you know that we do not have your order in our system.
    Please contact Walmart directly for an exchange or return.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for your business!


    With Kind Regards,
    Summer L.

    • Reply James Menta May 25,2014 8:08 am

      Hi Tom, thanks for visiting my site.

      From time to time there are mattresses that have a construction flaw, it’s only natural that 1 in 10000 products will have an issue.
      This SimplySleeper is a great product as you agreed.

      The only problem here is the warranty THIS IS WHY I aways recommend buying from AMAZON.
      This would not have happened had you bought it from Amazon.


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