Review of SimplySleeper SS-FL89Q Flocked Top & Side Raised Queen Air Bed

I know that choosing an air bed can be a brainfull (I just made that word up but you know what I mean).

The sizes, the materials, the pumps, the leaks, the repairs…it makes your mind boil.

That why you can be relieved that you’ve arrived at this page – this whole website is completely dedicated to helping you choose the right air bed for your needs.

I will digest all the information for you so that you can make sense of all the clutter and make a calm, informed decision.

This is completely unbiased review based most on what actual users are saying and a little on the expertise I’ve gained over the long years of doing this as a hobby.

How is this review going to work:

  1. We take a moment to look at the features of the product – the specifications
  2. We take a long hard look at what actual owners are saying – the PROs and CONs
  3. I give my final resume and an overall Quality Rating

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The product specifications:

SimplySleeper SS-FL89Q Flocked Top

  • New structure design of inner chamber to prevent the material stretching and air leaking
  • One-piece construction integrated powerful electric pump allows for fast inflation and deflation (no touch 3 minutes inflation)
  • Fully inflated dimensions are 80 x 60 x 19 inches
  • Flocked top and side (waterproof)
  • Special bottom design for sure grip of the floor and unparalleled stability

The positive owner reviews – the PROs:

SimplySleeper SS-FL89Q Flocked Top

  • Very pleased with this product, inflates quickly and quietly and lo leaks after months of use
  • I love the fact that I can inflate and deflate to my preference of comfort levels…
  • I am amazed at how well it holds air…I add air only once every few weeks
  • Great value for the money I paid…I am so glad I didn’t go for more expensive products I was considering
  • The main issue I saw with my previous air bed is the sinking…this one hold great and is very sturdy…
  • I wasn’t expecting much and I saw this as a budget solution, but when it arrived I was surprised at how well this air bed is made…
  • The best air bed I owned so far, and this is my 4th one…
  • The most dependable material I have seen in an air bed, no punctures or needs for repairs after 6 months of constant use…
  • The bed is very good, just what I expected…but I would like to stress how speedy the delivery and the customer service was, I had problems with my pump and they advised me patiently and politely…
  • It’s almost fun to inflate and deflate…just turn on the dial and forget about it…
  • Two heavy people sleeping on this bed day in day out and we only add air once every few days for about 10 seconds…
  • After a terrible experience with one of the “more-prominent” brands, I ordered this one and it is everything I wanted so far…
  • Don’t get fooled by the price, this is high quality, heavy-duty air bed…very well built and holds air great…
  • The best air bed I’ve ever owned…
  • Amazon offer here.

SimplySleeper SS-FL89Q Flocked Top

The negative reviews of the owners – The CONs:

  • I’ve had this bed for two weeks and it already leaks, I am replacing it to see if this was a fluke or it’s just a bad product…
  • After a while it started sagging a little in the middle…
  • It develops a plastic smell out of the bag. It does go away after a few days, but I don’t like dealing with products like this
  • During the colder months, I could feel the rushes of cold air from beneath…a blanket under the lines resolved it, but still…

My resume:

This bed scored 49 out of 50 in the Overall Quality rating.


It seems that the main issue with this bed is the fact that you do get flawed products more often then with other beds. They do have a good customer service and warranty, I tested that myself. So if you do end up buying this bed and experience these issues, do not hesitate to ask for a replacement.

The materials used seem to be of high quality and the built is sturdy, so that’s good.

If I am being honest, I don’t pay much attention to reviews talking about plastic smell, unless I see a pattern of people saying that the smell persists and doesn’t go away. Most of these beds are made from some variants of PVC and over 90 % of them will have a plastic smell out of the box.

Without further a due, with all the facts in mind, I think this bed is a solid buy and offers a great value for money.

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