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On April 11, 2014
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Good value for money. If you like SimplySleeper as a brand, you'll like this one. It features a one piece pump that inflates this bed in under 90 seconds. It's sturdy and puncture resistant. Very light and easy to move around. Read more details below to find out if this is the one for you. I rate it 4 stars, you'll find the full rating chart in the review.

Looking into buying an air bed?

Then look no further, this website is designed with people just like you in mind. It contains every last bit of information you need to make a calm informed decision.

But why is this website any different from any other with air bed reviews?

One simple reason – I don’t just collect reviews or do my own, I actually contact people that are using the product through social media and forums and ask relevant questions.

And believe me, after years of doing air bed reviews I know what to ask.

This takes time so every single review you see here is a fruit of multiple weeks of gathering information.

How is this review going to work?

  • We take a look at the features of the air bed – at what the company is saying
  • We take a look at the PROS and CONS as per the actual users of SimplySleeper Regular Air Bed
  • I give my final resume and overall rating on a scale from 0 to 50 based on 10 crucial criteria

Let us look at what SimplyGlobo is saying about their product:

SimplySleeper SS-54Q Premium Queen Air Bed

  • They say that it is unbeatable in durability because of the highest quality materials used – Super-Durable Durmothane Polyester Laminate
  • The pump is made as a single piece, it is built-in and easy to use
  • The air bed had the feel of a box spring bed because of the construction they call X-coils
  • Maximum supported weight 450 lbs
  • Puncture resistant, stretch resistant and lightweight
  • Inflates and deflates in no more than 90 seconds
  • The package includes 2 free repair patches
  • See offer

The PROS as per the end users, both online reviewers and people I contacted:

SimplySleeper SS-54Q Premium Queen Air Bed

  • I have been researching for days before I bought this air bed and I’ve never looked back…
  • I am a hiking and camping enthusiast and I am going through air beds like crazy…this bed has lasted by far the most of any of the previous ones I used with a much higher price tag…I don’t know what this thing is made of and I don’t even want to know as long as it’s this good…
  • Holds air very well, no leakage…
  • Doesn’t leak, I had to add air for just 20 seconds or so every third night on my camping trip…
  • Perfect when I have guests around, has a really good “feel” to it…I am not ashamed of putting guests on an air bed any more like I used to be with my old air mattress
  • After visiting my son and sleeping on this bed, I was sold…I got one for my home now…top notch product
  • So easy to inflate and deflate and amazingly comfortable, too…
  • I am looooving the fact that you can choose the firmness you want, I experimented for a couple of nights with this until I found what is just right for me…
  • After getting a recommendation from a friend, I had this bed shipped overseas. This added like 50% to the price, but it is worth every dime, can’t get this kind of quality anywhere else…
  • The material is so tough I could only compare it to high end rucksacks. I can say without exaggeration that it is rock solid, almost armored but still amazingly comfortable…
  • Fast, quiet and easy to use pump…
  • Because of the material, it kind of repels dust and dirt…
  • I have a serious back condition and I made this my permanent bed. I feel reborn…
  • Exactly as advertised…
  • I am giving this bed 5 stars out of 5 even though the first one I received had a hole in it. They were very kind and timely with their response and I got a new one within days. Super comfortable…
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The PROS as per the end users, both online reviewers and people I contacted:

SimplySleeper SS-54Q Premium Queen Air Bed

  • The baffles broke and now I have these few lumps on my bed…
  • Not so durable after all…I don’t know how it punctured but it failed me on my camping trip
  • Developed a leak within the chambers which caused a bulge on the lower left corner of the bed…disappointed…
  • Doesn’t hold air as well as I expected it to…

My resume:

This bed is the real deal. I am positive.

SimplySleeper SS-54Q Premium Queen Air BedHow could I be so sure?

Simple – I have been reviewing airbeds for years and I know value when I see it.

If you read my other reviews it might sound like I am repeating myself but I cannot stress how crucial it is to be able to distinguish what’s a real quality issue and what is a statistical fluke.

Now, with this Air bed I had to dig deeper because it seemed to me like there might be an issue with internal chambers popping and developing leaks. I’ve read endless reviews and talked to people using it and I am now positive that those who experienced this got a flawed one.

When this happens and you want to return or exchange it, it is the customer service that counts and I have heard nothing but good stuff about how SimpleGlobo treat their customers.

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It scored 46 out of 50 in my OQR (Overall Quality Rating) and I am giving this bed 4 out of 5 stars.

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