Review of Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe TPU Air Bed with Battery-Operated Pump

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On April 1, 2014
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This is one of the most durable air beds that I've reviewed in years. I can recommend it with all of my heart for the weekend camping trip. Comfortably sleeps two adults, but is still amazingly lightweight and packs very small. The battery operated pump is efficient and will inflate this air mattress in less that 2 minutes. I like the materials used and the overall quality of this product. A good, value for money choice for campers. For home use, you can do better in this price range.

This website has one simple task – to spare you of the hassle of digging through the internet and researching endless reviews when choosing an air mattress. I am doing it all for you, so this page right here in front of you is basically hours of research digested into a synoptic and precise text that will leave you very clear on whether this is the right bed for you. The fact that it’s not vinyl but PVC-free (rubberized cotton) makes it more durable and safer.

This is what we’ll do:

  1. See what the company is claiming about their product.
  2. See what people who use it are saying about it – this is the crucial part, because not only have I read every single review out there but I have used forums to actually contact the people using it and ask about the things I know are most important.
  3. Make a nice clean and clear resume on the product, offer my own review and estimate whether this is a good buy.
  4. Find good deals on the product.

Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe TPU Air Bed with Battery-Operated Pump3

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So, let’s start right away:

What Lightspeed is saying about their product:

Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe TPU Air Bed with Battery-Operated Pump

  • The construction is sturdy and of high quality due to it being made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
  • It has a special stabilizer system that allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress
  • The materials that the mattress is made of are free of any PVC and Phthalates
  • Queen sized sheets are a perfect match for this air bed
  • Inflation and deflation of the bed are very easy

Let’s check whether the product lives up to the expectations by looking at what the end users are saying, both PROs and CONs:

The PROs:

Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe TPU Air Bed with Battery-Operated Pump2

  • This is a very inexpensive air mattress and I also love the fact that it is lightweight…
  • With my old air bed I had a terrible problem with the smell that develops, no such problem here…perfectly content with my buy…
  • The big carry bag is a big plus for me…
  • I had a couple of portable air mattresses in the past and I can honestly say that this is by far the best value for money I got from an air mattress…
  • I was surprised at how comfortable this baby is…
  • great choice for camping because it’s really light and durable…
  • Very impressed by now…being an enthusiastic camper, I have gone through quite a few of air beds and this one really stands out by how tough it is and how well it holds air…with it’s price tag, it’s a steal…
  • I have a friend who is a product manager at the company who makes this air bed – Lightspeed and he just actually lent me this bed for our camping trip. One might think that it is because I have a friend at the company but I highly recommend this bed to everyone, especially for camping…
  • It is just wonderful at how strong yet comfortable this bed is…
  • No stench of PVC that I had to put up with in my old camping bed…
  • Comfortably fits two even dough I am 6’4″
  • I was looking for a nice sturdy and firm bed which is still comfortable and this is the perfect bed for me…5 star product…
  • Visit Amazon to read more customer reviews

The CONs:

  • Mine leaked air…not sure if I got a flawed one…
  • I expected it to hold air better…on my camping trip I had to re-inflate it every day…
  • Not as wide as a full sized mattress, I guess I misread the specifications. I was planning on using it around the house when I have guests over, now I am using it only for my camping trips…
  • This bed is very firm and I expected more comfort and softness…
  • The pump needs to be quicker…


Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe TPU Air Bed with Battery-Operated Pump4Let us get right to the point in this resume. This is an outdoor bed and as such it has to be sturdy and firm since it’s made from different materials compared to your luxurious air beds. The stronger materials make it more durable and less stretchy, it’s low and it doesn’t have that feel off a regular bed simply because of the height. Don’t get me wrong, this bed can be used indoors and the people who do it mostly choose it because they like firmer beds and the lightness of this bed.

From the reviews I have gathered, it is my “verdict” that Lightspeed has made a very good balance between the sturdiness and the comfort. The idea behind this bed had been implemented successfully and I give this bed 4.6 out of 5 stars.

If you find a deal for under $80-90, don’t think twice. At that price point this is an excellent buy.

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