Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Bed – is it really Deluxe?

Ok, let’s face it! You need some help with all this air mattress business, that’s why you’re here after all. And that’s why I’m here, I can lend a helping hand.

You can bet your hard earned money on my decades long expertise in camping and years of writing these reviews or you can follow what companies say about their products and hold your fingers crossed.

Here’s what to expect from this review:

  1. We need some raw material to work with so our first step is hearing out the company. We just list the product specifications and later see if they hold water or are just some inflated mumbo jumbo (no pun intended).
  2. PROs and CONs are our next stop. We listen to what owners of this airbed have to say, green light or waste of cash (not yours if we can help it).
  3. Finally, I give my own verdict on this product from a professional’s point of view and hopefully snap you out of this shopping nightmare.

Let’s get our feet wet with the product specifications:

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Rising Comfort Twin

  • Twin-size airbed with quality certified 21.2-gauge water resistant textured top
  • Extra stability while sleeping provided by 15-gauge columns, bottoms and sides made of vinyl
  • Comes with high-power pump already built in for effortless inflation/deflation
  • Capacity up to 300 pound for customized comfort, comes with a storage bag
  • Twin size sheets fit perfectly
  • Warranty for 90 days

Now we do expect all rainbows and candy sticks from the company about their product, but it’s only after we hear from the users that we’ll really know where this yellow brick road leads to.

So let’s whip out our fine tooth comb and get the complete picture.

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PROs, reported by the users for the mattress:

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Rising Comfort Twin review

  • Excellent air mattress! It holds air rather nicely even after my grandchildren’s abuse.
  • I just hate complicated, time eating set ups! This bed is such a relief with almost instant inflation. And when I need it gone it deflates in a jiffy.
  • So comfy and the biggest deal for me is no annoying, squeaky sounds when I turn.
  • Finally, an air bed with a silent pump. Just turned it on and thought it was broken or something. Noup, filled the bed quickly with air and left me stunned.
  • It has great cord storage so it keeps those entangling cords out of my sight.
  • Truth be told, didn’t expect much for that kind of money. I bought it for my son when he’s home from college. He took it with him when he left.
  • I can actually sit on the side of this bed without it bowing and flexing.
  • It fits so easily into my limited space and storing it is a dream.
  • 5 days without a refill and counting
  • What a service! Delivered quickly and with gift wrap, since I bought it for my mother’s birthday.
  • Such a blessing for my acing back, didn’t have a good nights sleep in years.
  • I had 3 different air mattresses before but this is the only one that really feels like a true bed.

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CONs, again, as reported by the users:

  • It had a strong plastic smell when I unpacked it so it got my allergies all worked up. It was gone after a couple of days though and I sleep on it ever since.
  • I didn’t like the headrest at first; it was too much with my old pillow. It was my only problem with this bed but I solved it using a thinner pillow.
  • It gets cold on this bed when I’m sleeping in a cooler room. Always have to put an extra blanket under me to keep warm.
  • When I opened it I saw a faulty seem connecting the vinyl. I called Intex immediately to return it. They were very pleasant and responsive and I got another one sent right away so now I’m waiting for the replacement to arrive.

So here we are at the finish line. Time to pass the final sentence.

My thoughts, based on customer feedback:

This appears to be one hell of a bed. When you do this for a lifetime you see everything the industry has to offer. You pick up on some common quirks every single air bed in the world has no matter the cost and don’t even consider them flaws as no amount of money can patch them up.


Luckily, none of those common problems are permanent or unsolvable.

The bed is filled with air so yes; if the room is cold the bed will feel cooler too. You can easily solve that with an extra blanket.

Plastic smell will be gone after a day or two so that’s covered. Wait, that’s it actually.

So without beating around the bush let me just tell you, this bed is proud to wear its name. It holds air for a long time, it’s comfortable, easy to inflate/deflate, doesn’t take much space, doesn’t squeak when you move, pump is extra silent, it’s quite cheap for it’s quality, customer service is not sleeping on the job, should I go on?

Fully aware that my 2 cents as a professional could mean someone’s hundreds of dollars I honestly recommend this airbed since it took so many people down that brick road we mentioned and to the right place. And still with some cash left over too.

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