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On April 9, 2014
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Yes, this is the best air bed from Aerobed, and I am basing this on a price to quality ratio. And yes, I recommend this one for comfort, design, durability, the quality of the material and the pump. There are beds that you will like and be OK with, but it's very hard to find one that you will just love, and this one might be it! I will give this inflatable bed a full 5 stars rating and if you decide to buy it, please shoot me an email with your feedback. I would be very curious of what you think about it. My final opinion: A great air bed that will not let you down!

So it’s today?

It’s that time – you decided to reward yourself with a new bed. Getting a new air bed is exciting yet confusing, I know that, I’ve been there.

If you are looking into getting AeroBed Premier, then you have stumbled upon the last page that you will ever need to make that decision, so just relax and let me help.

But where to start?

Websites with endless list of generic features and numbers and ratings. I remember that this brought my mind to a ‘boiling’ point where I would just stand up and leave the computer with a sigh and even more confused.

So, how can I help?

I started this website with a plan to avoid just what you are going through now – the confusion about what air bed to get.

What we will do in this AeroBed Premier review:

  • Look at what Aerobed are saying about their product – the features of the bed
  • Choose the important reviews and try to contact as many as possible of the bed end users and ask questions we know are important (using forums)
  • Provide my resume and rating

Let’s go.

What Aerobed is saying about this product:

AeroBed Premier with Built-In Pump Queen

  • Inflates and deflates very fast using a built-in pump
  • It can be inflated up to thickness of 20 inches to provide that extra comfort
  • Adjustable firmness with a touch of a button
  • heavy construction and puncture resistant (special PVC Vinyl material)
  • The queen size id 78×60 inches in size

I know, I know…the companies always tend to brag in these descriptions, so that is why we are looking at objective reviews of the end users. Both the ones that I can find and the ones I hear from people that we talked to in online communities, these are actual people using Aerobed Premier.

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Pros as per the end users:

  • I couldn’t believe how comfortable this bed is, and when you hear this from a person with 6 fused discs in their spine, you better believe it…no stiffness at all…
  • The built-in pump makes it so easy to inflate and deflate…
  • So easy to move around…
  • Since getting this bed, I am rather sleeping in it than my regular bed…
  • The height is ideal for getting on and off..
  • This bed is so comfortable that my mother wanted to take it home with her after 3 weeks stay with us…
  • Holds air great, two grown-ups sleeping on it for 4 consecutive nights now and we didn’t have to add air at all so far…
  • The powerful pump makes it easy to inflate in less then 4 minutes…
  • I like how easily it can be stored, it rolls down to 2×3 inches for storage…
  • I really see no difference in comfort between this one and my overpriced regular mattress…
  • So simple and fast…when we had guests over, we just took it out of the box, decided where to put it and we had a bed in under 3 minutes…
  • I have had a few air mattresses and beds…this is by far the best I have seen…
  • The quality of the best air bed…
  • Great quality finish that gives you that feeling of luxury
  • This air mattress is just perfect…who could ask for anything more…
  • I have owned a couple of air beds over the years and I can say that that the chambers are distributed so well that it provides great comfort…
  • One thing that I saw with my two previous air beds is that the edges don’t hold very well, this one does not have that problem, edges are sturdy and hold great…

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Cons as per the end users:

  • The engine seems to heat when you inflate and deflate it every day…
  • I am seeing some air leakage with this Aerobed…and i cannot find the leak yet to fix it, sending it back for repair or a new one…
  • I am seeing some splitting on the seams…
  • Too high for my taste…I am a person in the autumn of my life and it can be kind of a struggle to get on to…

My resume:

Let us make everything clearer in our ratings finale:

  • How well it holds air: 5 out of 5
  • Comfort rating: 5 out of 5
  • Design rating: 5 out of 5
  • Pump rating: 5 out of 5
  • Material and finish: 5 out of 5
  • Easy storage: 5 out of 5
  • Easy handling: 5 out of 5
  • How well the edges hold: 5 out of 5
  • Durability: 5 out of 5
  • Customer Service/Guarantee: 4 out of 5
  • Overall quality score: 49 out of 50

My overall ratings of 47 puts this bed in the top 5% of the air beds.

AeroBed Premier with Built-In Pump Queen2Over the years I have tested and reviewed so many air mattresses that I believe that I have the knowledge on what is a fluke and what is a real flaw of an air bed.

Having said that, it is my humble opinion that this bed is the real deal and well worth the money. Folks, this is an air bed and always, and I do mean always there is a slight chance that you might get one that is on the weaker side with the seams and it might leak air. This is where the customer service of the company and their Guarantee is supposed to come in.

In the past and based on most things I have read and experienced for myself, Aerobed customer service is fast and customer-oriented in vast majority of cases (providing that you get a representative who’s cat didn’t just die that morning:) ).

When I draw a line underneath all this, I am rating this bed with full blown 5 stars, and I rarely do that.

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4 thoughts on “Review of the AeroBed Premier with Built-In Pump air bed, Queen/Twin

  1. Reply Noni Apr 3,2015 5:43 pm

    Had my aerobed for one year, it developed a leak. Customer service told me they were sorry, but there was noting they could do to help me. It was just barely out of the warranty period! I asked if they did anything to foster good customer relations, and was told no! Wow. My impression of aerobed and the Coleman company has just plummeted. I thought their products and service was supposed to be exceptional, I can only say exceptionally bad.

    • Reply James Menta Apr 8,2015 12:17 pm

      Hey Noni,

      Wow, your story really surprises me, too because I know how they work when it comes to customer service – the proper way of doing things is seeing situations like yours not as a problem but as a chance to establish their name.

      This especially goes now when there are “new kids on the block” like the SoundAsleep that really stirred things up. Bottom line – it is a surprise they didn’t handle your situation better.

      In the end, the market will do it’s thing and things like these can cost them

      thanks for sharing

  2. Reply Phyllis Sep 13,2014 10:12 pm

    Hi James: I am looking for a twin size with the 18-20″ off the floor. Having some trouble finding one. Can you give me some help??? Thanks

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