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On April 4, 2014
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Great value for money is what first meets the eye with this inflatable bed. AeroBed has done a good job with this one. It's a high quality product and one of the best I've tested. I highly recommend it for the guest bedroom. Not for camping. It's built in pump does an excellent job. I rate this one 5 stars, but again, for home use.

Ok, so let’s choose You an air bed, shall we?

I know how frustrating it can be cutting through the clutter of information to get to the bottom of things and decide if some air bed is right for you. That is why you can let out a sigh of relief because if you are reading these lines you are at the right place and there is no need to look any further.

I will do it all for you.

Here is what we’ll do:

  1. Look at what the company is saying about their product
  2. Look at the PROs as per customer reviews (we actually try to contact the end users and ask meaningful questions)
  3. Look at the CONs as per customer reviews (again, real end users)
  4. Resume on everything we learned about it

So, as you can see, this page contains everything and anything you might need to make a reasonable informed decision that leaves little or no room for error.

So, let’s get right to it:

What Aerobed are saying about their product:

AeroBed Classic Double-High Mattress with Pump

  • A plug-in pump that allows fast inflation and deflation
  • Fully inflated it is 18 inches thick to provide that cushioned comfort
  • Flocked fleece surface to provide a luxurious soft finish
  • Queen size of this bed measures 78×60 inches

Now let us look at what the actual users are saying. This is the gist of the review and will most likely provide you with the answers you are looking for.

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The PROs as per the end users of the bed:

  • This bed is awesome…thoroughly surprised at how comfortable it is…
  • The pump is really quick and easy to use…really holds air well, no deflation at all for a couple of consecutive nights of use by two grown ups…TIP: if the room is not really warm you might want to place a blanket onto the mattress and then linen to keep of that cold feeling of the air beneath
  • Almost as comfortable as our regular bed that we paid thousands for…
  • Especially like how high this bed is…combined with the level of comfort it offers, you forget that you are on an air bed
  • It holds air so well that I have been sleeping on it for the past 4 weeks and needed to be re-inflated only once per week…
  • This bed exceeded my expectations both in terms of comfort and how well it holds air…
  • It is sturdy and holds air great….easy to move around and store…
  • My grandson loved it so much that he refused to sleep on the pull-out sofa when we moved to a bigger place…
  • If used every day by two grown ups, needs to be topped off with air only once every 4 days or so, which is not a big deal because it’s just 20 seconds…
  • Comfy and easy to set up. From being embarrassed when I have guests over with our old air bed I got to being proud…
  • I have serious back problems after being in a car accident and I was a bit skeptic when I was supposed to sleep on this bed during a move. I ended up postponing choosing a regular bed because I slept so well on this one…
  • The setup was a real breeze and took only a couple of minutes…
  • I like the removable pump, you get the same quality at something like half the price…
  • Amazon offer

The CONs as per the customer reviews:

  • I had the feeling of the bed tilting to one side while sleeping on it…
  • The rounds seams started popping out a bit after a few months…
  • It’s loosing air faster then expected, have to add air pretty much every night…luckily it only takes 10s of seconds…
  • Mine developed a slow leak after a few months…


AeroBed Classic Double-High Mattress with Pump2Air beds can be a tricky thing and it is not uncommon to get a flawed one.
How can you determine whether this is a good product and the reviews about slow leaks are flukes or the product is simply not good enough?

Over the years of writing these reviews I have developed a pretty good feeling about this and I find these answers in the ratio between the good reviews and the not so good ones.
Having said that, I am confident that this is a great product, a 5 start product actually.

Especially having in mind the price – the beds that come with an integrated pump automatically go for a 70-120% the price of the same quality beds with a separate pump. So, with this bed, you get the same quality at the fraction of the price.

If you can find it for under $150, I say: “Go for it!”

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