Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed Nylon Flocked with Built-in Electric Pump review

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On January 23, 2014
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This is a great air mattress, sturdy and has an unique - multiple channel - design so that you are not slipping off when you are sitting around the edge. This mattress is great for the guest house. People sleeping over will thank you in the morning for a great, restful sleep. I also highly recommend it because it's one the best in it's price range.

Intex’s commitment to facilitate you to have fun

Goal of Intex Recreation Corp is to serve the consumers by proving the great quality products. They make it possible by offering the market competitive rates, amazing quality and after sale services. They produce variety of products such as airbeds, lake boats, swimming pools, toys (inflatable), etc.

Intex is very curious to meet the safety standards while producing and designing the consumer products. They make sure that finished products are quite safe to be used. Hence their products have to go through several safety testing procedures even after they come in finished form. This is why their products are good to go for years

Lets go into specifications of Intex Airbed (Nylon Flocked)

Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed Nylon Flocked with Built-in Electric Pump I got this airbed for my son and he is quite happy to have it. It comes with built in pillows which is pretty comfy and cozy for the kid. It has been supplied with built-in automated pump to inflate it.

The construction of the bed is very sturdy as the bed has been provided with a vinyl beams. The top of the bed is obviously waterproof. The high tech pump takes almost 3 and half minutes to inflate the airbed.

Be careful while using your airbed because the performance of your airbed depends on temperature and moisture level of the location where you place your bed. Also if you want to keep its firmness then you have to re-inflate it over the time. This is because vinyl is something that needs to be relaxed to maintain its firmness.

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Why someone should prefer buying Intex Airbed

Well, I am not among the old fans of Intex at all. Even I have bought this thing for my kid first time from this company. But I have experienced airbeds of other companies as well. I am feeling myself that I am going to be the supporter of Intex from now onward and that’s all because of the great quality of the product I have purchased.

Let me describe what I have learnt about Airbed of Intex in other way. I must convey you the positive sides as well the negative so you may be able to get to know if it is good for you or not. So here I will speak from my experience and also on the bases of what I have learnt from other customer’s reviews.

Positive aspects that make it the best air mattress

  • Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed Nylon Flocked with Built-in Electric Pump 2It is pretty sturdy thing to be good for multiple people to sleep over. Even if multiple people are sleeping or sitting on it, it will never let them feel that they have been fallen into some valley
  • It will never make you feel that you are slipping off when you are sitting around the edge. This is because of its unique (multiple channel) design. Actually the airbed has channel around the corners all the way in between the sections of the bed. This will make you feel tuck into the sheet of the bed.
  • If you have purchased airbed of Intex then just forget about the air leakage. However it is advisable not to jump on it over and over again because it may cause the leakage
  • Sleep in the middle or on the edges, that’s all your choice, certainly you won’t find any kind of bump or bow on it. So expect it to stay flat in any case. Indirectly I am praising the airbed for coming in such a nice design
  • Mattress makes you sleep at enough height so you will not be feeling that you are sleeping on the floor
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Negative aspects that you must be aware of

  • Incorrect stated size became a problem for a user and I think that shouldn’t be considered a drawback. Its not a manufacturer’s fault but it might be the fault of dealer or reseller.
  • When it was received there was a smell of the plastic material used for the bed. It is going off with the passage of time.

There are not so many negative aspects of this airbed that I could tell you. My kid is enjoying this beautiful thing and I will recommend my friends and relatives to get this one if someone is looking for an airbed.

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