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On June 27, 2014
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One of the lowest priced airbeds on the market. At that price point, it's surprisingly durable and good at holding air. Not a primary choice for your main bed, but a budget-friendly option for camping and sleepovers. Manual pump.

Let’s see if this Intex inflatable is worth of the little money it costs.

Sure, Intex will brag about it, but let’s really put it under scrutiny of the people using it and see how they rate it.

Here’s what I’ll do in this review:

  • Look into the basic fact sheet of the bed
  • Put it under scrutiny of the people using it, see the PROs and CONs they report
  • Resume everything and give it an Overall Quality Rating

Let’s bite into it…

If you are to read the fact sheet, you’ll find that this air bed:

Intex Classic Downy Queen Airbed review

  • comes with 2 air pillows and a hand pump
  • has a uniform sleep surface due to a wave beam construction
  • can withstand a solid 600 pounds of weight
  • if fully inflated, measures like a standard queen sized mattress (60×80) of a 8.75in height (including the pillows)
  • has a flocked top that’s waterproof for convenient camping usage
  • when used for several days in a row, it might needs re-inflating because both humidity and temperature can affect the firmness of vinyl

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Some of the positive reviews of satisfied owners that I think you should see:

PROs of this inflatable mattress:

Intex Classic Downy Queen Airbed

  • I was a little skeptical about buying an airbed, having read several reviews about leakage in low-cost airbeds. After a couple of months of usage, I can safely say that this is one is a bargain. And a good one, too…
  • For the first couple of weeks it would need more air after 2-3 days, but strangely, a coupe of months in, it holds air better than on the first days…I guess it’s the stretching of the material…
  • The airbed is great, made thick and holds plenty of weight – my kids even played and jumped on it for a while (until I found out they were….) but so far so good. Highly recommend…
  • This is the best value-for-money air mattress I’ve ever owned ! We used it for a camping weekend (my husband is a big fellow) and I could barely feel him move…
  • It’s very light and can easily be picked up and tossed anywhere. Deflated, it fits a space about the size of a briefcase…
  • Inflation takes no more than 5 minutes…
  • Deflation was quick and easy and I appreciate that the pump has a couple different sized adapters. I used it for my exercise ball too!
  • The pump is really light and works much better than I thought it would. It fits both the bed and pillows, even my pool inflatables…

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Some of the customers did not find what they were looking for in this air bed, let’s take a look at what they said:


  • Takes getting used to the manual pump…
  • The pillows are not for home use, they’re too small . Probably useful for a camping trip….
  • The intake valve doesn’t have a stopper on it.
  • The bed itself is fine. The air pump? It worked for this trip, but I am getting an electric one for the next trip…
  • It took a while to inflate with the manual pump, thank God it holds air so we don’t have to do this every night…
  • This bed takes about 10 min to blow up which is a pain…

My review resume and Overall Quality Rating

This is one of the cheapest air beds out there. It’s a bed to be used for camping or as a temporary solution for moving or sleepover guests. On the other hand, it costs less than 10 Starbucks lattes.

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Menta_rating_Intex _Classic_Downy_Inflatable_bed

That’s why I am surprised to see people talking about how durable this Intex is.

In this kind of beds, you look for two things: acceptable comfort and as little of air leaks as possible.

It performs well in both of those categories.

When I started the research for this review, I was expecting may people complaining that it leaks, because that’s what I usually see in this price range. To my surprise I see people complaining about the manual pump.

Here is a fact – an electric pump would cost as much as this whole bed. And it’s also right there in the specs – it comes with a manual pump.

So, I will not be dealing with the pump issue here. It’s manual, it’s cheap and will take 5-10 minutes to inflate the bed. Those are the facts, folks.

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  1. Reply Tom Jun 30,2014 5:28 pm

    This was really cheap on Amazon, after a week the bed started creating some weird bubbles, I would not recommend. That was the only problem and some normal air loss…

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