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If you want a soft sleeping surface that can accommodate two adults then the Insta-Bed Queen Raised is great for you. Fast reliable pump and the convenience of pre-set adjustable firmness levels. I had this mattress for a long time now I stand behind my words when I say that I recommend it, especially if budget is an issue.

If you have ever struggled to inflate an air-mattress using a manual hand-held pump then you would really understand how much time would be wasted in the process.

Especially, after you spend 15-20 minutes to manually fill air, if you suddenly realize that you have filled more air than required or less air than required, how would you feel? I’m sure you’ll be frustrated.

Apart from that, if you have used air mattresses which are not convenient when it comes to getting in or out of them, then you must be craving for an option which is more convenient.

All of us are always willing to switch to an option which offers more convenience as well as comfort.

If you have been through such inconveniences using various types of air mattresses, then you must definitely know about a more convenient option.

Luckily, there are some good aid beds which address such issues and give you more convenience.

If you have ever gone through hundreds of reviews on Amazon and if you have observed the 4 star rating for Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom with Built-In Pump then you’ll at least understand the fact that this mattress is surely promising.Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom with Built-In Pump

What’s so good about this mattress?

  • It quickly inflates with just a single turn of its dial
  • You can either inflate or deflate it within minutes
  • You can adjust it depending upon your comfort levels in a jiffy
  • You will be able to lie down or get out of the mattress quite conveniently
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Take a deeper look…

Some features like the built-in pump which quickly inflates the bed and the convenience that the bed offers when you lie down or get up are enough to fulfill your requirements or expectations from an air mattress.

On the top of it, it’s portable too.

That means you can also use the same mattress while you’re on a move or you can simply use it as an option for the guest-bed in your home.

In fact, if you’re using a mattress which comes with an external pump, it would also be frustrating to search for the pump whenever you need to inflate it. Using a mattress that comes with an inbuilt pump will help you finish the job of inflation in just a couple of minutes.

The controls which are located towards the head of the bed can be easily accessible. Apart from that, this mattress also comes with a small slot where you can store its 120 V AC plug.

Once the inflation process is over, you can simply store the plug in the slot.

Another advantage is the fact that you don’t need to do the inflation process manually. You don’t need to spend money to buy air pumps and you don’t need to struggle in the process of inflation.

You can simply adjust its dual air-chambers using 2 controls. The controls related to the inner chamber as well as the outer chamber are located on its Control-Panel.

Even if you wish to remove some amount of air from the mattress in order to adjust your comfort, you can do so using the controls which are related to the inflation and deflation.

In fact, whenever you wish to store the mattress somewhere you can use the deflation mechanism to your advantage.

By turning a dial you can completely remove the air from the mattress in just a few minutes.

When the inflation pump is in use, you might observe some noise coming from its motor but you don’t need to feel inconvenient due to it because the whole process will be finished in just a few minutes.

Features and pros:

  • Integrated 120 V pump
  • Inflation time is about 90 seconds
  • Tightly grips the room’s floor without sliding
  • Comes with a flocked top
  • Flex-coil construction
  • Measures 80X60X22 inches once it is inflated
  • Dual-air-chamber construction keeps the mattress firm
  • Convenient height of the mattress
  • Portable
  • Comes with a nylon bag that includes shoulder-straps
  • 1 year warranty
  • Weighs 24 pounds

How comfortable is this mattress?

Well, when you’re looking at the comfort aspect, you’ll need to dig deeper.

There are certain features which surely make this mattress special.

As it comes with two air chambers you will surely find this mattress providing more comfort.

The inner as well as the outer air chambers play a very important role in providing adequate support to the person who is sleeping on the mattress.

Unlike the traditional mattresses, this option surely allows you to regulate your comfort by adding or removing air.

After you lie down, you can take a decision and remove or add air from either the outer chamber or the inner chamber of the bed.

This way, you don’t need to suffer the inconvenience while sleeping. Some beds cause the sleeping person to slide towards the middle of the bed but this bed offers enough convenience.

Apart from that, this bed is designed in such a way that it stands stable due to its strong grip over the floor.

So, it does not slide on the floor of the bedroom. When the bed stays stable in a single location, you can sleep more conveniently.

When it comes to the sleeping surface, it tends to be soft and still allows you to firmly sleep on it.

As the sleep area is quite comfortable, you can surely relax well. You can also use a pad on the mattress if you want to add some warmth.

Now, we must also talk about the height of this air mattress.

There are some options which are too low to the floor. But when it comes to this mattress, you can put aside that worry. Its dimensions are 80x60x22 inches.

Now, you must have also understood that this bed can surely accommodate two adults easily.

It can surely hold a weight which is nearly 450 lbs. In fact, as it is 22 inches tall, you can easily lie on it and easily get up.

Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom with Built-In Pump


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What about user reviews?

This bed enjoys a 4 star rating out of 5 and it also enjoys hundreds of positive reviews.

The only thing some users complain about is the noise of the air-pump. But as the inflation process can be finished within a couple of minutes, the noise won’t matter much.

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    I hope i made right choice for main bed on a budget added bed sack too

    • Reply James Dec 18,2015 11:59 am

      Hey Jon, I owned Insta Raised for years and it’s never failed me. It’s a solid bed and one of the best (probably top 3) if you exclude the luxury models. I think you’ll be pleased with it…

      If you have the time, report back on how it performs.


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