Expert review of Texport Twin Air mattress

Texsport Twin Air BedIf you’re looking for the best twin air mattress in the low-mid price range, than stick around since this Texport might just suit your needs.

I have an admission to make, I don’t know much about this Texport air beds yet, but that’s about to change very soon. I know it’s extremely budget-friendly, and that’s good enough to get us started.

Why should you continue reading?

Because you need someone in the know. Someone who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to inflatable furniture. I’ve been writing these reviews, guides, and other articles for as long as I can remember. Great deal of knowledge is bound to sink in along the way.

I’ll never give you just my opinion alone. I read all that the users reviews, and bring you a piece of their mind as well. So, basically if anyone, who bought this mattress, wrote anything about it online, you’ll hear a part of that here.

Professionalism, honesty, knowledge and straight to the point kind of attitude is what I’m offering.

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How will this review look like?

I always like to show my readers what’s up ahead before we start the actual review:

  • First, the manufacturer will give us its product specification, so we can get a better idea what we’re dealing with
  • Then we’ll see how much of that info holds water once the customers speak their mind. They’ll give us some PROs, but also CONs, and we’ll draw the final conclusion
  • In the end, I’ll tell you what my personal opinion on the matter is and why

Now that we know exactly what awaits us, we can finally get to work.

Basic product info as given to us by the manufacturer

Texsport Twin Air Bed ReviewLet’s see what they have for us:

  • 74” x 39” x 5”
  • Made of PVC that’s extra-heavy and long lasting
  • Very soft top velour surface
  • Optimal comfort provided by the coil beam technology construction
  • Easy vacuum cleaner or air pump inflation

They’ve kept it minimal, and I for one like it. It’s always reassuring to see so much space left for filling in by the user reviews. So, we got the basics, time to expand the story a bit.

Things the users liked about this mattress

We’ll start with some pleasant experiences:

  • I bought two for camping purposes. I got a hefty discount ordering online. It saved me more than 30 bucks. Now that’s smart shopping. It’s surprisingly comfortable, and without plastic lines stretching all across it.
  • It’s the air beams, and it gives me much better feel to it during sleeping than my previous camping mattresses. It’s the best option for this kind of money period
  • I like the Boston valve on this air mattress. It’s made so you can freely pump the air in, and not worry about it going anywhere if you accidentally pull the pump out. It’s very comfortable and well made.
  • It’s almost suspicious to me how a mattress this good can cost so little. Anyway, as it stands I give it my highest recommendation
  • The inflation to its full size took under two minutes. I just used regular 12V pump. I deflated it in about 30 seconds. If I want to carry it somewhere, I just roll it and put it in my stuff sack. It fits like a glove since it rolls pretty compactly.
  • It doesn’t leak air at all, and it’s just the right size, so I never got that feeling that I’ll fall off if I try to roll over
  • My last mattress made me believe that adding air every week was normal. It’s only after I bought this puppy that I finally realized the truth. I inflated it two months ago, and it’s still going strong. It was a real eye-opener, and it’s little to say I’m overjoyed with this purchase. Not to mention how comfortable it is
  • I bought two for the camping trip with my grandson. It’s easy on the eyes, and we both like the color. Inflating it and packing it back up was a breeze. We both loved it. I must admit we were taken by surprise at how comfortable it was.
  • I thought I was buying a couple of cheap mattresses that’ll be used once and thrown away. They held up perfectly and made this camping trip a much more comfortable experience
  • I like the velvety flocked top. Sleeping bags stay put like they were glued on it. It’s pretty thick and much more heavy-duty than I thought. Considering the price, I didn’t expect much, but it appears extremely well made.
  • It seems very durable, and it holds air without a problem. Looks like this is one of those rare “you just got more than you paid for” cases, and I for one know how to appreciate it
  • I’m a big guy, and I used this mattress while camping across the country. It held up amazingly well, was more than comfortable, and never leaked air once

See what actual users had to share in their reviews on Amazon below:

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And some things they didn’t like

Let’s go over some CONs:

  • It had this plastic smell when I got it, but that’s expected of air mattresses. I just aired it out for a day, and the odor was gone
  • It was a bit chilly while sleeping on a campsite with a lower temperature. I solved it with an extra blanket.



We have a winner at our hands here folks! The quality compared to the price is through the roof unrealistic. It’s sturdy, comfortable, doesn’t leak, has a nice velvety top that keeps sheets and sleeping bags in place, it’s big enough, pretty thick and heavy-duty, easy to use, compact when deflated…. It’s just the best air mattress in its price range and beyond, period.

With my overall rating of 4.5 and in that price range, this is one hell of an offer.

Enjoy your new sleeping companion.

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