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It is a confusing time for the buyer and if you ended up all puzzled after consulting the endless sources that is the internet, maybe your safest bet is simply going for the best and top rated air mattress. It is much easier letting other people do all the work for you in the first place, and most of the time the top rated air mattress will be everything you need anyway.

But the ratings alone on website such as Amazon or eBay are not enough and can be misleading. Let me tell you why – they can be tempered with, the person or company selling the product (in this case an air mattress or air bed) can pay a team of people to come up with fake reviews that will paint a non realistic image about the product.

That’s why this website is here – I know where and what to look for to spot a fake review and on top of that I get all the products on the list of best rated air mattresses and beds and test them personally so that, if you are using this website to get your information you can be sure that the information and ratings you are getting is legit.

That’s what this ultimate guide is all about. Giving you the best options for air mattress purchase as it stands today. All you have to do is read along, and I can promise by the end of this article you’ll have what you came here for.

What is my system of rating air beds or mattresses based on?

I have years of experience as an avid camper and hiker that talk more loudly than I ever possibly could. In that time, air mattresses and pads come to be somewhat of a passion of mine. And since I started this website, I’ve been writing all sorts of articles concerning air mattresses and bedding in general, so I know all there is about the industry. I’ve picked up a thing or two about the products themselves, manufacturing process, and all the things you could possibly be interested once you decide it’s time to hit the stores.

My articles also consist mostly of user feedback. What this means is that I read all the user reviews I can find when I’m writing about a product, be they good or bad. I strongly believe in real-life testing, so having numerous reports from the front lines is pure gold for any decent writer.

So, I’m all about knowledge, experience, honesty, and overall good quality information providing. If that’s enough to tickle your fancy, by all means continue on reading.

In short – it’s all about consumer reviews, a bit of my interpretation and a lot of real life testing.

How does this work?

Over the years I’ve developed a special method of product grouping and rating. I can afford to personally buy and test only the best of air mattresses and the rest of the ratings are based on what I described above – user experience. Sounds more complicated than it really is, trust me.

It all comes down to me reading everything I can about a certain kind of products, then rating them in certain aspects of quality, and making top lists of winners for any given period. Winners being ones with the highest average grades, of course.

That’s how we end up with short lists of best products in any given moment. And they’re chosen both by me and the users who actually bought and used them. It’s the double approach, making sure no mistakes are ever made. EVER!

The lists are updated every two months so you always get free information. Products that drop in quality are out of my lists before you can say “good night”, as simple as that.

But enough about me, let’s get to work…

What are the best and top rated air mattresses and beds on market right now?

We’re finally going to see our group of best rated air mattress product the market currently has to offer. We’ll get to know a bit more about them in their dedicated digest reviews.

So, here they are:

Picture & Model
Overall Rating
See Amazon Offer
Dream Series
Air Mattress
By SoundAsleep Products
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
Raised Air Mattress
By Insta-Bed
Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump
Queen Raised
Air Mattress
By Insta-Bed
Insta-Bed Queen Raised Air Mattress with Sure Grip Bottom
Raised Never Flat
Air Mattress
By Serta
Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Now that we have some tangible under our fingertips, we can start dissecting them one by one.

What are digest reviews?

They’re basically just shortened versions of my usual product reviews. They go something like this:

  • They start with manufacturer’s product specification, getting us little closer to the product itself
  • Then we go over some PROs and CONs, putting the whole company story into correct perspective
  • Finally, I’ll button it all up with a word or two of my very own, simply expressing my opinion after all that’s been said

Now let’s go into the specifics, and start reviewing some of the products.

Dream Series Air Mattress (made in queen and twin size)

By SoundAsleep Products

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air MattressLet’s start with the manufacturer’s product description:

  • Comfort Coil innovative technology is the leading design n the market. Featuring 40 air coils for optimal support and durability. Your bed will always remain firm and flat
  • 1-click patented internal pump makes for faster and easier inflation/deflation. The mattress is fully inflated in just under four minutes
  • Features “Sue-Grip” bottom, preventing any unwanted sliding
  • Waterproof, extra thick flocked top adds durability and comfort with puncture-resistant, multiplayer material
  • 1-year guarantee

Well, that certainly sound too good to be true. Let’s see if the users had similar experiences.

1000s of people rated it as a five-star product and Amazon:

Click here to see their explanations why >>

We’ll go over some of the good sides first – experiences of users that rated this bed as good:

  • I like how simple it is to blow it up and get it ready for sleeping. No valves or some other things to open or whatever, you simply flip the switch and it’s fully inflated in the matter of minutes
  • I knew going for the top rated air mattress can’t be a mistake. This is the most comfortable surface I’ve ever slept on, and I’m counting the regular bed too btw. Also, the price is very satisfying, and it didn’t leave a dent in my budget as I originally thought it would
  • The top is so soft and comfortable, it’s literally like you personal little cloud. I like that it’s waterproof also since we’ve had more than our share of bed-spilling occurrences
  • It feels super firm, and it supports my back like no mattress before. I can simply feel my spine aligning properly, and I’ve never woken up with aching neck/back or sore muscles since I bought this baby
  • Let me just say, it’s the top rated air mattress for a reason. Besides being really comfortable, it’s also extremely durable. I’m no small person, and this mattress supports me like I’m nothing. Very happy with this purchase, and would recommend to everyone having weight problems thus bed problem also
  • Very easy to use, and it fully inflates before you know it
  • I like the overall design. You can see some real thought was put in making it. Oh, and the price is simply unbeatable

Now let’s counter that with some CONs:

  • There was this plastic smell when I unpacked it, but it was completely gone after a day outside
  • It’s a bit too firm for me, I like my mattresses softer, but a great product none the less

Final thoughts of the SoundAsleep Dream Series

Luxury air mattresses excluded, this is the best air mattress for every day use and guests on the market today. It’s rated at 9.6 out of 10.

Don’t get the wrong idea, it does look nice but the point deducted is just because of the fact that the company still didn’t come up with a choice of colors and the blue that they have doesn’t go with everything if you want this bed as a permanent solution and an every day air bed.

Well, I think the customers have said enough. If we top that off with the fact that this mattress has thousands of user reviews on Amazon (genuine ones), we start to get the full picture. Most of them are 5-star reviews by the way. It’s a great mattress, easy to use, comfortable and durable, made of high-quality materials, waterproof… Should I really go on? You can go for this one without looking back.

Raised Air Mattress

By Insta-Bed

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat PumpLet’s go over manufacturer’s specification:

  • Featuring two pumps. NeverFLAT patented pump is guaranteed to keep your bed fully inflated all night long
  • Under 4 minutes for the primary pump to fully inflate/deflate the airbed
  • Secondary pump monitors and silently maintains the air pressure
  • Primary pump features an auto-shutoff function
  • Circular coils technology, 21 for the Twin-size, 35 for Queen
  • Flocked, durable top provides a comfortable and soft sleep surface, which also keeps your sheets tightly in place
  • High-quality water and puncture resistant materials

Another very promising description. Should give our customers a lot to talk about, so let’s hear what they have to say.

We’ll start with some pleasant experiences the consumers had with this air mattress:

  • This is one extremely comfortable air mattress. It inflates super fast, and the top material really keeps my sheets in place
  • For a top rated air mattress I wasn’t at all surprised to see an overwhelming amount of positive user reviews. And they were all absolutely true. The comfort level is through the roof, and the secondary pump is among the most silent I’ve ever heard, or didn’t hear that is
  • I like that it has two separate air pumps. One is for your basic inflate/deflate maneuvers while the secondary one keeps the air bed at your desired level of firmness at all times. This would be somewhat of a hassle if it weren’t so damn quiet. You can’t go wrong with this one
  • We got it very fast after we’ve placed the order, and the packaging was quite heavy, which is a very good thing since there wasn’t even a shred of danger of it getting damaged in the process
  • My husband is a pretty heavy guy, but this air mattress still holds air unreasonably well while we sleep on it. On top of that it’s also very comfortable and gives you that feeling like you’re sleeping on an actual regular bed
  • I really like the height of this mattress. I’m an elderly person and sleeping on some low height air beds is out of the question for me. I can get in and out quite comfortably, plus the sides are firm enough to sit on
  • The no-slip surface is great for keeping sheets right where they’re supposed to be, and the mattress overall feels very firm and supportive. I had some serious back problems, and this air bed just gives me all the support I need in order to (finally) get some good night’s sleep

See what existent users are saying about it on Amazon >>

Now let’s focus our attention on some of the CONs (it really boils down to one complaint that’s most likely a result of people getting a flawed product to begin with):

  • The pump was leaking air when we got it, so we had to return it and ask for another one to be sent to us. It got here very quickly, and the customer support staff was very pleasant and forthcoming. The new one works perfectly

So, time to put a little bow on the whole story. This is one great and top rated air mattress. Besides usual commodities it also features two separate air pumps that’ll keep it just they way you like it at all times. It’s a great deal at that price, so you can go for it without any fear of wasting your money.

Queen Raised Air Mattress

By Insta-Bed

Insta-Bed Queen Raised Air Mattress with Sure Grip BottomWell, we know the procedure by now, so let’s hear it from the manufacturer:

  • Dual-chamber SecureAir construction will limit the air movement within the mattress and keep a comfortable and firm sleeping surface
  • Dual-chamber unique construction provides bed edges that are more stable, making for easier getting in or out
  • AC dual-zone pump (120 Volt) inflates quickly and independently the outer and inner bed chambers
  • This luxurious raised air bed features the same height as your regular mattress. Sure grip construction will grip firmly to the floor, preventing ay unwanted sliding
  • 80 x 60 x 22” fully inflated. Comes with a carry bag for the storage and transport convenience
  • The cord can be tucked in its storage cup, so as to keep it out of the way when not using it
  • 1-year warranty

That was a pretty all encompassing list of features. Let’s test it against what our fellow users had to share with us.

We’ll start with some PROs:

  • Unlike all of my previous air beds this one doesn’t like air one bit. It inflates and deflates very quickly, so it’s very easy to put it away and save space when we’re not using it
  • This one costs waaay less than Aerobeds, and yet it’s far superior. Top flocking is also much more comfortable and warm than your average plastic top
  • This is one excellent bed! It holds air very nicely, which is by far the most important thing in my book. Everything else can be great, but that’s all for nothing if it leaks. I also see the air is being equally distributed, so all the parts of the mattress are very firm and comfortable
  • Didn’t have any problems when I started using it, nor did they appear now, 3 months later. I’m very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend this top rated air bed to everyone
  • Our guests simply loved it!
  • Very firm and comfortable air mattress, which is exactly what I wanted since the squishy ones make my eyes roll uncontrollably. The pump is very silent, and it fills it with air extremely fast
  • We sold our entire furniture before moving, and this mattress was our sleeping resort until we got it all sorted out. Let me just say, those were a couple of weeks of the best sleep I’ve ever had. Really comfortable, plus we could adjust the firmness according to our liking. Didn’t leak, and it was super easy to inflate and put away later. Would definitely recommend both for temporary and long-term usage

Learn more about how it got it’s high ranking by reading Amazon reviews:

Click here to do it >>

And let’s contrast that with some CONs:

  • The fitted sheets are somewhat of a pain since they can’t be tucked in, but that was my problem with every air mattress I’ve had
  • There were these squeaky sounds in the beginning while I moved over it. They are pretty much gone by now

Conclusions about the Insta Never Flat

Top rated air mattress both by the professionals and the customers and final Menta Overall rating of 8.8/10 (88 points out of 100) is just one point less than the dream series received. The “measuring stick” was a bit different here since this mattress is rated having in mind that it is a bit more pricey than your average airbed.

All things considered, one of the few top rated air mattresses, whichever way you look at it. two thumbs up for Insta on this one.

Raised Never Flat Air Mattress

By Serta

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat PumpLet’s see how Serta described their product:

  • Featuring two pumps. NeverFLAT patented pump is guaranteed to keep your bed fully inflated all night long
  • Under 4 minutes for the primary pump to fully inflate/deflate the airbed
  • Secondary pump monitors and silently maintains the air pressure
  • Primary pump features an auto-shutoff function
  • Circular coils technology, 21 for the Twin-size, 35 for Queen
  • Flocked, durable top provides a comfortable and soft sleep surface, which also keeps your sheets tightly in place
  • High-quality water and puncture resistant materials

The PROs that the users had to share:

  • The only air mattress that doesn’t leak at all! And I’ve had 6 to date…
  • I can’t hear the pump at all while maintaining the air pressure. And it’s a great feeling knowing you’ll wake up with your mattress being firm and comfortable exactly like when you fell asleep
  • I like how high it is. It’s just like getting in or out of your regular bed, plus the sides are firm enough to withstand my weight without bowing out
  • So comfortable and easy to use I think our 5-year old could get it up and running
  • It’s a really practical design. It inflates very quickly, and deflates just as fast. Perfect for overnight guests, or for moving
  • It’s very light, so I can move it all around the house without a hassle. I really like the flocked top also as it’s very soft to the touch and keeps my sheets tightly in place
  • It’s a very well made air bed and certainly worth every penny. It’s quite durable and the comfort level is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before
  • I’ve been using it for 15 months now as my regular mattress, and so far the experience has been amazing. The comfort, the height, the silent pump, smooth flocked top, durability, high-quality materials, right price, it’s all there. I would honestly recommend this one top rated air bed to everyone out there

Visit Amazon and read more user experiences:

Click here to

Time for the last CONs section:

  • It tends to be pretty cold sleeping on this air mattress if the room temperature is lower. That’s was a problem with every single one I’ve owned, so a foam topper is your best bet here

Finals and retrospective

This bed is pretty much a direct response from Serta to the Never Flat Insta bed and they are neck by neck in all aspects. My opinion after having tested both beds is that the Serta is even slightly better and worth the few bucks more. And when I say this have in mind that the Insta was my “top dog in the arena” up to a few years back when new products started hitting the market.

Overall Rating 8.8/10 and with the points to match (88/100).

Another top rated air mattress, and another good idea for your sleeping comfort improvement, especially if you have back problems. The price is right because the never flat pump works close to perfect and is very quiet.

The fat lady sings

The conclusion on this complete guide on top rated air mattresses would be that you can hardly go wrong with any of these models.

If you are the kind of person that likes things clear and precise the one last thing I’ll share is that if I was an average income buyer today looking for a comfortable bed for every day use or when I have guests over it would be the SoundAsleep.

And remember, this guide is updated bi-monthly and what you read here is just fresh and up-to-date info.

Sweet dreams,


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