Altimair Full Size 20 inch raised Air Mattress – does it deserve the praise it gets?

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On September 5, 2014
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Exciting new looker on the market. Smooth, comfortable and lasting materials are just the beginning with this air mattress. No leaking of air for a very long time. Almost instant inflation/deflation, adjustable firmness, even body support, no bowing sides when you’re sliding in or out, high portability, stretching and puncture resistance, silent built-in pump, storage bag and repair kit. Not much more to ask for, even for an expert such as myself. Looking forward to see some new stuff from Altimair.

Searching for best air mattress can prove to be a daunting task. This review aims to be a little step to help you down that road.

Internet is overflowing with information about everything. Naturally, reviews concerning air mattresses are abundant. But the quality over quantity is my operating mantra. I do my reviews a little differently.

How are the mattresses rated?

  1. my knowledge and years of experience in rating air beds is just there to interpret existing reviews
  2. I collect any review I can find from all around the web
  3. rate the mattress based on those in 10 different categories and find averages

If my approach sounds good, by all means keep on reading.

What can you expect from this review?

  1. I begin by pointing out the product specs. It provides us with information that will either back them up or prove them to be somewhat inadequate later on.
  2. Then I put what we heard to the test. I show some of the good and bad experiences, just as the users wrote them/told me.
  3. Finally, I provide you with the Overall Menta Quality Rating, based on everything we’ve heard and seen.

Let’s take the first step.

Product specification as provided by Altimair

Altimair 2ABFPL01 Full Size 20 inch raised Air Mattress

  • Premium product line
  • Lustrous and smooth polyester fabric
  • Twin size
  • Puncture resistant and stretch free nylon material (laminated)
  • Built-in pump, for efficient, quiet and quick inflation
  • 600 lbs support without stretching or losing air
  • Comes with storage duffle bag and repair kit

Now we’ll check the validity of these claims.

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Selected positive review for this air mattress

Altimair 2ABFPL01 Full Size 20 inch raised Air Mattress review

  • This airbed is so comfortable. It’s a great quality product, and I’ gladly recommend it to anyone…
  • I like how the built-in pump fills the mattress in a matter of minutes. It’s quiet too, unlike the others I’ve owned.
  • I’ve slept on it for 3 nights in a row so far, and no air leaking whatsoever. It’s such a refreshing change waking up on a firm mattress after a good night’s sleep and not having to refill it with air every 5 minutes
  • It’s very durable and well made in my opinion. I’ve had it for 5 months now, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s the best air mattress I’ve owned so far, and it was a great buy for me
  • It’s very compact and east to transport when deflated. I like that it comes with its own storage bag so I can set it up or put away in just a couple of minutes. It inflates and deflates so quickly
  • I like this design. It’s raised, so I can slip in and out without any problems. The sides of the mattress are very firm, so they don’t bow under my weight when I sit on them
  • It’s so smooth and silky to the touch, I really like the materials used to make this airbed. It’s very supportive, and I can adjust the firmness so easily. No leaking and so far no punctures, in spite of some very risky situations. It seems very durable and built to last
  • My aching back is thanking me right now for buying this little guy. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ages. It supports my back very nicely, and I can just feel my spine is lying naturally on this mattress. It’s a lifesaver
  • Very affordable for this kind of quality. I usually don’t trust the reviews, but in this case they were spot on
  • Awesome airbed! Feels just like a real bed, only I can change the firmness, or just pick it up and move it around. It’s very comfortable and soft. Most importantly, it holds air like forever

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Negative consumer reports on this air mattress

  • It had a sharp plastic smell when I unpacked it. I had to air it out a bit before using it, but now it’s fine. It’s completely gone
  • I felt a little cold sleeping on this mattress in a cooler room. I had to put an extra blanket under me, and that seems to have done the trick
  • I could hear some squeaking noises when I moved, for the first couple of uses. I guess it just needed a little breaking in period since the noises are gone now
  • Mine had a hole in it when it first arrived. I phoned the customer support immediately to replace it. They were very forthcoming and helpful though. Now I’m waiting for a replacement to get here
  • I’ve got enough information so far in this review I can start forming my own opinion on this air mattress.

My thoughts on this product

It looks like this Altimair mattress is an interesting new arrival to the market and would make good buy.


Overall Quality Rating of a 47/50 is pretty solid.

It’s comfortable and smooth, durable and made of some high-quality materials. It’s resistant to stretching and damage by outside factors. Inflation takes a very short time and it comes with a built-in pump. Level of firmness is highly adjustable, and the sides are firm enough to sit on comfortably. It’s very portable and includes a bag for storage. All in all, it’s a great deal, and it just makes sense.

Altimair 2ABFPL01 Full Size 20 inch raised Best Air Mattress

This concludes our review of this air mattress. We’ve seen the whole story behind it, and the rest is up to you.

Take care until we meet again.


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