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We have a top of the line product here folks as far as camping air mattresses go. It’s all you want and all you’ll ever need. It’s high quality, well made, very durable and comfortable. It supports even the biggest of the bunch, and it doesn’t leak air throughout the night. It rolls up into practically nothing, saves you money, and the customers just love it. It’s a top seller with top notch quality to match and if you’re into camping it’ll blow you away

Feeling outdoorsy for the first time, are we? Or am I talking to a seasoned camper?

Well, doesn’t matter actually. This reviews is based on the Menta statistical model rating, and existing user experiences are the go-to data in the model I’ve developed over the years.

The structure of the review:

  1. Taking a look at the specs as liste by the company
  2. PROs and CONs reported by the users – the most relevant ones
  3. Review resume and Overall Quality Rating

You like sugar cane, right? (Product specifications time)

It is what it is, but it helps us to break the ice with this air mattress.

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Series Self-Inflating best Air PadSo let’s hear it from ALPS:

  • Open cell foam, jet stream polyurethane
  • Diamond ripstop (top fabric), polyester taffeta (bottom fabric)
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Fast inflating/deflating
  • Enhanced durability, abrasion resistant
  • Brass valves (non-corrosive)

Well, we’ve got a mouthful of the thing. Customers will prove it sweet or make it sour. And if you like sour sweets I got this metaphor all wrong.

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Fellow campers never fail in one’s hour of need, time for some PROs

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Series Self-Inflating Air Pad

  • Super comfortable and easy to use. It’s just a perfect thing for hikers in the making like me. Super durable and lightweight
  • I had some expensive sleeping pads, and this one is on par with them, even better than some. It’s just thick enough, well made and comfortable. It fits great in the stuff sack, with always an inch to spare
  • Inflates very quickly rolls up pretty small. My daughter loved it
  • It stays inflated all night, the most important I could ask from an air mattress
  • Super comfy, light and small. I used it four nights in a row during camping and with my bad back I thought I was in for a ride. Nope, never woke up once, lucky me there were no bears around
  • I’m a big dude, heavy to match, but once this thing got fully inflated it gave me awesome support and I didn’t feel the ground. Rolling it up is a piece of cake too. Much better than I expected for that kind of cash
  • I thought it would be much smaller than my air mattress, but it’s quite bulky and supportive. I would recommend it with all my heart
  • If I could sleep on the floor of a pine forest, I’ll take it anywhere
  • I got more than I was hoping for
  • It’s very comfortable, handy and really well mad. Most importantly it left my budget alive and kicking

Time for some sour mix, CONs for you from the users

  • This pad had a very distinct and sharp odor when I got it out of the box. It smelled like plastic, and it was quite intense. I aired it out a bit, and it’s gone now
  • Once I got this pad it wouldn’t inflate, even after 20 minutes of waiting. I returned it that instant and got a new one sent to me. The new one works ok, and the customer support guys were really forthcoming
  • I felt rather cold even under my blanket when I slept outside on a cooler night

Verdict time – review resume

So let me say what we’re all thinking. After all we’ve just heard there’s no doubt in mu mind that this is one superb piece of camping equipment. It’s well made, durable, comfortable and supportive, doesn’t leak air and it rolls up in a very small bundle.


Overall Quality Rating of 49 out of 50 speaks volumes. One point deducted for design is due to the absence of color choices.

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It’s budget friendly, and users love it, like we could ask for something more… Well, we could ask if Megan Fox is included in the price, but I don’t think that’s happening.

Nevertheless, this is a great deal, so all I can really say is “adelante”.

Final thoughts

Whether you’ve made your life from dabbling into the great outdoors or just starting out thinking about awesomeness of Bear Grills, the riddle of the best air mattress must be hovering over your head as it did over mine for so many years. ALPS is brand we’ve always had a soft spot, because their products cover the “chunks” of the market most companies refuse to touch, like PVC-free TPU airbed – if you want to read more on that, head to our guide on what are air mattresses made of.

If your mind is up there in the clouds or the woods don’t waste a single moment googling for camping mattresses, reading all kinds of articles and stuff, filling your head with so much useless information. Let me do your homework for you that’s why I’m here after all.

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Series Self-Inflating Air Pad review

Why I can help

Who am I you wonder… Just a fellow camper, in love with nature as much as you are or will be. I’ve spent the better part of my life camping and simply enjoying Mother Nature. When I hanged my adventure’s gear, I started writing blogs and reviews about all things with a hint of adventure to them. And I’ll bet you anything that searching for the best air mattress can be quite adventurous, possibly even more than you’ve bargained for.

It’s an adventure you don’t want, so I’ll give you an unbiased, honest review and maybe we’ll strike gold from the first try. I’m not getting anything out of this deal except the satisfaction of helping you so you know there won’t be any funny business.

If I got your attention the rest of my article is yours to read, so go right ahead.

Happy camping and save me a bug or two.


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