Airtek Raised Memory Foam Air Mattress – putting Airtek’s words under user scrutiny

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The outlines of this review

Here’s a rough sketch of what’s to come:

  • To get on familiar terms with this product, first thing we’ll read the manufacturer’s specification. The company will promise us some things the product will deliver, and simultaneously give us some working material to dissect later.
  • Then we’ll put some user experiences into the mix. Some of the pros, but also the cons will show us if the manufacturer’s story checks out.
  • Lastly, I’ll say a few word of my own. Just to share my piece of mind, after all we’ve heard

I’ve laid out the procedure, now it’s time to get to work.

What does the manufacturer say about its product?

We know what to expect here. It’s a company talking about something it’s trying to sell after all. But, as I’ve said, we won’t stop here. We’ll have a validity check for everything we see here.

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Basic air mattress info:

Airtek 2ABF04009 Raised Memory Foam Air Bed with Built-In Pump

  • Queen size memory foam raised air bed. Built-in pump included
  • 0.75” memory foam cover. Comfort controller pump for the manual adjustment of the bed’s firmness
  • Zip off top machine washable, under a minute deflation via patented Giga valve
  • Pump is integrated. Comes with an instruction manual, lightweight duffle storage bag, and one repair kit
  • Made out of 0.44mm PVC, top flock 0.6mm thick. 600lbs supported

That’s what they have in store for us. Or so they say. There’s only one way to find out if this is just too good to be true, or the best air mattress ever. We’ll leave it to our fellow customers to debunk this one.

What owners/users liked about this air mattress

Airtek 2ABF04009 Raised Memory Foam Best Air Bed with Built-In PumpLet’s go over some of the more pleasant experiences users shared with us in their customer reviews of this air mattress:

  • Really good and sturdy air bed. We took it with us when we went camping, and it held 2 people of considerable size without any problems. The memory foam layer makes it extremely comfortable. It inflates super fast and holds air pretty well
  • Very easy to set up, and to deflate and put it away once you don’t have a need for it anymore. And the instructions were quite simple. I’m using it in my guest room, when I have some overnight guests. I’ve received only compliments so far, concerning how comfortable ad soft it is. They all say it feels just like a regular bed
  • It’s a big, spacious and very comfortable bed. I bought it for sleeping at my son’s house, so I could always just stop by and visit my grandkids. The pump that came with it works really fine too. So far it’s all as advertised, we’ll see how it hold up after some longer use
  • The shipping was lightning fast, and the customer service guys were very polite and helpful
  • An amazing bed! The sleeping surface is really flat and uniform, like my old school bed. It’s very well made, feels sturdy and built to last. It’s also very steady and so far no tipping over accidents. The top memory foam layer is so soft, like sleeping on a cloud. It beats my much more expensive regular bed any day of the week
  • It’s very supportive, which is a blessing for my bad back. I can just relax, and feel my spine properly align while I sleep. Since I got this mattress, I never woke up once with a sore neck or shoulders. I really enjoy the height also. It makes it much easier for me to get in or out of the bed
  • My wife and I are truly pleased with this bed. We’ve read every air mattress review under the sun, and decided to bite the bullet, and buy this one. It’s worth every penny! All of the reviews were true, as this is really something else. Easy to set up, very comfortable and soft, durable, and the height is just right

Go to Amazon to read more reviews and user ratings (link below):

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Well, the users seem to confirm the words of the company. But we still have the other side of the medal to look at.

Not so good things users had to say about this mattress

Let’s hear some of the CONs:

  • My only complaint is that it will make some noise while I move around. I’ve solved it by simply putting it on the carpet. No noise whatsoever since I did that
  • It gave off a sharp plastic-y smell when it first arrived. We’ve had to air it our for a couple of days, and the odor was completely gone
  • It’s a bit pricey and was a big hit for our budget. But it’s worth it. The bed is amazing. Still, our budget will have some healing to do

My 2 cents

Menta_rating_Airtek_Raised_Memory_Foam_Air_Mattress  copy

Very solid score for a “newbie” air mattress – 46 / 50.

Although it’s fairly new to the market, it does seem like the real deal. It’s comfortable, with very soft and cozy memory foam layer, durable and sturdy, easy to set up and take down, has enough room for 2 people to sleep comfortably, supportive, with flat and uniform sleeping surface… Nothing much one could ask for, even from the best air mattress out there, right?

Take care, and enjoy your personal memory foam sleeping cloud.

Airtek 2ABF04009 Raised Memory Foam Air Bed with Built-In Pump review

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