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On November 28, 2013
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Just a great air mattress for the outdoors experience. If you are thinking of a great lightweight camping mattress this is the one for you. Not the best choice for home use, you can get a bigger bang for your buck if you'll only be using your inflatable around the house.

Aerobed Air mattress is actually made for the occasional use and making this one great bed for the use in guest room, on the next camping tour, and travel trips, which call for the portable sleeping surface. Besides being very portable, beds are actually made to be very durable, strong and compact. Thus, suppose you are planning to buy the Aero Bed air, read on for the review of the three 3 famous mattress lines.

Original AeroBed

There’re 6 classic design styles and under AeroBed Original banner, however they are all made for the comfortable use. Newest design in Aerobed Original one are Kids’ beds that are well made as well as sized only for kids. Hey are perfect for overnight stays in grandparents’ or extra bed on the trips. Suppose you are considering purchase of the Aero Bed air mattress for the visitors & guests, most famous model is Aerobed Adventure Air Mattress. The legs give this a look of the real bed, whereas company’s best quality standards make this t comfortable for many people.

Active AeroBed

Aerobed Active Line generally covers six different models made for camping, pools and weekend in your backyard. Models included in Active Line follow.

  • Sport Terrain, camping mattress with the hands free pump
  • Aerobed Convertible Sofa bed, couch and convertible Aerobed
  • Adventure Bed, camping model
  • Sport Minute Bed, the affordable mattress
  • Family Quick Pool, the inflatable wading pool made by the Aerobed
  • Sport Overnighter, air mattress with the matching backpack,

Get more info on this air mattress here. – on

Any Aero Bed air mattress is made out for the tough and outdoor use as well as made to withstand the rugged states, harsh weather as well as long term use. It makes this helpful for the expeditions, the long hunting trips, and other extreme wilderness adventures. There’re give product models, which fall in Aero Bed air product line. They comprise of

  • Ultra Light Camp Mat
  • Light Camp Mat
  • Endura Bed
  • Big Man Self Camp Mat
  • Performa Light

Most famous is Big Man Inflating Camp Mat that gives the higher sleeping surface without even sacrificing the packing weight ad a lot of space.

Aerobed Adventure Bed comes with the Flashlight Pump is perfect addition to camping trip and weekend getaway. The new patent pending Flashlight air pump makes this simple to find the way ad setup camp on darkest of nights. Coil construction & flocked surface add the superior comfort & support. Portability & durability of Adventure Aero Bed make his perfect to use for the overnight guests, visiting friends and family, dorm rooms, vacation homes, and anywhere you want the fast & comfortable bed.

AeroBed AdventurePros

  • Heavy duty making with welded seams & plush surface
  • Twin size of inflatable bed for the houseguests and car camping; with the flashlight pump
  • 74by39by8 inches inflated and carrying bag included; size available
  • Dual purpose of flashlight pump and powered by the 8C batteries (and not included)
  • Coil structure gives best support that will conform to your body

Customer Review

 “It does NOT have DC power adapter thus you should have 8C batteries for inflating this product.”


“It is a piece of junk.”


“Stores away very easily.”


Why to go for the discounted aero beds? Top most reason is manufacturer brand known for the topnotch quality & performance. You may find the airbeds in the stores however these are not any match to the reliable product quality and exclusive to manufacturer brand, and not close. There is no wonder if you may have the aero bed out of some dollars, you cannot opt to settle out for anything very less.

Just Find them

Not everybody may afford regular cost offers of the premier manufacturers like aerobed. Nevertheless it should not discourage you from being home the unit of brand.

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