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On March 26, 2014
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A very comfortable air bed featuring a memory foam top adding to the overall sleep quality. It's very fast to inflate and deflate (under 5 minutes). I had this air bed in my guest bedroom and I never had a complaint. It's queen size is ideal and will offer comfort to two regular grownups. I highly recommend it and I'm rating it 5 stars.

Smart air is one of the less known brands in the industry compared to Intex, Coleman and Serta. That is why I found reviewing this bed for you so intriguing.

As always, we first took a look at what the manufacturer is saying about their bed. Then we look at what people that are actually using the bed are saying – first took a look at the pros then the cons. I try to actually find people that I can contact and ask things that I am interested in and are not covered by reviews.

All with the purpose of making your life easier when it comes to the decision on whether this is the right bed for you. Then, I will speak freely here I make my final decision on whether this bed deserves your attention.

Finally, if the “verdict” is that it does, I dig through the corners of the internet to find the best possible offers because over time I can say with confidence where is a cutoff price one can pay for a particular air bed for it to be a good buy and over the years of reviewing airbeds, I have developed a pretty good feel of where this cutoff point is.

Let’s get to it…

What Smart air is saying about their product:

Smart Air Beds BD-9122GTMF

  • They immediately tell you that how this bed behaves in terms of firmness and other important features (such as the need to reinflate) depends on the location and the temperature
  • Measurements of the bed can vary. What this means is that precise measurements will vary on how much the bed is inflated. But it is my experience that the end user is less interested in the exact measurements. You will probably be more interested in the general “feel” of the bed, so I believe customer reviews are more interested in terms of this. So, more on that towards the middle of the review…
  • The surface where you would actually sleep is raised 20 inches from the ground
  • The dimensions of the surface where you would sleep are 75×58″
  • The pump of the bed is internal and the inflation time is less than 3 minutes
  • Smart Air advises for the bed to be inflated and deflated 3 times before any weight is put onto the bed and also advises to double check if all the valves are sealed properly
  • see more pictures and read more about this product here – on

The good reviews of the end users – the PROs (includes what I heard from people I contacted):

Smart Air Beds BD-9122GTMF2

  • We have a race car and we go on overnight and weekend stays. We use this bed for those occasions and all I can say that it is great…simple for handling and very, very comfortable…
  • Time it takes to inflate and deflate is under 5 minutes
  • I am 6’2” and this bed is more than enough for me…it is also very comfortable and light…
  • The memory foam topping gives it that luxurious feeling that I love so much…
  • I bought this bed when I found myself needing an extra bed as a temporary budget solution and this bed is really legit…I found myself sleeping on it for much longer and prolonging the decision on a regular bed. I finally got a regular bed and now I have an air bed that I feel great about when I have guests around…
  • Loving the top foam part of the bed…when I got it I just wanted to lay there for a sec and ended up taking a nap for more than an hour…
  • With my old air bed I always felt bed to put guests and family to sleep on it. I know I would toss around and fumble when I tried to sleep on it. The foam on the top eliminates the need to struggle to find the right position for sleeping. Worth every last dime I paid for it…
  • Great price for the value…
  • My guests are so happy…
  • Great firm bed, no strange noises…it supports two people with ease and comfort…
  • Visit Amazon page to read more on this product

The not so good reviews of the end users – the CONs:

Smart Air Beds BD-9122GTMF 3

  • The one I got doesn’t hold air very well…I am packing it to exchange it since I think I got a flawed one…
  • I think that I can feel that the base is a little uneven…
  • I have an opened seam and it leaks air…have to call them about returning it or exchanging it…

The resume

When I started writing this review, honestly, I did not know what to expect since I have never reviewed this particular brand. That fact made it more challenging. It was harder to find honest reviews, it was harder finding people that have actually used it and contacting the to ask them some questions, but I can say that I am very pleased with the result.

Not to babble on, the gist is this – next time I buy an air bed I will take a much closer look at Smart Air as a brand since I really believe now that they provide excellent value for money.

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