Quick Luxe ® Queen Size Flocked Top Raised Air Bed Mattress Review

Are you already feeling confused with all this search for the right air bed?

If you are among the people that are already tired of it, then you can let out a sigh of relief because you’ve reached a single website that contains every single piece of information you might need.

All systematized and concise.

If, on the other hand, you just started looking – then my friend, you were lucky enough to be spared the hustle and confusion because you are at a single website with all the information on air bed choices you will ever need.

Enough about us – let me tell you how this unbiased review is going to work:

  • First – we take a look at the plain facts – the product features
  • Second – We report on the PROs and CONs as per the actual users, some of the reviews are reported people we contacted, on forums and social media
  • Third – I give my final resume and an Overall Quality Rating

Let us get right to it:

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The facts – the product features:

Quick Luxe Queen Size Flocked Top Raised Air Bed

  • When fully inflated the product measures 78 x 60 x 20 inches
  • The materials are certified to be safe and non-toxic
  • High-power built-in electrical pump
  • Weight limit 500-600 pounds
  • 90 day warranty

The PROs – what end users like about this product:

  • Highly recommend the product – no air leaks and very comfortable
  • Very sturdy built and good quality seams – I only add air every 5 or 6 days of constant use
  • I was amazed that the company contacted me directly after the purchase to thank me for my business and provide a few useful tips on how to get the most out of it…
  • Ideal size and sturdiness, no real difference compared to sleeping on a conventional mattress
  • So easy to set up and store, the pump is fast and quiet…inflates in under 3 minutes
  • I’ve never seen such good customer service, they contacted me to check on the order and to see if everything was OK…you don’t see anything like it these days…
  • I have severe back problems with 3 almost crushed discs in my back after a car accident last year…I get a better sleep on this bed than on my regular orthopedic mattress…
  • Simply the absolute best in inflatable beds…
  • It is incredibly comfortable…
  • With my previous bed, I found that noise and comfort were the main issues…no such problems with this one…I think I found my long lasting solution…even it starts to leak or whatever in some time, I will surely be ordering a new one…
  • Our guests could not stop talking about it the next morning…we gave it to them as a gift when they were leaving, and we are ordering a new one…
  • I haven’t had a single problem with this bed after several months of use….I bought it when moving and haven’t bought a real mattress yet, I am even thinking about sticking with this one…
  • It has the look and feel of a real bed, well constructed and sturdy…I’ve been sleeping like a baby on this one…
  • Amazon.com offer here.

Quick Luxe Queen Size Flocked Top Raised Air Bed

The Cons – the not so good things customers had to say about this bed:

  • I wish the memory foam was thicker
  • It has plastic smell that fades in a few days, but it can be a real inconvenience if you are in a rush and have guests arriving the day after the bed arrived, like we did
  • An extra layer under the sheets might be a good idea during the winter, because at times you can feel the rushed of cold air as it circulates inside…

My resume:

This bed got an overall quality rating of 49 out of 50, and this puts it in the top few % of best air bed on the market( especially having in mind the price, which is a steal).


Every time I am reviewing something from this company I like to mention how much I like to support small businesses, and that’s what Comfort Boulevard is.

But I have to maintain my objectiveness and take a step back and look at how good this product actually is.

When I try to put together my overall quality rating I always first take a look at the CONs. This is one of those times when it seems like there are no real CONs. Most of what I read is based on personal preference.

There is always a chance that the product will not match your taste, and with the 5 star customer service the company has, this is a mute point, because returning it or replacing it is a breeze.

I honestly have nothing but praise for this bed.

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