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On June 27, 2014
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In terms of quality, this air bed can easily rival some of the models that cost twice as much . Solid 47 out of 50 in the Overall Quality Rating, place it in top 8% of best air beds. Innovative chamber design makes for a 5 star comfort. Minimized air leaks. Might spread a faint plastic odor for a few days out of the box.

I know that choosing an inflatable bed can be confusing.

One item on your shopping list, lot’s of questions and little or no answers.

I know the feeling, I remember having to search a bunch of websites, visit countless stores and just ending up with all these information that would leave me even more baffled.

That’s when the idea for this website was born.

If you are a cautious buyer like me, you want the full story, not just some usual praise I’ve myself encountered few times too many.

So here, you’ll hear the PROs, but also the known CONs – some based on my peers in the industry and my experience and most from people actually owning and using this product.

Time to put my money where my mouth is. So let’s answer some burning questions.

First, let’s see what the company says about this inflatable bed, so we can dissect it later and see if users agree.

Specifications of the bed:

Quick Luxe Full Size Raised Air Bed Mattress review

  • Made of vinyl material with certificate for low toxicity
  • Comes with built in electric air pump
  • 500-600 lb supported weight (2 people)
  • 90 days warranty for any possible product defects

See more pictures and customer reviews on Amazon >>

Pretty straight forward, just the basics, which is really refreshing in this marketing frenzy era.

It leaves us with some usual questions though, fortunately easily answerable by other owners of the bed. One look at online reviews and you can see that it’s one of the best rated inflatables, so let’s see why.

PROs of this inflatable (directly from the users):

  • Excellent bed! My guests arrived 5 days ago, both are sleeping on it every night and the bed is still firm with no need for refilling the air, I’m impressed!
  • The set up and take down is super easy, even my 8 year old could do it…
  • Pretty boy this one, eye candy…
  • Built in electric pump fills the bed super fast and most importantly, no loud noise when doing it…
  • My 2 previous air mattresses had this annoying plastic sound when I moved. I expected the same old familiar squeak noise with this one and was pleasantly surprised when there was none. It’s a blessing…
  • No bowing of the sides. So I can sit on the side comfortably when I’m getting in or out of the bed…
  • Super comfortable and with adjustable firmness of air in case you want it firmer/softer…
  • Feels like a real mattress, very supportive and firm, just what the doctor ordered for my back pain…
  • Regular sheets fit perfectly on this bed and the plush surface keeps them nicely in place…
  • Just a perfect full size air bed for the occasional back office relaxation during those long hours in our shop…
  • I bought this bed not expecting much for that kind of money. Didn’t need it for much though, just a temporary sleeping solution. That was 3 months ago, and I still haven’t bought another bed. Great value for money spent…
  • Delivery was fast, just like it was said when ordering; it came nicely packed with its own repair kit…
  • It fits in our camping tent with some room to spare…
  • A perfect bed for a college student, comfortable, easy to set up and most importantly, within my budget…
  • Awesome bed, outstanding customer service!

Visit it’s Amazon page for pricing and user ratings (below):

Visit the page>>

Quick Luxe Full Size Raised Air Bed Mattress

OK, but what about the CONs?

As promised, let’s see the negative reviews of this inflatable:

  • As I unpacked this bed I smelled a distinct plasticky odor, couldn’t use it for a couple of days waiting for it to air out. It’s fine now though, the scent is fading…
  • I got this bed as a present from my mom, and although it’s pretty comfy the size just doesn’t work for me so mom got herself a new bed…
  • If I don’t put an extra blanket under me I feel the rushes of cold air at night, especially when my bedroom is a little cooler…
  • When I got this bed and started the pump I noticed immediately that it wasn’t centered right and leaked some air. I contacted COMFORT BOULEVARD at got a replacement sent to me. The other bed was fine and no leaks so far, so I guess it ended well…

So there we have it, it’s time for a final “verdict” of this air bed.

My reviews resume on this inflatable:

Great budget choice, that’s my first thought on this one.

See the price and more user reviews on Amazon.com >>



Comfortable, adjustable firmness, easy to use, set up and store, no loud air pumps or squeaky sounds, 5 min to fill it with air, excellent customer support, I could go on and on but I’ll finish on the high note with: NO AIR LEAKING! It goes days without a refill. That’s huge.

We need to put some things into perspective; this is indeed an AIR BED and as such suffers from some common problems the much more expensive versions suffer from too.

Yes, you will feel some cold air on occasion since the air inside the bed is dependent of the room temperature. Nothing an extra blanket or a 20 bucks topper can’t solve.

It might have a distinct odor out of the box, and that can’t be helped.

Again, nothing a couple of days won’t solve. If you know what you’re talking about when it comes to air beds as I do after years of research and doing these reviews, you don’t really consider these matters as deal-breakers since they are common for all air beds, from cheapest to absurdly expensive.

So all I have to say is that this bed is passing my scrutiny with flying colors.

It’s a great dash for you cash and it’s rivaling the much more expensive air beds out there both in quality and comfort.

If you think my review was helpful, please leave a comment so others can use your feedback, just shoot me an email or connect using the social buttons.

Take care

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