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On June 27, 2014
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100% leak proof - now that's a claim not to be take lightly. I took an in-depth look at that and this Aerobed really comes close. Of course, there's no 100% leak proof airbed, otherwise you'd inflate it once and forget about it. But this model is as close as you can get to the elusive 100% . Sturdy and durable, it scored a great 48 out of 50 the Overall Quality Rating, which places it in top 7% of best air beds.

If you are here, you are probably looking for an inflatable bed.

Without any intention of scaring you away, I have to tell you that choosing value in air beds is more difficult today than it ever was.


Because of outsourcing.To be fair and more precise – bad practices used by some companies when outsourcing.

But, that’s why I am doing my best to keep track of everything that’s been going on in the industry and only review quality beds. Anyway, let’s get right into reviewing this looker…and it really is an eye candy, you’ll agree..

First of all, let’s see what Aerobed is saying about this inflatable.

The Original Aerobed Headboard Comfort with Enhanced Durability

  • Powerful pump fills the bed in under 2 minutes
  • The headboard and the height make this bed as close to a regular bed as an air bed can get
  • New manufacturing improvements guarantee material durability
  • Size fits standard Queen size sheets 78 x 60 x 18 inches
  • Leak-proof (100%)

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Now it’s a time to dig deeper and see what the users are saying:


The PROs of this Aerobed as per it’s owners:

  • Great design. The pillow headboard is plain smart. Keeps pillows where you want them….
  • Place a memory foam on top and you won’t know the difference between this and a regular mattress…
  • Inflates in a matter of minutes…
  • Pleasantly surprised by how well it holds air…
  • You can see how well this bed is made out of the box…let’s see if it passes the test of time and my hyperactive kids…
  • I add air to this bed only once every few weeks for maybe a minute…
  • I bought this bed as a temporary solution for moving, and I find myself sleeping on it for 3 weeks now, postponing the purchase of a conventional bed, I think that says it all…
  • This is my 3rd air bed and by far the best, and one of the old ones was twice as expensive…
  • Our guests couldn’t stop talking about it…
  • We’ve found that even with a mattress pad, the bed can feel chilly. We use a thin cotton quilt under the mattress pad and we are totally comfortable.
  • Comfortable and pretty cheap for the quality I am seeing after 3 months of every day use…
  • This was my sister’s recommendation who has one and all I can say is: “So far so good”…
  • Both my wife and I are pretty big and this baby sleeps us comfortably without sinking…I add air only once or twice a week…
  • This bed continues to surprise me, it’s as good and as sturdy as the first day…and we got it almost a year ago…
  • Pretty heavy and really does feel like a conventional mattress…
  • I’ve used this bed on my camping trips for years, and it hasn’t failed me once…
  • It’s a bit more pricey than my old bed, but it’s so much better…looks better, feels better, holds air better…
  • I did a lot of research before getting this bed, and a year in, really no regrets…

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Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

Let’s spoil that a little and see the negative things the users have to say about this bed:

  • I don’t like the strong smell of this bed that still lingers after 3 weeks…
  • So I bought this to use as a temp bed, however after one night it was half deflated … and I couldn’t get out! I really needed this to work! … Returned the bed …
  • I’m not sure whether excess air beyond a certain limit causes it to leak, but it does when I fully inflate it…I add air every night…
  • Choice of colors would be a nice plus…

My final resume and Overall rating:

Great value for money – that’s my first thought after researching this bed thoroughly.

It scored 48 out of 50 in the Overall Quality Rating, which places it in top 10% of best rated inflatable beds.

Read more details and customer reviews on Amazon >>


You can clearly see the intention of Aerobed with this model, to get as close as possible to the comfort of a regular mattress, hence the headboard, hence the extra firmness and hence and the measures taken to ensure minimal air leaks.

And I must say, they kind of did it.

Great valve almost eliminates leaks – so they say.

Now this is a statement not to be taken lightly, so I always put any bed I review under strict scrutiny when it comes to this – it’s ability to hold air.


Because this is what defines an air bed and this is where most people get confused. First, you take a look at a user’s review saying that the bed is amazing at holding air and that they add air only once a month.

Then, you see somebody saying completely the opposite.

Which review do you trust?


Over time, I developed a system to judge this feature. It’s based on the ratio between the number of reviews saying that’s it’s good and those saying otherwise.

And it works. Whenever I use this system and then follow a product to see if it passes the test of time, this system shows only marginal errors.

Anyway, this bed is well within “the green zone” of my approval based on the criteria. This means that the cases of people talking about air leaks can be assigned to simply getting a flawed piece or the bed getting damaged in the mail.

That’s all there is to it. Statistics.

Sounds complicated but it’s just basic math, taking the time to count the reviews and having the experience to know what the numbers mean.

And you, you don’t have to worry about any of that, this is why I started this website in the first place – I am doing the research so that you don’t have to.

Take care and make smart choices.

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