Intex Ultra Plush Twin Airbed Kit Review

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On February 1, 2014
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I was nicely surprised by the materials used in this air bed. It is one of it's main strong sides. The bed is high enough to keep you warm throughout the night. Overall, good purchase at this price point.

Intex – The Brand of Inflatable stuff

Though Intex family has variety of businesses but I am specifically talking about their inflatable stuff. Intex produces great quality products such as inflatable toys, swimming pools, airbeds and much more.

Intex is known for its high quality products. They respond to their customers’ queries very quickly, hence you may say that they have very efficient customer services department. Their products are being sold to markets across the globe and that is an indication for their outstanding quality stuff.

Intex Twin Airbed – Lets have a look into it

Intex Ultra Plush Twin Airbed KitLet me be specific about Intex Twin Airbed. This is one of the comfiest beds, Intex has made yet. I don’t say this; normally people are saying all this about the twin airbed of Intex.

This is an 80 inches long, and the width is 40 inches. Height of the airbed from floor is 18 inches when inflated. Measurement of the bed always may vary and it depends that how much it is inflated. It has been supplied with a high power pump (Voltage from 110 to 120) that works very quickly to inflate the bed. A hand carry bag has been provided to carry it along while it is deflated.

Base of the airbed which touches the ground has been made curved to enhance the gripping effect of the bed. It is also the source of stability for this Intex airbed.

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Why it is important for me to describe all this

I have been proved a helping person to my friends. I could make it happen just by sharing my opinions, experiences, views as well as reviews regarding different products.

I got this twin Intex airbed for the guest room as an extra bed there. Normally I keep it deflated because there is already a permanent bed for the guests. So I just inflate it whenever it is required. I used it myself to just make sure that I got the right one.

Should you buy this one or not, it is all your decision but surely if you intend to buy any of the airbed then this review must be a help for you. I am going to start the specific part of this review which will be most helpful for you to reach your decision. Here you go:

Some of the positive things I have experienced with this Twin Intex Airbed

  • Quality of the material of this airbed is something for which it must be praised. You may say that it is the  best air mattress
  • It is not a pricey thing so I must say that it is really affordable thing
  • When you are on it, you feel yourself high enough from the ground.
  • It makes you feel comfy because when you are on it, it will stay warm
  • Also you may place the heated mattress-pad on it that will help it to maintain the warmth
  • In case you are having some issues with your airbed, you can make the use of repair kit to get it fixed. You may find and fix the leaks as well
  • It is convenient to carry along if you are travelling to see your loved ones.

Some of the negative things that I want you to be aware of

  • It got leaked and consumer had to go for an exchange or return. Leakage is something that has been complained by more than couple of users
  • Many people have been complaining that it is not long lasting.

The air-mattresses are the need of those who don’t have enough space at their home place but they are visited often by their friends and family members. On the other hand, these airbeds are really good for the travelers as well.


Truly speaking I have this beautiful twin Intex mattress for not more than a month and I feel that it has been proved very comfy to me. I really don’t have any issue with it yet but I don’t know if I may recommend it to others or not.

You may say that I am in a fix and I might get out of this after few months of using this mattress.

Actually as I have read several users saying that it gets leakage after a month or two that’s why I am a bit hesitant to recommend this one.

However I may say that I really like this one yet and I don’t have any kind of issue with this mattress. I have good hopes that it will be proved the right choice of mine.

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