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On March 13, 2014
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Overall a great airbed, people using this inflatable only complain about the rubbery smell, but this is a deluxe product and putting up with a few days of odor is a small price to pay for the comfort it offers. Very durable and versatile. I normally recommend it for the guest bedroom or for a minivan camping trip.

Similar to other products we look at and tested in our reviews, allow us to help you decide if this is the air mattress for you. Should you decide that it is, it can be in your home as soon as tomorrow since we will provide you with the links to the best deals we found on this product.

Let us get straight to the point and look at what the company is saying about it’s own product:

  • Intex says honestly that the firmness of the bed will be affected by the humidity, temperature and location of the bed and that it will need to be re-inflated occasionally to ensure that it has the firmness you as the owner want. The bed is made out of vinyl and the material tends to relax over time. For you this means that the frequency of the re-pumping the bed will depend on whether you use it only when you have guests around or you use it every day as a house bed.
  • The exact dimensions of the bed will depend on how firm you pump it. The measurements listed on the box are the measurements from the bulge to bulge on the side and from the floor to the tallest point of the bed. Have this in mind when deciding if this is the best air mattress for your needs.
  • The lower chamber of the bed has the function of the springs in the regular bed and it provides the firmness.
  • The bed is easy and fast to inflate and deflate using a high powered built in electric pump.
  • It has a dual chamber construction which is what you really want in your air bed since it provides the best support.
  • Intex Raised Downy Air MattressThe top is flocked and waterproof.
  • How far the vinyl stretches and how firm you want to pump your bed will depend on the number of the people using the bed.
  • Frequent temperature fluctuations will significantly increase how much the material stretches and also the duration of use before adding air.
  • If it appears that the bed is stretched, Intex stresses that this is not a defect and that this is a normal behavior for the bed when used for a period of several days or longer.
  • The material is not resistant to sharp object so if used outside make sure that the ground is free of sharp objects.
  • When used inside, Intex recommends that the bed is placed as far away as possible from heaters and fireplaces to minimize the stretching and deflation and thus minimize the need for re-inflation .
  • Now let us take moment and look at what the end uses are saying:
  • see more pictures and customer reviews on

The good user reviews of this product:

Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress

  • This is a deluxe product, it is very durable and versatile…as a rental home owner a leaky airbed would be a nightmare for me, this is not one of them…
  • I bought this bed and thought that it would be a ‘quick fix’ until I get a real bed…I was so impressed that I have been delaying buying a real bed ever since…
  • This airbed is so good that my review must say that I am using it over my regular bed…the air leakage is so gradual that when used every day it might need a re-pump every four or five days…great bed overall
  • I got this bed as a solution for a temporary move, and at first I had my doubts as to how comfortable can this bed be. The only word I can use is amazing. It is extremely comfortable and spacious. I also have a back problem that was not at all be affected by this bed…
  • Great value for the price. Sets up very easy. Finally, my mind is at ease when I have guests over.
  • The other air beds I have used are just air beds but the soft top on this bed makes a real difference, nothing like the air beds that I have used before…
  • Well worth of all the research I have been doing before making my decision. If I had to stress one thing in my review it would be the elevation, it is 22 inches from the ground, just perfect for comfort and still easy enough to gen on to…
  • I have a serious back problem. The back pain that I have experienced when using this bed is something like 10% of the pain I had when using my old airbed…
  • I’ve been using it for a week now and I only re-pumped once for about 15-20 seconds…
  • Slept like a dream on this air bed…
  • I would rate this as a 9+ out of 10…
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The not so good user reviews of the product:

Intex Raised Downy Air Mattress

  • The seems popped on mine after a few months…
  • I thought this would be more comfortable, but I might be a bit spoilt with my high end regular mattress…
  • It has a kind of rubbery smell to it for a few days…

Final Comments

I am a proud owner of a few air beds since I travel and camp a lot. After all the research and digging trying to find every bit of useful information I could find, both positive and negative reviews of this product, it seems to me that most of the negative things that I have read are either of statistical or just of temporary nature (like the rubbery smell).

When I say statistical I mean that no matter how much research you do, you can still simply get a flawed product. Having in mind the flexible return policies Intex has and their timely replies I have personally experienced, this would not be a real issue for me.

If I was looking for an air bed right now, this one would be very high on my list, among the top few.

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