Intex Cozy Kidz Airbed Review

Why Intex is the choice of many?

Products of Intex are famous among the users because of two reasons. First of all their products are very safe to be utilized even for kids or elders. Secondly their products are very affordable as you will find that they offer the quality products relatively at lower prices.

If we talk about the business of Intex, they deal in various kinds of stuff but here I must focus on inflated products specifically. You can find a wide variety of inflatable products made by Intex such as inflatable toys, swimming pools, air mattresses and much more.

Lets dig into find specific details of Intex Airbed for Kids

Intex Cozy Kidz AirbedI must say that the Intex has introduced such a nice and the coziest airbed for the kids. This is true that it is one of the best air mattresses for the kids.

Dimension of the bed is simply made for the kids. It is 62 inches long and width is 34 and half inches. It is almost 7 inches high from the floor. It is ultra soft for the kids and it comes with three pillows (inflatable). It is very easy to carry along if you have some plans to travel so you don’t have to scarify the comfort of your kid.

Be with me to explore the reality

Don’t go away; I still have to mention few important things about this airbed for the kids. My friend asked me to recommend obtaining some comfy bed for her daughter so I just told her to buy any kids bed from Intex. Actually she wanted to get some bed so that her daughter should be able to lounge while watching her favorite cartoons. I didn’t really recommend her buying this one. However she seems quite satisfied with this thing.

She shared her views and feelings about this mattress. No worries, I am going to describe all those over here. Also I will add some information that I have extracted from air mattress reviews of other consumers. Actually when she told much about the kid’s air mattress, I became curious and I thought I must read online reviews as well.

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Positive aspects that you should know about

  • This is a perfect airbed for the kids
  • Flocking on the top of the airbed works well that does not let the bed sheet or blanket slide down from the bed. It helps preventing the top of the bed from getting sticky or cold
  • Comfort level for the kids can be easily changed by increasing or decreasing the air in the bed
  • It comes in perfect size for the kids and does not take much space on the floor
  • The material which has been used for the bed gives a softer touch and pillow of the bed is a great source of comfort
  • Some consumers have used it for the elders as well and it worked well, however it is not recommended by the manufacture.
  • No noise at all, neither from the airbed, nor from the pump.
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These are all positive aspects of this airbed what people have enjoyed while using this airbed. However you might expect some flaws as well when you have it. Here we go with some of the bad parts that people have been complaining for.

Negative parts of this kids airbed of Intex

  • Some of the consumers had to experience issues while inflating or deflating the bed. In other words they had trouble while using the air pump.
  • Severe kind of leakage was experienced by a consumer. Even the air went off right away.
  • It would be better if consumer could choose the color of the bed as well

Bottom Line

Whenever you buy anything you always need to make sure that it must be perfect for you and should work for what you have purchased it. But somehow there may be few flaws that you might experience with your purchased product. It might happen just because of some mistake of manufacturer, dealer or reseller.

To avoid all such kind of hassle, you should go through a thorough research before you buy anything. Go online, check the specifications of the product and read what people are saying about that particular thing. Consider all the positive and negative reviews of the existing consumers. Contacting the manufacturer should not be a bad idea if you have any query or have some doubts.

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