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On November 19, 2013
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The Intex Camp Air Bed with Pump is great. I recommend this mattress if you are on the lookout for a budget solution. There are definitely better air beds out there though but the main strong point of this inflatable is the price.

Product Description

Have total sleep comfort, when traveling with Intex Camp Airbed! The fast battery powered pump & quality construction mean that the Air Beds from Intex, your selection of size, are ticket to have complete night bliss!

For “extra accommodations” in home or camping, you cannot beat the deal.

It is dreamy: High flow pump with battery (uses 4D batteries and not included) inflates effortlessly with 8 3/4″ in two minutes. Has got adapters to function with Bed as well as other inflatables with the product; Wave beam construction also gives it best supportive comfort.

The soft flocked sleeping area is simple to clean as well as helps to minimize the “sleeping bag slippage.” The Air Bed is sturdy and waterproof vinyl and deflates quick and simple. This is one of the best air bed with great prices, so what you are waiting for order now!


Intex Camp Air Bed with PumpPros:

  • Wave beam construction offers terrific supportive comfort
  • High flow of battery pump (uses 6C batteries and not included) inflates effortlessly and 8 ¾ inch in 2 minutes. It has adapters with Bed & other inflatables
  • Deflates easy and fast
  • The soft flocked surface is simple to clean as well as helps to minimize the “sleeping bag slippage.” The Air Bed is waterproof vinyl

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Whenever you want the extra bed quickly, then Intex Camp Air Bed with Pump instantly gives the comfortable sleeping room on any type of surface.

Ideal for anywhere right from the camping trips to the dorm rooms, airbed, queen makes an ideal sleeping selection when you’ve got the limited space. It is made with the built in 120 V electric pump, the airbed is ideal for any room.

Plus, Intex Raised Air Bed is totally waterproof, thus you may take this with you on the camping trips as well.

Also, flocked top gives the luxurious sleeping area as well as keeps sheets in right place —now no more painful sheet adjusting in a middle of a night. Since Intex Airbed with the Pump is raised 13” from floor and it feels as if you are sleeping on the real bed.

Twin Approximate 75x39x8 3/4″ h

  • Weighs 7lbs and 9 ozs

Queen Approx. 80x60x8 3/4″ h

  • Weighs 10lbs and 10ozs

Intex Airbed with Pump, Queen:

  • Built in 120 V electric pump
  • Ideal for home, dorm room as well as camping
  • Raised 13 inch from floor for total convenience
  • Flocked top keeps these sheets in right place
  • Waterproof and flocked top
  • Measurements can differ based on the customer’s inflation. The best air mattress is measured from a widest point that includes the beams (or bulges) on side as well as off tallest point from floor that includes the built in pillows when applicable.
  • Location, humidity and temperature can affect your airbed’s firmness. The airbeds will have to be re inflated (or topped off) in order to maintain the desired firmness while used for some days or more as vinyl generally tends to relax with time.

The airbed has the flocked top that will give the luxurious sleeping room.

The unique wave beam eliminates the uncomfortable surface bumps as well as gives the flat and uniform sleeping surface.  It can get inflated with built in manual pump or regular air pump.

Amazing Features To Look At:

  • Best built in bellows pump
  • Quality tested with 20.8 water proof flocked top and with 14gauge vinyl beams & 15gauge bottom
  • 22 cm air mattress thickness for the extra soft comfort
  • Conventional air mattress sizes for sleeping area and better fit for the sheets
  • Folds compactly for the storage and travel
  • Weight Queen: over 270kg
  • Dimensions: 152cmx203cmx22cm

Customer Reviews

“They are simple to inflate, simple to deflate, and extremely comfortable!  ”


“I bought some air mattresses & by far this is the best one as well as fair priced.  ”


“First night I slept on this totally deflated within one hour.  ”


The Intex air bed has the flocked top, which gives the comfortable and best sleeping surface.

The unique wave beam making eliminates the uncomfortable surface bumps & provides the flat and uniform sleeping area. The air bed will get inflated with the built-in foot pump or regular pump.

The Built-In Pump: With unique built-in foot pump for the convenience and no separate pump required.

Step down and inflate and pump springs up automatically for next cycle.

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4 thoughts on “Intex Camp Air Bed with Pump review – Best For Camping And Home

  1. Reply Reinhard Hettasch Sep 29,2014 1:46 pm

    We have been using Intex air matrasses for a few years without any problems, however, over the past weekend our queen size matrass which we bought two years ago kept on loosing pressure to the extent that we put it away. I tested it for leak(s) with water, also the valve, but could not find anything. This is quite frustrating and I would like to take it to someone at Intex/supplier to check it. Where do I find the details of where I can take it to?

  2. Reply Terry Jun 18,2014 10:24 pm

    Don’t know which bed you bought but this will be by last index air mattress. First one leaked after sleeping on it two times tool it back for a second one. Same thing took that one back. Bought a better one. Have slept in this one twice. Again with the leaking. Spent more time returning it than sleeping on it. These were the queen supreme mattress paid $130.00 for them

    • Reply James Menta Jun 20,2014 1:05 pm

      Hey Terry,

      I understand where you’re coming from. On my end it gets complicated, too. Running this website I mean, with all the outsourcing and other stuff that can result in quality slippage.

      Don’t get me wrong, outsourcing per se is not a bad thing, but there’s the kind where the product is every bit as good as made in the USA and there’s outsourcing that results in just a crappy product. And it’s complicated because these days even one company can outsource to different locations, so I do my best to keep track of all of that through some people I know in the industry. By this time, I know what outsourcing locations will affect the quality and which won’t.

      So, these days I stay away from products that I know are outsourced to a poorly chosen location, and if I learn that some of the products reviewed here (and maybe even praised) are also a “victim” of this, I just remove them from my website. One more thing, return the junk every time, it’s your money.

      If you can tell me me which specific products you got, I can dig a little deeper and see what’s going on.

      Anyway, maybe take a look at this baby Sound Asleep Series .If there is one product on the market today that I would be willing to vouch, it’s this.

      Hope I helped a bit


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