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Probably the best inflatable in it's price range. As high as a regular mattress. Soft plush finish and innovative Comfort Coil design for better distribution of weight. Double lock valve designed to minimize air leaks. Wrap 'N' Roll storage system makes it a great carry on.

Getting a bed that is flexible and provides that ease of use is usually a great advantage to the consumer. But also you would need a mattress that would suit your needs. Most mattresses might be soft, comfortable and strong but do not provide you with the flexibility that an air mattress would. The Coleman Double-High Quickbed is a perfect pick for most people who need that extra comfort and luxury.

The size of this mattress is not only mind blowing but also the right size to ensure you get the maximum out of a mattress. It is a double high queen sized airbed that would really fit you, especially if you’re a person that really likes to change their sleeping venue or resting venue.  Coleman has designed this bed specifically to suit your needs, this is a perfect solution for people who love to camp, go on trips or just need an easy portable mattress.

Being among the best air mattress, the Coleman Double-High Quickbed is a high quality bed that is uniquely designed with the latest technology to satisfy the customer. This inflatable bed gives you that comfortable resting area that allows you to set it up any time and put it away once you are done using it. The height that the mattress is built to ensure that you do not require anything else to put under the bed.

The sturdiness of the mattress is also incredible; it is strong and gives you the comfort that you would need. The great thing about this wonderful high quality raised air mattress is that you can deflate it once done and then fold it and put it away till the next time that you would need it. This really gives you that ease of portability and storage capabilities that some air mattresses do not provide.

Coleman Double-High Quickbed review


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If you need a convenient mattress, then this would be the best air mattress choice for you. It is built with a heavy duty PVC architecture that is puncture resistance thus increasing the durability and the strength of the air bed. Thus you can use it anywhere and you will not have to worry about the damages that will occur to it. The mattress is also fitted with a built in electric pump so you just connect it and you are ready to go.

Also you do not need to worry about leakage of the air; Coleman has used a sophisticated airtight system that will guarantee you a leak- free air mattress. With the simplicity of this wonderful mattress, you cannot ask for anything better than this.

It would be a great accessory to have in the house especially if you are a person who tends to have guests over frequently. The mattress will become very useful on such occasion, you just inflate it and that is it, you get the extra sleeping place that you need. The size of the bed provides enough space for two or even three people.

You can also use ordinary bed sheets on the bed so you do not need to worry about purchasing new sheets and bed cover. Due to the coziness and amenity that the bed provides you would be asleep within a second or two. Once purchased, you also get storage or a zipper bag that you would use for storing the inflatable mattress when you do not need it.sleep

The other great thing about purchasing the Coleman Double-High Quickbed is that you get a warranty for your mattress. If you get any complication after purchase, the moment you report it to Coleman, you would get immediate feedback and response. So you are assured and the money spent on it would be worth it. If you need a new replacement, Coleman would ship a new mattress to you within the shortest time possible so that you may continue enjoying their services and products.

If you would want to get this bed, make sure to go to the nearest market outlets and ask for Coleman Double-High Quickbed or you can get on Amazon and browse for this bed. It is affordable and worth it. There are other several air mattresses that you can choose but this one is the best, a mattress that will suit all your needs and wants.

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  1. Reply Dwight May 31,2015 11:54 pm

    What it’s the max weight for this bed and can it be used nightly.

    • Reply James Menta Jun 22,2015 12:24 pm

      Hey Dwight,

      I haven’t seen Coleman specify this anywhere but it is a heavy duty air mattress since I’ve seen people talk about using it as a regular bed (every night) with up to 350-400 lbs on it.

      I hope this helps

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