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This air bed will surprise you with the comfort it offers at this price point. That's my first thought. The top side of it has soft plush finish and the inflatable bed features an automated pump with dual function of inflation and deflation. I actually used this bed once when I was sleeping over at some friend's home. It was a good restful night. I'll rate this mattress a full 5 stars.

Who’s Coleman?

Coleman believes in producing genuine products for their valuable customers.

They are leading manufacturer of sleeping bags, air mattresses, tents, stoves, lanterns, electric lights, and much more that can be the part of your camping gear.

Their products are not only available within the country but also they are famous in numerous countries of the world.

If you are fond of camping, hunting and going for picnic then Coleman can be the best partner for you to serve all your needs what you should have to enjoy the leisure.

Digging into further details of Quick-Bed of Coleman

Coleman Double-High Quickbed with Pump Combo reviewWhen we talk specifically about this Quick airbed, no one can raise the question over its quality. This is all because it has been manufactured by Coleman. Hence giving it a name as the best air mattress would not be wrong at all.

Its height is almost same as of the regular mattress. It comes with an automated pump
(120 volts) with dual function of inflation and deflation. It is very quick to inflate and deflate the bed.

The top of the airbed has been featured with soft plush that offers you the extreme kind of comfort. To keep your air mattress inflated, it has been provided with double lock valve. To offer you the extra level of comfort it has been provided with a coil system.

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Something that you must know

Most probably you are looking for some great mattress that you like to buy for yourself or for some of your beloved one. Of course that must be the reason that you are reading this review.

If it is in your practice that you always go for digging down to get to the product that you want to purchase then you must be a good buyer. This is certainly a nice way that can be help to find the right thing.

However if you are doing it for first time then you need to know that what is the most critical part to know. You should know that what would be the good or bad parts that you will have to face after buying something.

So I am leading you to know some of the great parts and some bad ones regarding the double high airbed of Coleman. Here you will find what most people say about this high quick bed of Coleman.

Great aspects that people like about High Quick Bed of Coleman

  • You will never regret  buying this Coleman airbed
  • When you buy an air mattress, keep in mind that the most important factor for you to consider should be the durability. So you should know that this airbed is the most durable one.
  • Use the double high mattress for years and even then you will feel that it works just like a new one
  • It works really well to fit into a tent for three persons. So you may enjoy company of your loved ones
  • If you find anything wrong with your air mattress, just call the customer care and they will be ready to help you fix all this
  • Visit Amazon for more reviews : here

Bad aspects that you may have to experience

There are consumers who have not been really happy with this double high bed. Lets see what kind of trouble they have to go through

  • A customer got a new bed and it could produce holes on the top of the bed. He could never repair it. Very annoying
  • One of the customers got a trouble with air pump

Leakage can happen to any airbed.

This is one of the common issues that most of the consumers have to experience. So if you are going to buy an air mattress of low quality then you have to get ready to have this headache.

However it would be wise decision to check the mattress properly for any possible leakage.

Another very important thing is that you should use the mattress according to the given instructions of the manufacturer.

Read the user-guide and stick with the mentioned instructions for the usage of your mattress.

If you have any kind of issue, don’t be annoyed and before you go to write a bad review for the manufacturer, try contacting the customer care and let them know about the issue.

Most probably you will be helped out.

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  1. Reply Sudarto Feb 18,2014 3:50 am

    I agree with you. Many problems arise with airbed because consumers do not understand how to use it well. They do not learn the usage instructions correctly.
    For example, an air mattress is used constantly every day as a regular mattress. This is incorrect usage. Mattresses should only be used for a certain time such as camping, to the guests, picnics, etc. In this way, the damage can be avoided.

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