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On March 11, 2017
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This raised Bestway air mattress comes with a built-in pillow. Inflating and deflation time is under 3 minutes. It didn't test so great in our air-retention tests, especially compared to the top rated bed (see the comparison below).

You can see it in Amazon by clicking the red button below that says "More Details".

We first tested and reviewed this Bestway airbed back in 2013. Since then it has seen around 30 ratings updates, but has never approached the TOP 10 best air mattresses, let alone higher.

This Bestway airbed is currently rated at 79/100.

To put that into perspective – the currently top rated model – SoundAsleep Dream Series is rated at 97/100.

In fact, we’re going to kick the review off by doing just that – comparing this Bestway air mattress to the TOP CHOICE overall.




Currently best airbed vs. Bestway Raised


Dream Series


Specs & main ratings
Available sizes
Twin / Queen
Twin / Queen
19 inches
15 inches
Weight capacity 
600 lbs
not listed
by the company
Inflation / deflation
under 4
under 4
Badges awarded
Value for money
Overall rating
97 / 100
79 / 100
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Bestway Raised
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There’s no shame for Bestway in “loosing” to the SoundAsleep Dream Series

The currently top rated model, Dream Series by SoundAsleep, revolutionized the industry and the way airbeds are built.

These are some of the advantages the SoundAsleep has over this Best Way:


What’s better about the SoundAsleep

1. 40 air coils
Probably the most important innovation the industry has seen in the last two decades.
It's these coils that allow the bed to distribute weight better, eliminate sinking to the middle (which is not uncommon with lower quality beds and increase its durability and longevity by putting less stress on the chamber seams.
2. Minimized air leaks
This bed has by far the lowest % of reported air leaks and punctures out of over 150 airbeds we tested, reviewed and still keep tabs on.
3. Better materials
The PVC used to makes it not your standard vinyl, it's made of multiple layers of 15 gauge PVC, which minimizes the chances of potential punctures and air leaks as well as sagging over time.
4. Thicker, water-resistant flocked top
Most airbeds do include a flocking at the top, but here it's thicker and water-resistant. The thickness of the flocked top eliminates a common issue we've seen with other airbeds and that's the cold rushes of air waking you up.
5. Patented Sure-grip bottom
Another common issue with most airbeds is sliding (movement of the bed) and noises as you move and turn. Not with the Sound Asleep.
The material used for the bottom provides what they call "suction-grip" so that the bed firmly stays in place.
We're not sure what "suction grip" means, but what we do know is that it works...this feature, combined with the extra thick flocking eliminates the crackling noises which are a commonplace for a majority of airbeds.
6. Better pump
You would think that "pump is a pump" if it inflates the bed in the same time. Not really...
Most air mattresses include a pump that's assembled from plastic parts.
If you are a smart buyer, you'll want a one-piece pump like the one in the SoundAsleep. For two reasons:
(1) - by far the lowest % of air leaks developing around the pump area
(2) - it's 20% quieter than pumps in other airbeds
7. Full 1-Year Warranty on all defects
No matter how well built or thick, any air mattress is still prone to punctures and air leaks. The SoundAsleep offers a full 1-year warranty on all defects, which is not something you see often in the industry.
You can replace your airbed within the 1-Year with no questions asked.
8. Customer service
SoundAsleep in not an industry giant or even a big company, they're a small, relatively young, family-run company.
We tested their customer service by mystery shopping, we did things we are not proud of to see their reaction.
We returned and replaced air mattresses when there was nothing wrong with them, we did it multiple times on one order, we practically abused these people.
Each time we've seen the same thing - service of the customer like you were the only one they had.
This is not something we can say for most of the bigger companies.

We can share the results of our testing and our ratings,
but you’ll agree that nothing beats the first-hand experiences
of people who own this airbed.

You can see them by following the link below.


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All category ratings of the 2 airbeds

Air retention










& Finish


Easy to use
& store




Value for




Overall Rating


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Bestway air mattresses – reference info, user quotes and top Bestway airbeds



How to inflate/deflate a Bestway air mattress?

Most Bestway air mattresses today come with a builtin pump and some of them even with a pump that regulates firmness once the bed is inflated – this pump works using the same technology as that of the better known Serta Never-flat air mattress.

Anyway, most Bestway models inflate/deflate in 2-3 minutes using the built-in pump that you p0lug in into a standard outlet and turn the knob on the pump to the inflation setting.

Apart from that, if power isn’t available (like camping, for example) the valve near the electric pump (110-120V) can be used to manually inflate the bed. This valve fits the nozzles that come with most portable pumps.

How do you deflate a Bestway inflatable?

This is a question we got more than a few times from people saying that they can’t figure out how to deflate it. In reality, it’s pretty simple.

You just turn the knob to the pump in the opposite direction than that for inflation, the bed deflates just as fast.


Inflating and deflating a Bestway air mattress

#1 – Bestway Premium airbed (queen size) review – top model by Bestway

Current ratings: 81/100

bestway-premium-airbedFact sheet:

  • Raised form for ultimate comfort, sleeping surface is flocked
  • Sturdy construction featuring I-beams
  • Eliminating roll offs with a unique surround frame and rib design
  • 3 minutes for full inflation, AC pump built in
  • 80 x 60 x 18 inches


Tester quotes about this Bestway Queen – Pros:

  • It’s very comfortable, and it seems really well made. My sheets fit perfectly, and they don’t slide off. With sheets over it, this mattress feels like a regular bed, only cheaper…
  • I really like the built in pump. I grew tired of my old detached pumps, which were battery operated. I just plug it in, and the bed inflates in a matter of minutes…
  • It deflates easily, and it packs very compactly into its bag. It’s also great for camping because of its portability. Great air bed!
  • It performs exactly as advertised. It’s very comfortable, and I like the plush feeling of the flocked top. Extremely sturdy and built to last, which comes off as a bit of a surprise considering that the price is more than affordable…
  • Bestway employed some lightning speed shipping, since it got here only two days after I ordered it, and the customer service guys were really pleasant and forthcoming. Way to go Bestway!
  • It inflates super easy and fast. It’s very firm and comfortable for sleeping. It’s also tall enough, so I can sit on it, and the sides too have a considerable level of firmness, so they don’t bow out when I sit on them…
  • My kids like the bounciness of this air bed, so they jump all over it mercilessly when they think I’m not looking. In spite of all that jumping it’s still going strong, so I know it’s very durable and well made. My sincere recommendation…
  • This if one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever owned! Regular mattresses included by the way. I have a lot of pain problems with my fibromyalgia and lupus, and needed some air mattress with a bit higher level of comfort. This air bed is a dream come true, and it’s well worth the money spent.
  • Speaking of money, the price is very reasonable, which makes this mattress extremely comfortable and budget friendly at the same time. Not something you find every day for sure…
  • I had several back surgeries and a constant pain in my neck. I tried it by accident when we stayed over at a friend’s place. I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was. I could feel my spine aligning properly, and the support it offered my back was unparalleled.
  • I’ve bought it about two weeks ago, inflated it and deflated a couple of times, and it remained firm ever since. I sleep on it every night, and it still doesn’t need a refill. It’s so comfortable, and the top feels smooth and silky. I wake up well rested with zero pain in my neck or muscles. This is as close as you can get to regular bed mattress. Simply amazing

Negative review quotes and final thoughts about  the Bestway Premium air mattress:

  • The out of the box plastic smell lasted for a good 24 hours. I know this is common when it comes to air mattresses, so I just got it outside for a day…
  • It had a small hole when I got it. I don’t know if it was an error during the manufacturing process, or it got pierced during shipping, but I’ve returned it immediately. The customer service guys were more than pleasant, and we resolved everything with no problem…I’m waiting for the replacement…
  • It started leaking within a week and I and I don’t know how to find the hole in the air mattress if you put a gun to my head…

Bestway Queen air mattress Premium – review resume

Overall Quality Rating (OQR) of 83 / 100 is a solid score. There are better air mattresses and there is a lot worse. My impression is that this mattress found that sweet spot between the quality, price and  design. We like the sturdiness of this Bestway, the weight distribution is solid and it feels very similar to an air mattress with a frame.

It’s a shame that it doesn’t come in any color choices, the black and beige are kind of grim, but I guess that’s a matter of choice. We’d like to see this model as a full size air mattress, having in mind the design and the elevation, we believe that that’s where it would truly shine.

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12 thoughts on “Bestway Air Bed, Raised with Built-In Pump Review – March 2017 update

  1. Reply sophie Mar 10,2017 10:11 pm

    bought and has never inflated. we spent ages trying to inflate this and nothing worked.

    • Reply James Mar 13,2017 6:26 pm

      Hi Sophie,
      We did report on some quality issue with this Bestway, especially in our latest update of the review. I don’t know about not being able to inflate it, if you could clarify that, I might be able to help…but we’ve seen too many air retention issue.
      In other words – it looses air, and that’s based on a sample. Our recommendation in this price range is the Intex Plush Durabeam which you can see here.

      Cheers and let us know how it worked out,


  2. Reply John kennerk Feb 27,2017 4:57 pm

    James, what it the expected safe maximum weight capacity for the twin and full size beds?
    I have owned severance different beds over the ears and all have suffered from air leaks. So I assume weigh loads may be an issue

  3. Reply Thomas Bouman Nov 25,2016 4:28 pm

    I bought one of your air beds, after a few months the side bubbled out and it split at the seam, them it split at the top. Tried to patch didn’t work. So I bought a second one because I like the built in pump and it was very comfortable, great night sleep. However this one now has developed a very small leak and I cannot find it, not that it would do any good as there was no patch kit with this one. Also only lasted a few months. I cannot send it back for repair or replacement because this is my bed, it is what I sleep on otherwise I will have to sleep on a hard cold tile floor. So now I have to go out and buy a third one but it definetely will not be another one of these. Seem nothing is built of any quality today, all junk.

    • Reply James Mar 13,2017 7:46 pm

      Hi Thomas,

      These are not our airbeds, we just test and review them and Bestway is not a star in the ratings. If you take a look at the guide, we compare it side by side with what’s truly a good air mattress to point out the differences in quality.

      Sorry for your problems, just do a bit more research next time you’re in the market for an airbed…you can always contact us here explaining your circumstances and we’ll be able to recommend an airbed that won’t frustrate you.
      Chances are, it’s not going to be a Bestway model…

  4. Reply Denise Dec 6,2015 9:35 am

    Hi ,
    Please help my mattress was working perfectly . It’s the double height double mattress . I slept in it the other night and during the night I had to inflate it three times . It’s only bn used 5 times could there be a fault in it ?

    • Reply James Dec 18,2015 9:34 am

      Hey Denise,

      I’m always on the user’s side, so it’s not just a question if there is a flaw in it (and there probably is) but a question if you have to go through the hassle when you are a paying customer. If it was me, that one would go back, flaw or no flaw…I wouldn’t even bother to try and search for a leak to be honest. A purchase is a contract, you give them the money and they should give you not-getting-up-thee-times-per-night to inflate the thing.

      That’s why I always stress that the difference in prices in air mattresses is to small to try and save (I apologize if that’s not the case with you) a few dozen bucks. You realize in those sleepless nights…

      Check this mattress out, it’s the best air bed out there that will not cost a fortune –

      Let me know what happens,


    • Reply Tom Nov 25,2016 4:36 pm

      This bestway product is a piece of junk, had two and they only lasted a few months and then leaked. Probably will not post this review as they didn’t post my other more complete review.

      • Reply James Mar 13,2017 7:51 pm

        Hey Tom,

        This happens often, we’re not Bestway, we just run a website reviewing airbed and, among them, some Bestway models. Like you’ll see in the review above, the ratings of this bed are not stellar…you can also see how it compares to the SoundAsleep, which is currently the top-rated airbed we list. Just scroll above and take another look at the ratings of the two beds…


  5. Reply Wanda H. Aug 8,2015 10:05 pm

    I lost the plug to my Bestway Queen Air Mattress. Is there a way or place I can order another one.

    • Reply James N Sep 21,2015 9:59 am

      Hey Wanda,

      Don’t kill the messenger but I don’t think you’ll be able to find something like that as standalone.


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