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If you are looking for an air bed and you already know that you need it in King size (76×80″), chances are that you’ll make your choice right here on this page.

This guide is a result of years of experience and days of research, so take your time with it. Close the door, pour yourself a fresh mug or coffee and dig in.

Here’s what we’ll do – first, we’ll compare the to 5 beds mano-a-mano in a synoptic table and then take a closer look at each of them separately.

Some of these beds have the highest rating on the whole website (like the Medallion and the EuroStyle) but you will not see them in the Overall comparisons because most people are simply not looking for an air bed in this price range.

Picture & Model
Overall Rating
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Innomax® Luxury
Support Medallion
Smart Air Beds
BD-1224GT Raised
Smart Air Beds BD-1224GT Raised Deluxe Coil Beam Flock Top Air Bed
King 9" Premium
Dual Digital Sleep 4
EuroStyle Air Bed
King 9 Premium Dual Digital Sleep 4 EuroStyle Air Bed
Coleman 4 in 1
Coleman 4 in 1 Quickbed
AirCloud Magestic
19-Inch High
AirCloud Magestic 19-Inch High Butterscotch French Vanilla Inflatable Air Bed

Ok, let’s take a better look at all of these babies, their fact sheets, the positive and negative reviews and my review interpretations.

Here we go:

Innomax® Luxury Support Medallion

We’re starting out strong with one of the best airbeds ever made and a price to match. If you’ve had enough of the stress and need a getaway, something to look forward to during those long days at work, take a careful look at this luxury air mattress.

It stand alone in it’s class, self- pampering and hedonism built into a sleeping experience that simply cannot be matched.


  • the plushest model Innomax has ever made
  • 15 ” high top box, elegant and unparalleled in comfort and support
  • Petme Mink feel of the finish materials
  • separate firmness adjustment of the two halves of the bed
  • digital dual LED remote
  • choice between Latex and memory-cell pillowtop
  • 8″ thick solid wooden box foundation (upholstered with luxury materials)


  • throughout the day I think about the moment I’ll sink into my Innomax womb…it’s my safe place…
  • finally a solution for my husband and me…he likes soft mattresses and I like sturdy and firm, I was excited like a child in a candy shop when I found this bed…
  • once I tried this bed I knew it’s for life, never going back to anything else…
  • proud that I finally did it, cut through the fear and did something nice for myself…
  • transformed my life…
  • I was thinking for so long about investing in this bed. I would go and check it out once a week or so. It’s only when they ran out of stock that I panicked and called the company…they said that it’s not discontinued and will be back in stock soon. Long story short, it’s now in my bedroom and it’s nothing I’ve ever seen…just amazing…
  • I was surprised at how easy this bed is to set up…
  • Read the latest reviews on Amazon

The CONs:

  • price

My review resume:

If any airbed comes close to perfect, this is it. When I did the full review, it scored 99 out of 100 in the Overall Quality Rating (you guessed it, I deducted one point for the price). There is nothing that’s not different, better, faster in this beds compared to the competitors.

Example -when you see the word Latex here, it’s not the same Latex you’ll see in other beds. The one used in this bed is the best memory foam on the planet (4lb density).

This bed is an investment into a lifetime of luxury. If you can’t have luxury around the clock, you might think about having it for the third of the day when you sleep.

Full blown 5 stars for one of the best airbeds ever to be made.

Smart Air Beds BD-1224GT Raised Deluxe Review

I included this bed in the top 5 as a promising new arrival, compared to some of the veterans on this list. I’ll keep an eye on it and see it keeps it’s place on the list as time passes.

Having said that, I love it. I absolutely love anything about this bed that I’ve seen so far.

Let’s get to the review:

Smart Air Beds BD-1224GT Raised Deluxe Coil Beam Flock Top Air BedThe fact sheet of the inflatable:

  • soft and luxurious flocking cover top for added comfort and insulation
  • the pump is fast, ETL approved and detachable (it can also be used on other beds and inflatables)
  • 21 inches high
  • Unparalleled comfort and support (patented cross beam design act like spring in a regular bed)
  • Giga valve will deflate the bed in 1 minute

See more reviews and pictures of this mattress here – on Amazon

The PROs of the inflatable as per the users:

  • this airbed is as close you can get to the experience of a real mattress…
  • It holds air very well, great even, having in mind that both and hubby and I are pretty big…
  • amazing value for money…
  • exceeded all my expectations…
  • I’ve had this bed for 3 months now…no issues so far…
  • Didn’t know what to expect from this product, I just wanted a king-sized bed that wouldn’t cost a small fortune. This was a bull’s eye…I am getting a second one for my father’s house…
  • one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept on, including my expensive memory foam mattress…
  • love how high this bed is…makes all the difference…
  • must-have for all campers that still want comfort after the long hikes…

The CONs as per the users:

  • it arrived with a hole on the left side…
  • I wish the pump was faster…

My reviews resume:

I included this bed on the list as kind of a test drive, since I really like innovation and this model is just that – refreshing and bold in a number of areas. Especially since it’s very hard to find a king-sized bed that will not cost a fortune.

My final rating is 7.9 out of 10 stars.

King 9″ Premium Dual Digital Sleep 4 EuroStyle Air Bed

Make no mistake, getting this kind of bed is not just a buy, it’s an investment. Investment into a lifetime of luxurious sleeping. And one more thing to have in mind when you look at the price tag of this bed – similar luxury beds from the bigger names in the industry will cost twice as much.

So, it might sound weird, but expensive as it is, it’s still a bargain in it’s class.

King 9 Premium Dual Digital Sleep 4 EuroStyle Air BedHere is the fact sheet:

  • no sound air pump
  • 9″ Top Mattress Box
  • dual digital remote
  • vulcanized rubber used in the design of internal chambers – zero chances of air leaks or punctures

Get more on it here (Amazon link)

The positive customer reviews – the PROs:

  • I took my time researching this bed and I finally decided to take the leap…I couldn’t’ be happier…
  • Because of my spine problems no regular mattress or cheap camping-style air bed was good enough for me…it changed my life, literally…
  • great price compared to the other luxury models…
  • I was surprised how small it packs…the whole things packed into 9 cubic feet…
  • very precise instructions made it a breeze to set up…
  • price and service beat the more expensive brands…

The CONs:

  • price
  • plastic odor out of the box…

My reviews resume of this inflatable:

It’s hard to review these kind of high end products and not sound like I am pushing you to get it. But it’s really not easy to find anything to point out (apart from the price) that would be a CON.

When a company is making an air bed that would cost $1000+ they have to make sure that it’s impeccable, otherwise nobody would buy it.

Who will buy this high end bed?

  • Those who had enough and just want to finally do something nice for themselves
  • People with serious back problems
  • People with enough money who don’t see the price as a factor

We spend third of our lives sleeping. Most of the time, the rest of our lives is a hectic rat race for survival and getting the things we need or want for our families or the people we love.

Somewhere in that jungle we loose a bit of self-appreciation. Especially family people who always put others first. But as that race goes on, at one point we inevitably realize that in order to continue, we need to first take care of ourselves.

It’s like the emergency rule of putting your oxygen mask first and then your child’s.

This is what this bed is – a sound decision to invest in ourselves and the quality of our lives. Period.

No way around giving it a high 97/100 star rating.

Coleman 4 in 1 Quickbed

Why is this 4 in 1??

Because it’s designed to work as either a king sized, 2 twin sized or a twin (double high) bed. Now this is smart design at it’s best and the price is a real steal. I know the industry very well after all these years and I am still confused about how low the price is set. I’ve looked into possible cheap outsourcing as a reason and that’s not what’s going on here.

My conclusion is that this what I call a “foot-in-the-door” model.

What’s a foot-in-the-door model?

It’s just a term I am using for beds that are sold at insanely low margins but are still very well made. Every company has them. They sell them to make their brand look good and to make huge margins when you decide to invest “real money”.

They want to get you thinking: “If something that costs 50 bucks is this good, what will I get if I spend a 100 or 200…”

But, if you see them coming, you can use this to your advantage and just get the foot-in-the-door model. It’s kind of a secret of the industry.

If you don’t see me writing reviews over the next few days, call the cops 🙂

Just kidding of course, this is a slick sales tactics that takes advantage of the basics of human psychology (like a Big Mac at McDonalds).

Enough blabber, let’s re-focus on reviewing the bed.

Coleman 4 in 1 QuickbedThe fact sheet:

  • internal design of air coils makes this bed durable and sturdy
  • soft top finish for luxurious sleeping
  • no air leaks (double lock valve, Air Tight patented system)
  • 4 in 1 use (explained above)

The PROs of the inflatable bed:

  • great value for money…versatile use. It’s my best mate on all my camping trips since November last year…
  • I wasn’t expecting much from this bed…but it’s very good…
  • so comfy…
  • flexible, it can sleep two-grown ups and two children at the same time…
  • Holds air better than any air bed I’ve owned, and this is my 4th…a real bargain…
  • I only add air once or twice per week and both wifey and I have been sleeping on it every night since the move (5 weeks now)
  • Click Here for More customer reviews on

The CONs:

  • it spread kind of a rubbery smell which stays with you for days…
  • it feels flimsy to me…
  • color choices would be good…

My review resume:

Perfect budget solution, that’s my first thought. As I mentioned, I believe that Coleman is making a sliver of a margin here just to raise brand awareness.

You can use that and get the product that, in my humble opinion, offers the best value in this price range.

AirCloud Magestic 19-Inch High

It’s a bit of a controversy including this bed on this list, since it’s ratings are not as good as that the other beds but I decided to do it after researching about the design of the internal chambers. It’s and innovative and smart, read on to see what I’m talking about.

The bed is just beautiful, a real eye candy. Bold colors and a raised top side which eliminates the slipping of pillows.

Now, that we got that out of the way, let’s put this bed under scrutiny and see what’s so good about it.

AirCloud Magestic 19-Inch High Butterscotch French Vanilla Inflatable Air BedThe fact sheet of this inflatable bed:

  • 25 ” when inflated (even higher than a regular bed)
  • velvet top finish for a luxurious sleeping experience
  • Innovative i-beam design for unparalleled support
  • 400 lbs capacity
  • Quality durable storage bag
  • auto-inflation using a remote – firmness adjustable to your needs

Read more about it – >>

The PROs as per the customer reviews:

  • perfect choice for a guest bed…holds air great…
  • It exceeded my expectations…great value for money in this bed…
  • polite and friendly customer service…thanks, Rose…
  • great looking bed, I can see the envy in my guests eyes and I like it 🙂
  • finally I have enough room for a good night’s sleep for the two of us (me and my hubby)…
  • The “MAJESTIC” in the name is totally deserved…
  • the best air bed I’ve ever had…
  • loving the colors, finally an air bed that not beige and just plain boring…
  • still the same 6 weeks in, I only added air twice…
  • I don’t have to chase my pillows any more, the rising design of the top is great…
  • as close you can get to a real bed experience with an airbed…
  • my guests just kept talking about how comfortable the bed is…we decided to get them one as a present…

The CONs:

  • standard king size sheets are too big for this bed, I had mine custom made to include elastic bands…
  • the color is way to bright for my taste, my husband ordered it without asking me…
  • the one I received doesn’t hold air as advertised, it was a drag adding air every night so I returned it….luckily, their customer service was good, they even paid for the shipping…

My resume of the reviews:

Durable, smartly designed airbed. It’s a breath of fresh air in the sea of neutral colors. That’s what first meets the eye with this inflatable.

It also seems to be very good at holding air and it’s comfortable – the two categories that make or break an airbed.

I am giving it a final quality rating of 7.9 out of 10 stars, and I’ll keep an eye on it as time goes by and the number of reviews grow.

Final thoughts:

It wasn’t easy finding true quality in King-sized beds. I am not sure why, but it seems that most of the companies offer their models in Twin and Queen size. Most of the ones offered in King size are luxury models, and I included two of the best ones on the list.

It took me some time of digging and research, but I think I did it. I think that what you see on this page is worth spending money on. I did my best to include a little something for everyone, both for people that just want comfort and the price is not an issue, and for those who don’t want or can’s afford to spend so much.

If I helped and cleared the field a little, I don’t regret the days of research needed to compile this guide.

Take care and sleep tight,


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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Rated King Size Air Beds

  1. Reply pam lauber Jun 15,2015 2:59 pm

    james menta thank you so much for the king air bed reviews.your reviews really did give me information about air beds that I didnt have before.

    • Reply James Menta Jun 22,2015 12:17 pm

      Thanks Pam for the kind words, finding the best air mattress becomes increasingly harder as time go by and more companies try to cut cost. I’m glad I could help.

  2. Reply Tim Feb 27,2015 3:43 am

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for the reviews. I have back problems and am over weight (320) I need something that will give me the support that I need and I am unable at the moment to sleep on a regular mattress. I sleep in my recliner as of now. I love the air bed but am unable to get a sleep comfort as they are to expensive for me. So I thought about getting an air bed. My problem is the weight. Most make them for smaller thinner people. I need something that is going to hold 700 to 800 pounds and not fall apart on my if I use it every night. It is hard to get a straight answer as to what is good verses what is bad. I read one person say that the seams split and another say that they have used it for over three years and it is still great. So who do I trust? I am on a tight budget but will also be moving soon to SEattle and would like to be able to take it with me. If I found one that was comfortable enough and lasted a longer time it wouldn’t bother me to much to even replace it if it did wear out. I also need something that is puncture resistant. Most stores that sell them will not tell you the max weight or if it is highly constructed as well as puncture resistant. I also wanted to find one that you can make, well, let’s just say I do not want to live alone forever. . .Hint Hint Hint. Thanks for the reviews both pro and con. The one that cost over $1000.00 would be nice if I had Bill Gates money as it looks like a real bed you would buy in a top mattress store.
    Thanks again for the reviews,
    Timothy Jenkins

    • Reply James Menta Apr 8,2015 1:25 pm

      Hey Tim,

      Thanks for saying all those kind words about the work I do here at the website.

      About your question – I know your pain all too well, I’ve been dreaming about getting the Innomax Luxury Medallion for years. I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping in one at a friends house and I don’t know whether it’s just my head but I think I felt a relief with my back pain in days.

      Now, about what you said and your question on how to decide and who to trust…if you go over to Amazon you’ll see that the best of the products have negative reviews from some people that simply either got a defective one or just didn’t like it. It all comes down to numbers and ratings. It ten people wrote reviews and two of them complained you stay away fro the product, but if thousands wrote reviews and a handful of them complained, then you’ve got a winner product on your hands.

      Based on what you said about your budget I would go with the SoundAsleep Dream Series. In my mind, the best air bed on the market today that will not cost you a small fortune.

      Hope this helps

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