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It’s more important not to comprise on quality today than it ever was. Especially in the arena of inflatable beds.

The shady outsourcing practices made me stick with these 3 rules nowadays:

  1. I review products manufactured in USA/Canada/Western Europe
  2. I review products that are outsourced to location that I know will not mess with the quality of the products
  3. I remove airbeds that I learn are outscored to shady locations

Now that we got that out of our way, let us get to my Top 5 picks in the price range of $150-300:

Overall Rating
See Amazon Offer
Serta EZ Bed
Serta EZ Bed - Queen
Insta-Bed EZ Bed
Insta EZ Queen Bed with Never Flat Pump
SS-58RF Raised
18" Full
SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised
Airtek 2ABF04009
Raised Memory
Foam Air BedAirtek 2ABF04009 Raised Memory Foam Air Bed
AeroBed Premier
Air Mattress
with Built-In PumpAeroBed Premier with Built-In Pump, Queen

Serta EZ Bed – Queen

Serta EZ Bed QueenThe specifications:

  • size when inflated 78 x 60 x 22 inches (frame 64 x 54 x 11.5″)
  • quick and easy to inflate and deflate (Internal AC pump)
  • small additional pump ads air as soon as pressure drop is detected (NeverFlat)
  • convenient carry case included (rolling design)
  • the bed self-deploys, inflates and deflates (plug and play)

Visit Amazon to read more reviews and see more details.

Let us really test what this bed is worth by taking a look at what the users are saying:

PROs – reported by users:

  • it’s really never flat…I didn’t add air in over 3 weeks of use
  • it’s fun just watching it set itself up…
  • pretty comfortable…
  • it was worth it just for seeing my friends’ faces when I plugged this baby in…
  • just as comfortable as a permanent bed…
  • I was hesitant about getting this bed because of the price, but it’s worth every penny…
  • both the main and the small pumps are very quiet…
  • perfect for a guest bed
  • very pleased with the purchase, and coming from a cautious buyer that I am, that says a lot…
  • …friendly customer service, they replaced the flawed bed I’d received with a new one in days…
  • it is just as they advertise it…
  • ok, so we did buy a special adapter for the car, but boy was it worth it…
  • it’s 500 pounds between my hubby and I, so I was afraid about the legs holding , they seemed flimsy in the images for that kind of weight, but they are very sturdy and there was no problems there
  • unzip, plug in and watch what happens…an amazing piece…
  • I am sure that, in years, this will be a collectible…it’s a classic…
  • my mother (who has a bad back) slept on it for 5 days and she loved it…

The CONs reported by customers:

  • that rubbery smell…just can’t get it out of the room for weeks…
  • mine is loosing air and I need to add air every second night…
  • too pricey…

My resume of the inflatable:

In my book, this is a 4.5 stars product. I’ve carefully examined the negative reviews, and I see no red flags there. I did come across occasional reports of air leaks but, as I said many times before, I have a very precise system to determine if the reported problems are true issues of flaws of particular items.

Solid construction, heavy gauge PVC used, double lock valve (an industry standard)…this bed fully deserves its place in the top 5 in the price range.

Solid work, Serta.

Insta-Bed EZ Bed – Queen

This one is Insta’s response to Serta EZ (or the other way around I am not really sure which came to the market first). Both beds are aimed at the same chunk of the market.

The two are very similar in design, materials, pump…it’s a rat race.

Let’s see what Insta is saying about their inflatable:

Insta EZ Queen Bed with Never Flat PumpThe fact sheet:

  • fully inflated size – 78 x 60 x 22, size of the frame 64 x 54 x 11.5″
  • patented internal AC pump for quick inflation and deflation
  • pre-sets of firmness levels to choose from
  • easy set up ( self-deploying)
  • quality case included

See this mattress on Amazon.com for more information.

Let’s see how it compares to Serta EZ when it comes to the views of the customers:

The PROs:

  • really functional and easy to use…
  • comfortably sleeps the two of us, surprisingly stable…
  • no air leaks after 3 months of regular use… so far so good…
  • all the airbed that I used to take camping would put me on the ground by morning, I’m happy I decided to spend the extra hundred bucks…
  • needed something comfy for guests or long hours at the office…this bed is just a solid investment. Just plug it, choose your firmness and watch it inflate and unfold at the same time…
  • just watching it set up or down is entertaining…
  • one of the best buys I ever made…
  • packs pretty small and easy to handle…
  • I had my doubts before ordering it but now I love it just as much as my regular bed…
  • extremely fast delivery…
  • I bought two of these beds…I got a second one a few weeks after the first…
  • I love those little wheels on the storage case…

CONs as per the customers:

  • it was good at first but then it started leaking…
  • too expensive…had to get a memory foam topper to get it to my comfort zone…
  • heavier than expected…
  • my parent’s in law complained that it wasn’t leveled…

My review resume:

I do read the reviews very carefully, but I also do diligent research on the materials and manufacturing (hint: outsourcing).

The Insta EZ and the Serta EZ are very similar in every aspect that matters, but I am inclined to say that if I were to choose I would go with Insta.

Three reasons for that:

  1. Insta seems to hold air better and is more stable
  2. the quality of the legs is superior in the Insta inflatable
  3. I couldn’t find precise information on whether this Serta is being outsourced

Having said that, let’s not forget that I choose this bed to be in the TOP 5 in this price range, which still means that it’s a high quality product and worth the price.

SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised 18″ Full

This inflatable bed is a classic and has been one of the industry standards for years. Completely different design approach compared to the two of my previous choices, this bed will appeal more to those who ignore the “sparkles” and just want substance and quality.

Nothing innovative about the bed at first glance, but a few years back, when it first hit the market, it established a new standard of internal chamber design for durability and comfort.

Let’s dig into what the company and the users are saying:

SimplySleeper SS-58RF RaisedWhat SimplyGlobo is saying about their inflatable:

  • DurmothaneTM (high quality PVC), breathable laminate technology
  • best materials on the marketplace
  • size when inflated: 72 x 54 18″
  • Oval coil internal chamber construction for even weight distribution
  • puncture resistant and still soft to the skin because of the plush finish
  • Automated inflation and deflation in 3 minutes
  • Click the link below to go to Amazon and check out other reviews and customer opinion:

Click here>>>

So, a lot of bold claims there, but let’s see if it passes the real world test.

Experiences of the users with this inflatable:

The PROs:

  • we already had 2 inflatable beds before we got this…this is by far the best and I am pretty sure it will last, I can see how well it’s made…
  • works just as advertised…
  • zero leaks after 6 months of use…we added a bit of air once every few days…
  • well worth the price, which was my main dilemma when getting it…
  • just as high and firm as a regular mattress…
  • sturdy edges, no sinking to the middle of the bed that we used to have with our old Coleman…
  • just perfect…don’t have much else to add..
  • the edges of the bed do not collapse, you can sit on it as you would sit on a sofa…
  • I love how fast it deflates and how easy it is to store…

The CONs:

  • I don’t get it why they don’t make these in at least a few colors…
  • mine deflated the first night…I sent it back and waiting for the new one to arrive…
  • I wasn’t aware of the 30 day return timeframe…

My review resume:

The Durmothane PVC used here is the best material used in air beds in this price range simply because it has the best durability/comfort ratio on this list. It’s three layers of heavy gauge PVC and chances are it will last for years.

Otherwise, they would not be backing it up with a full 1 year warranty.

With the quality of the material used, the only potential issue that could cause air leaks would be the quality of the seams. I know the technology that SimplyGlobo uses for the seams, and there are no red flags there, trust me on this.

Well deserved spot on the list. This SimplySleeper is an industry classic, and it seems it will hold it’s ground for the years to come.

Airtek 2ABF04009 Raised Memory Foam, Queen

I thought that I include something fresh, new and exciting on the list. This Airtek was not on the original list just because I wanted to wait for a while to gather enough solid information and reviews.

I am now confident enough that this inflatable deserves its place in the TOP 5 , but I’ll be keeping a close eye on how it passes the test of time.

Airtek 2ABF04009 Raised Memory Foam Air BedThe specifications provided by Airtek:

  • built in high power electric pump
  • memory foam cover tops the bed (0.75″ thick) so that you can say goodbye to cold rushes of air
  • Maximum supported weight 600 lbs, extra durable PVC used for the top and bottom
  • Giga valve deflates the bed in under 1 minute (patented technology)
  • Multi chamber internal design for added comfort

See Amazon.com for more >>>

PROs the customers mention in their reviews:

  • it’s like sleeping on a cloud…
  • my main problem with my old Intex was that it would get cold at moments during the night and I had to improvise with blankets…no such issue with my new bed…
  • best night sleep I had in months…
  • I got this for the move and ended up making it my primary bed…
  • great comfortable sleep for two adults…
  • It is everything they are saying in the ad…
  • this is the first review I’ve ever written but it’s worth it…
  • it’s all good…
  • I researched a lot and finally decided to take my chances with this bed…it was worth it, it’s everything I needed…

CONs the customers mention in their reviews:

  • odor that lingers for days, had to take it outside for a few hours…
  • squeaky noises coming from the bottom if you don’t set it up on a carpet…not loud, but still…

My review resume:

So far this Airtek seems like a very good new arrival.

I am expecting to see a few new more foam-topped models to hit the marketplace, but this is the best for far.

Very reasonably priced, especially having in mind that that foam topper alone would cost you few dozen of bucks if bought separately.

AeroBed Premier Air Mattress with Built-In Pump

Just when you might’ve thought that I’ll come up with a list without an Aerobed, I am popping with this eye candy.

Another classic that’s been around and is tested and proven over the years.

Let us see how it pulled though this TOP list.

AeroBed Premier with Built-In Pump QueenThe specifications:

  • heavy duty construction (multi-chamber design for added durability and comfort)
  • adjustment wand to choose your preferred firmness
  • choice of sizes
  • plush luxurious top finish
  • quality carry case included

Check out Amazon.com for current offers

The PROs as reported by the users:

  • I’ve had the bed for a year now and I have no complaints really, nothing that would stop me from buying it again…
  • Great customer support…
  • I have severe back problems (3 discs fused), and I sleep way better on this inflatable than on my overpaid memory foam mattress
  • easy to handle and move around…
  • we didn’t add air for 2 weeks and it’s still just as firm…
  • exceeded my expectations from an air bed…
  • I am impressed by the sturdy edges, none of that air bed-feel to it, if I was to lay down and didn’t know I am not sure I would guess it’s an air mattress…
  • best value for money on the market, and I’ve owned 5 air bed so far…
  • best inflatable bed I ever had, and I’ve been camping every few months for 15 years now…
  • why would you pay 3 times as much for a regular mattress when this Aerobed is just as comfortable…

The CONs as reported by the users:

  • it came with holes at each top divot, I am sending it back…
  • this is overpriced…
  • can’t find the leak, but it won’t stay inflated, I am sending it back…

My review resume:

When I was doing a full review of this bed, I gave it a solid 88 out of 100 score. I deducted points for: easy storage, guarantee and design.

Overall, this is one of the best value-for-money beds that AeroBed ever came up with. I know of beds (even AeroBed’s) that cost 2 or 3 times as much and are in the same quality zone.

AeroBed means business with this bed.

It’s well worth the money.

Final thoughts:

When compiling this guide I had the idea of mixing it up a little, being fair to the inflatables that have been an authority and industry standards for years, but also sprinkle in some exciting new arrivals.

I think that I managed to get the balance just right.

Bottom line – any pick from this list is a good choice. I’ve taken my time to assure this.

Take care and sleep tight,

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  1. Reply Lee Tokrud Oct 28,2015 5:19 am

    Hi James. Appreciate the air mattress info. I have purchased and used 5 mattresses costing from $800.00 to over $2000.00, discounted sale prices, over the last 14 years. All of them have caused many sleepless and uncomfortable nights. I am thinking seriously of an air mattress. However, I would prefer a mattress that can be supported by a standard box spring (an oxymoron because modern beds utilize a platform). Also, I would like to use standard fitted sheet/regular sheet combinations. I would be happy to use a topper. Do you know of such an animal and if so can it be purchased in Canada? This would be a queen size bed. Hope you can help. Regards, Lee T.

    • Reply James Dec 18,2015 11:54 am

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for reaching out, my fellow insomniac…I personally suffer from back pain issues and sleep apnoea. I don’t have the money, but if I did, this would be my choice for life:


      I think its by far the best air mattress out there (although there are models out there that cost twice as much). I never had a chance to sleep on one, but I’ve talked to people that have and I’ve heard stories you (literally) wouldn’t believe. Stories about sleep problems being solved…

      best of luck in finding your sleep oasis

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    Hi James,

    thank you so much for your research. You’ve made my search for a decent AND comfortable airbed so much easier!

    Thank you,

    • Reply James N Sep 21,2015 10:00 am

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for making my day with your comment. I’ll do my best to keep up the good works in reviewing these inflatables.

      Best of luck

  3. Reply Dallas Jun 30,2015 3:18 pm

    Hi James thanks for this awesome site. So helpful. Can you tell me your experience on the “smell” issue some people have mentioned. Is it really bad on any of them? Thank you, Dallas

    • Reply James Menta Jun 30,2015 3:55 pm

      Hi Dallas,

      Thanks for your kindness. In my life, I have never come across an air mattress that has the smell issue so pronounced that it becomes a real problem. The worst case scenario – you leave it out for a day or two and just like that, the smell is gone, especially if you have one with a flocked top.

      My best,


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    Think this is a wonderful sight to help people such as myself who are looking for a good comfortable bed for the extra guests we may enjoy visiting us during the year.
    It certainly takes the hard work out of choosing wisely a purchase such as this.
    Many thanks.

    • Reply James Menta Jul 24,2014 11:19 pm

      Thanks for that Denise. I enjoy doing what I do here since it’s kind of an outlet for my passion. I can’t really talk about this stuff around the house anymore without getting the frustrated “uggghs” and “oh-my-Gods”, so I do it here. It’s win-win and a match made in heaven 🙂

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